1. Well, Mr. Minassian can appeal as he wishes. Autism is no defence of horrific actions. It is not a mental condition that makes it impossible to understand right from wrong. Mr. Minassian was angry with women as a group because he was unsuccessful in finding a date. That sounds like motive to me and an action to take revenge. Clearly a decision and a misguided one.

    1. @PACO The death penalty is more expensive than life in prison because of all the processes that have to be gone through.

  2. Our judicial system is so wack, he’ll probably be delivering amazon in the next few years.

    1. just because you are eligible for parole doesn’t mean that he will get it, which i highly doubt he ever will! the sentence was life dummy!

    2. You’re wrong, he got sentenced to life in prison with no eligibility for parole until 25 years.

    1. he’s sentenced to life. just because he has a chance for parole in 25 years doesn’t mean he’ll get it

  3. Mental health in Canada is like a get out of jail free pass for murder. It’s happened before that’s why he’s pursuing it.

  4. 7yrs from now this guy is more likely to be driving for Skip the Dishes then serving a prison sentence.

  5. Sorry, do not pass go , straight to jail, stay there, there are consequences to your actions. Autism is not a defence ! Autism is a reach cause you can’t plead insanity

  6. Trudeau can you please ban these assault style vans? I’m scare of these van and can’t go outside anymore.

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