1. There is no hope for Alberta in Canadian electoral politics – if that even exists anymore. The only answer is divorce. The irreconcilable differences will never be reconciled here.

    2. @Time for Change Trudeau must go: Alberta currently very publicly claims to be “The best place to live, work and do business” so obviously Albertans are very proud and satisfied with their society in general under the current leadership, so that makes me wonder what would Mr Poilievre do to make it better?

    1. At least Quebec has managed to obtain significant concessions, benefits from the Feds unlike Alberta

    2. @MrPitbull .. Yeah…why do you think that pisses off Albertans. The rest of Canada seems too stupid to get pissed off about quebecs special treatment.

    3. And I’m a Quebecer lol. But trust me this garbage province only takes and we have nothing to show for it. I bet all these transfer payments has lined separatist governments pockets. Our roads are the worst schooling terrible especially english schools literally nothing can get done in this province.

  1. They have to leave. Federal government is committed to destroying Alberta’s economy. Why stay aboard a sinking ship with the rest of our decaying “country”? It’s not like we are united any more. Peaceful divorce is the best option.

  2. any province that votes in naheed nenshi as a mayor of one of their cities (for 11 years!) deserves to be seperated from and not the other way around 🤣

    1. As a British Columbian, I’d like to see my province separate from Canada along with Alta, Sask, and Manitoba
      forming the new nation of Western Canada. Eastern Canada would be devastated without our oil, forest, and agriculture industries.

    1. @Ray Ray Because the oil isn’t in Alberta, it’s in the Arctic. Alberta leaving would be a win for Canada & a huge loss for Albertans.

    2. @D.R. Tweeds Tweeddale: Ok you’re saying the oil isn’t in Alberta, so back to my original question, what would Alberta gain or what do Albertans hope to gain or improve through separation? I’m looking for serious answers. Thank you. Anyone?

    3. @Ray Ray …..I’m not a separatist…but it’s not a question of increasing money coming into the province, but it would reduce the amount of money flowing out of the province (more than $20 billion/yr). Alberta per capita tax dollars supports the rest of Canada more than any other province.

  3. I am an Albertan and I have heard this silly separation story since Peter Lougheed’s era. it’s not going to happen.

    1. It started with Quebec decades ago actually and I think it’s a fabulous idea to get away from Trudeau and be free to prosper.

  4. Any type of separation in the country is foolish idea! Canada should stand as one.
    I do support improvements in tax systems. I.e. equal tax system, but i don’t support separating provinces!

    1. So that’s a no on provincial rights? You think every Canadian should get to vote on issues that effect only Albertans? Smart!

    2. As long as the Fed’s keep breaking the law regarding resource rights in Alberta, I can’t support staying.

  5. If Alberta wants any chance at a prosperous future, they must separate. Unless Canada becomes a republic. However that would require war with Britain.

  6. I think the only thing that’ll prevent separation is Pierre becoming the PM…..
    Trudeau will bring the dismantling of Canada no question…..

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