Video shows ‘kamikaze’ drone’s POV moments before striking Russian tank

In the new video released by the Ukraine Armed Forces, cutting-edge, foreign-made drones are used to fight against Russian troops. A 'kamikaze' drone's point of view is shown moments before it strikes a Russian tank. CNN's Melissa Bell has more. #CNN #News


    1. That is indeed how you’re supposed to support them. Drones are the arms escalation. War is changing once again, no longer firing lines with muskets and such, we’re several advancements on, and are probably in the middle of a shift. Don’t know that I’d say tanks are obsolete, but they are very vulnerable now. They’re more like somewhat mobile, short range artillery than seemingly unbreakable behemoths.
      Don’t think there’s a sure fire counter to drones yet. I suppose the closest would be some smart gun sights that can help shoot them down, interesting in theory but I imagine with these real war drone uses, they’re well out of range of any conventional arms. I think the only demonstrations are if you can actually see the drone nearby, like actually under treetop height, not overviewing an entire forest or city. And I imagine the switchblades are so fast only professional skeet shooters could bring them down, and they’d have to know it was coming in.

    1. @Marc Goozen kamikaze mean “divine wind.” Named after the storm that destroyed an invading Chinese fleet.

    1. @Vajrahaha Shunyata That would be escalation. I agree that it would settle things, but it would also require on-the-ground training and maintenance support that would absolutely have to be direct involvement. The Ukrainians are a very plucky and resourceful fighting force, and of course it certainly motivates you to be defending your homes on your own soil. I hope the continued support we CAN supply, which may or may not surreptitiously include command and control intelligence support (probably not *wink wink* ) will lead this to become a MUCH bigger problem for Putin to continue than to just declare victory and leave.

    2. @tuan (Ivan) Do I was gonna say, why havnt we sent Puta a little taste of the Switchblade-600.

    3. @ONE DRONE PILOT Well, only if you can get it to the target in the 3-4 seconds after you pull the pin.

    4. @ONE DRONE PILOT but that’s the cheap ghetto way….. These are slim and sexy and go super quick.

    1. @BelgianBush Rc yeah, this. My wife’s grandpa (German) was 14 years old when WW2 ended. He had just received a letter telling him to get ready to be drafted into the Wehrmacht. (Yes, at age 14 !) And we are talking about someone who risked his own life to secretly bring food and rations to a Jewish family in hiding each week. (his grandmother prepared meals for that family and then it was his task to bring it to them… no one knew, it was only him and his grandmother)
      If he had gone to fight with the Wehrmacht in those last days he surely would have been shot and some Allied soldier would have thought of him as “just another dirty Nazi”…
      I am sure there are many decent people among the Russian soldiers who were forced into this bullshit.

    2. So If Russians are orcs, than Ukrainians is what? White Elves? Or dwarfs? I think dwarfs, coz they were living underground at Azovstal

    1. @ISubToTheBest He cares about the righteous, the righteous are those who keep his laws, statutes, and commands all others no matter their religion, creed, nationality, race, age, or gender are subject to reap what they sew, down to the third and fourth generations. Meaning that the children may suffer for the wrong doings of their great-great grandparents. God gives favor to those who it pleases him to favor and not who men think he should.

  1. ✸Absolutely, nauseating, the human toll, tens of thousands of people dead❗️It hurts me, it hurts my heart. I never thought I would see a war like World War II. God Bless the Ukrainian people! 😔 💪🇺🇦💕

    1. Welcome to earth. This is Humanity. History will always be doomed to repeat itself. Time to suck it up and learn how to deal with it.

    2. @Reno Slim This will not last.Good weather is coming and the Russian troops can move.Then it’s gonna be like the last 10 minutes of “Rawhide”.

  2. Tens of thousands is devastating to even think about… these people who were dragged into this nightmare by a madman will never truly have normal lives again. Every single death can be chalked up to russia.
    May God restore Ukraine and give the Ukrainian people the Victory over these barbarians.

  3. I am in Ukraine. Today I found myself twice having to comfort people whose relatives had been killed by murderous Russian bombing attacks on civilian blocks of flats.

    1. @ZeleKnez No, Europe can’t govern themselves, despite having overwhelming military advantage, Europeans lacked any moral leadership, and they allowed the Bosnian atrocities, thousands of people behind barbed wire just because of different ethnicity and religion.Europeans leaders

  4. For your consideration:

    The Battle of Mariupol lasted longer than the Battle of Grozny, and it almost certainly costed russia many times more troops

    The Battle of Grozny happened during the first chechen war, while the russians won that battle it is considered a pyrrhic victory and the russians would later lose the city of Grozny and lose the first chechen war

    Judging by confirmed losses alone, russia is currently in a MUCH bigger mess than the first chechen war

    1. @Kevin Oh, the humanity. I can’t back it up but I’d go wth 33% of the original invading force – the Brits Intel is rhyming that with 50,000 dead. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. Your guy is probably as close as whole teams, there’a whole lot of counting going on ut the fog of war with truth being the first victim, you, all of that. Thanks for the info

  5. Just heartbreaking… and all this because of one Russian dictator and his enablers…
    Slava Ukraini and eff Pootin.

    1. @Abdullah Abdulrahim We don’t ignore it, we celebrate it, why don’t they go home to mother Russia.

    2. @Sergiy Angel And about 70 million American Fox News/trump vote/tucker Carlson fans who support Putin as well!

  6. The Russian tank crews appear to be wholly unconcerned with obscuring, concealing, or camouflaging their tanks and leave them out in the open.

    That they then don’t distance themselves from the tanks for their own survival is not going to end well for them.

    It is important for Ukraine to destroy tank crews with their tanks as the crews can be more important to Russia than having replacement tanks.

    This crew had a very humane ending, they died within a millisecond without fear or knowledge of their own deaths.

    1. What did you expect? They’re not soldiers.They’re plumbers, grocery store workers and other normal working folks who were lied to and told this was gonna be a walk in the park…..they deserve everything they get.

    2. How rude of the Ukraine military, not asking them first, what they wanted their asses put in….paper or plastic?

    3. They can find new tank drivers in a day…just like driving a car. gas peddle and brake. just 2 controls.

  7. How can any sane person think that invasion & war is in any way a justifiable means to an end ???

    1. The answer is in the ‘sane’ requirement. Russia is in a far, far, far worse geopolitical position than it was in 3 months ago. Putin did what the U.S. couldn’t do. NATO is now united, will add Sweden after 200 years of non-alignment, Finland after 80 years of neutrality, NATO will be on the Russian border, the E.U. is committed to ending dependence on Russian energy supplies. Ukraine is unified now, perhaps for the first time, to a fully western orientation. Russia is an international pariah. For what? A display of domination and a slice of land that has been depopulated and obliterated? That is not a sane trade-off.

  8. Eternal glory. Eternal life, to all of those who stands up against tyranny,, 🇸🇪💕🇺🇦

  9. “Boris, you have wodka?”
    “Da, Yuri. What we drink to?”
    “Let us drink to glorious special operation, and invincible tank!”
    “And great hiding spot. They never find us he…..”

  10. I fully support the military aid we are currently giving in Ukraines fight against Putin and the Kremlin.

    Yet I cant help but feel sad for these Russian soldiers who have been dragged into this, and do not commit autrocities. Just imagine this object flying towards you in full speed, while you know there is nothing you can do to escape. Must be horrifying.

    I hope Ukraine can make a decisive victory asap, although its higly unlikely Putin will value Russian and Ukrainian lives over his own pride

    1. I don’t that’s the reality of being a soldier, You are the enemy. Plenty of soldiers on the Russian solders have already resigned and decided They don’t want to fight, That is an alternative they are free to do. Here in the United States when we had a military draft and people didn’t want to go to Vietnam many people chose to sit in jail rather than fight A-war they didn’t believe in. If you believe in the war enough to participate in it then you should also be prepared pair to die for it.

    2. @Might Guy some say they have resigned and gone back home, but they are not sure what there future will be.
      But many have said, if we refuse to fight, there commanders have said, you will be shot or sent prison and that’s fact.

    3. @George Simmons Having to choose between being shot by your commander or being shot by a Ukrainian is a horrible Thing to make people decide. I wouldn’t blame someone for deciding to press forward with the war in that situation but I wouldn’t feel bad for them because they should know what to expect. It’s a war And you are a soldier, We can save the empathy for when your side either wins or loses.

      The people who I feel bad for are the people who made The Choice not to participate and are getting punished for it. If it feel bad for them because there are the ones with the true balls, To stand up to their toxical leadership to stop ordering them to do something they don’t believe in. If those types of people deserve my respect, not mindless drones.

    4. When you feel sad about those soldiers, remember hundreds of kids who died, were raped, lost their parents, their homes, their favorite teddy bears… Then think of hundreds and thousands of mothers whose babies, children, husbands, elderly parents – died on their hands. Who had to bury them in their back yard. Who were raped in front of their children, husbands, brothers and fathers…
      I can go on endlessly..
      I felt sorry for those soldiers the first one or two weeks of the war. It’s been 3 months and they know exactly what they are doing. It is their choice and I don’t feel sorry for any invader, not a tiny bit any more!
      God bless the hand that fired that drone!

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