1. Yes! And It All Comes From, Frustration! Because The Minority SIDE OF This Picture, Has NEVER BEEN EQUAL!! AND, SHE’S NOT WRONG!!!

    1. Was this the first chance you had to be a victim since you’ve gotten out of bed today?? 🙄😅

    1. Imagine wanting to be hired at a company and walking into the interview saying this is the worst company to work for. Would you hire that person?  She’s is running for governor of our state and she just said we’re the worst. Now I know that might not mean anything to you since you’re clearly not from here but that statement was insulting. It’s a slap in the face to ask for our vote and call us the worst. Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in her ability to lead.

    1. Since when is stating facts racist? Stacy Abrams is a force to recon with. She will be an amazing president.

  2. It wasn’t “inelegant”. She used facts and statistics that made her point: Georgia is NOT “the best state in the Union to live in.” She shouldn’t apologize for using facts.

    1. Not so sure her facts are so correct. Georgia is by far not the worst state. Its easily verified. Infact in alot of areas it is in the top 20 states. As far as infrastructure it is #11. For any person to come out say one thing one day. And then walk it back the next. Deserves absolutely no respect. Stand by what you believe is the truth. Not what your told to believe is the truth.

    1. @Mr. White I’m not gonna be a hypocrit and say Democrats haven’t done that aswell. 👍

      But smart poeple of Georgia understand what she was saying. It’s the republicans that are making it into something else.

      I’m not from that state but I get 100 percent what she means.

  3. Stacy spoke the truth under the present guy Georgia is in bad they are not playing her whole statement she wants to make Georgia better

    1. Yeah, sure. That’s a pretty generous interpretation, that I’m sure you wouldn’t make if it was someone who wasn’t politically aligned with you.

    1. @Vlad the Inhaler you’re right. it’s ONE OF the worst states to live in.


    2. @V for Wombat What metrics are you referencing to conclude it’s the worst state to live in? Im not saying its perfect and it cant improve of corse it can. But it doesn’t lead the country in crime, There are worst states when it comes to affordable housing, and there are also worst states when it comes to the job market growth. It’s one of the states with the least dept. So… What exactly makes it the WORST? Can you give me any facts to back that statement up?

    3. @Sadie Nailed it ” to conclude it’s the worst state to live in? ‘
      i didn’t. please learn to read.
      i said it was ONE of the worst, and i’m going by the metrics Abrams quoted.

      you know, the facts mentioned.

  4. If you’ve ever lived down-south you would know the woman is correct.
    I’ve lived their and she is 100% correct.
    Which is why I got out of there as fast as I could.

    1. @blaknbeauty1 but how does that make it the WORST state? Those are problems that need addressing but It doesn’t lead the nation in crime, There are worst states when it comes to affordable housing, and there are also worst states when it comes to the job market growth. It’s also one of the states with the least dept. Not every place is for everybody. I hated New York It had a lot of crime it was dirty and the housing cost was ridiculous but that doesn’t mean it’s the worst it just wasn’t for me. Im concern she doesn’t like the state she’s wanting to be governor of.

    2. I live “down south”. Georgia is a beautiful state and governed well. I don’t live in GA, but I visit there. Better KEMP than Trump’s nitwit.

    3. @Sadie Nailed it everything you said describes GEORGIA!!!! I know what I’m talking about!!!

    4. @blaknbeauty1 1st of… why are you yelling? 2nd give me some facts. Telling me you know what you’re talking about isn’t going to cut it 🤦🏽‍♀

  5. Well I guess these politicians always have to say something wacky to cause controversy🤔

  6. “the republican party is the party of the future”
    which is why hey want to take us back to the 50s.
    oh, wait….

    i came for the Abrams thing, but the coverage of pence, who trump hates, supporting kemp, who trump hates, simply because they both did not help trump OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT, warms my heart.

    1. @Neil Anblomi that’s what happens when no one is driving.

      prices go down.

  7. What she was was correct. Every state says they the best to live in. She only told a truth that some Georgians don’t like to hear.

    Her context of the comment about the context is we can be the best state if we have good people in place. She didn’t just say Georgia is not the best to live in. She had input behind those words. And she was right. 😉

    1. It isn’t the worst state though, and you should probably learn how to form a complete sentence.

    2. @Vlad the Inhaler and ty for the advice teacher teacher. 😉👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️

  8. She spoke the truth. I support her 100000000%!

    Every day, I toss a coin in the fountain that some day there will be an Abrams/Porter ticket.

    1. It amazes me how delusional people like you can be to actually think if you could get the right candidate in as president that it would actually make some kind of difference.

  9. I usually into defend CNN as the least biased of the cable news outlets but they failed big time on this one, a journalist making excuses for a politician and blaming the media, how hypocritical is? I don’t care if it is Tucker Carlson or Rachel Maddow, reporters are supposed to report the news nothing more nothing less

  10. Ms Abrams is similar to Ms Lightfoot, both are better candidates than elected officials when performance is required.

  11. Imagine trying to get hired at a company and walking in and saying its the worst place to work. Would you hire that person? Ms. Abrams is wanting to represent Georgia and s its residents as their representative. Georgia has problems but It’s not the worst state. If she feel that way maybe she shouldn’t represent us.

  12. I’m very curious about when they stop talking and telling about what they know and start to act accordingly and hold all these people accountable and take them out of office and put them in jail for as long as possible…..

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