Spy balloon a ‘black eye’ for the Chinese, a gift to the Americans: analyst

CTV Military Analyst David Frasier says the balloon is a 'black eye for the Chinese' and a 'political coup for the Americans'.

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    1. You would be hard pressed to find any such thing… “directional” like ” I am farting in your general direction”.

  1. “Who ever launched this balloon is probably not having tea with his bosses” odds are he’s having tea with the Queen right about now.

  2. Gift? So this means we’re going to war with them? Better not. I starting to question things now more than ever.

  3. Suppose the balloon has problems over a major population center and comes crashing down? Seems like it would make way more sense to have brought it down. All ya’ gotta do is put a few wholes in the silly thing.

  4. What goes up, must come down………….eventually,………… then, they can assess what was the purpose of this balloon,

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