1. Is there a distinction to be made here, between ‘a coordinated attack’, and conspiracy?
    Or not really..

    1. Not really. Opinion, hearsay, and conspiracy is the only “truth” here. Common man – it’s MSDNC!

    2. @D S we will not know untill the non partisan investigation. They all are not sure so many stories people tell. Some say it was planned in 2019 in case they lost. Others say it was planned on social media and you tube how is the Media to know what is real? They all speculate.

    3. @Hanover Green I just like calling them orange donkeys now.. Russia russia russia! Then 46 signs off on NordStream2 🤣

    4. It’s been _planned,_ strategically, since Brown v. Board Of Education. The _tactics_ have been adaptive as the situation changes. And yes, originally the focus came from Democrats led by Harry Byrd, but while the party vehicles changed, the _personalities_ did not. The Kochs were there at the beginning.

    1. I don’t have to show ID to vote. Maybe you should educate yourself about each state’s voting laws.

  2. As Joseph Stalin said, “it’s not important who casts a vote, what is important is who counts the vote!”

  3. I think ANY submitter’s BILL that even HINTS as being detrimental to democracy is CRIMINAL! ⛓️⚖️

  4. Democracy …is the original Compact; it’s the glue that holds us together as a civilization in America! It’s not easy. It’s requires paying some attention! Not a bad idea! Thanks Stacey. Democracy matters. Here in the USA!

  5. Dear Ms. Abrams: I know you really wanted to be Governor, but we, as a nation, are over-the-top blessed that you weren’t elected. You have found your calling and you’re damned good at it.

  6. then why don’t biden do something? we gave y’all all the power you need but democrats won’t fight dirty and that’s why there will be another donald trump

  7. Stacey Abrams is a jewel and we must ensure voting rights to maintain any semblance of democracy. We need her, other organizations and the general public to insist and facilitate these measures loud and proud‼️ This is no time for apathy folks, this is imperative‼️🇺🇸🌎⚖️👍🏽

  8. So Republicans are supporting Putin’s “socialism” and Putin for President of the USA?

  9. I love love love Stacy Abrams! We ALL need to see how we can help stop this BS!!! WE HAVE TO STOP VOTER SUPPRESSION BEFORE THE MID- TURMS OR WE WILL LOSE OUR DEMOCRACY!!!

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