State of the Union address | Watch Biden’s full speech

U.S. President Joe Biden vowed in his first State of the Union to check Russian aggression in Ukraine and tame soaring U.S. inflation.

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  1. I think he mistakenly said greatest “economy in 40 years” instead of “highest inflation in 40 years”

    1. Economists in the government like to equate economic growth with inflation, though it doesn’t take a genius to see it’s not true

    1. We also have to help you militarily immediately and if there is a nuclear war we will see this basterd in hell

    1. @Tim Yassa Nah, they just howl like utter maniacs every time The former guy spewed bile from his trap.

  2. He literally just talked up everything he’s failed at to this point , it really got me when he was talking about Russia and Ukraine and he said “ I mean it “ 😂😂

    1. If I can slap Biden’s face to put him back to reality, I would. they still buying oil from Russia

    1. Then why do you blame HIM for things you don’t like? Doesn’t make sense does it? Oh, you probably don’t have any sense sorry!

  3. The older you get the more clearly you see how hypocritical all politicians are. Their ineptitude outweighs their purpose.

  4. No.. you can’t call for unity of Dems and reps while simultaneously calling every republican a racist

    1. @Invest4LifeChannel no they’re aren’t. 😂 You’re either developmentally delayed or your a child if you believe that.

    1. @Natalia Is happy Where? Do you know where they get the rare earth materials for those and how much strip mining is involved?
      How about the charging stations……do you know where they get their power from? Coal and LNG industry.
      Magical f***ing pixie doesn’t hasn’t been invented yet Einstein.

  5. You only have to ask yourself one question: Are YOU better off since biden took office? Midterm elections are coming.

  6. Thats what I call: skin pores hipocrecy. And the woman in the back: sadness. And the applause: Stupidity.

  7. And when he said the economy is the strongest than ever, I believe Trump should get the credit for that!!

  8. “The strong do what they can, while the weak struggle as they must.” _Thucydides. Here’s to the weak and resilient! Theirs is true courage. Not these aged politicians making money and preying on the young for their bodies and youth to be wasted upon the spear. Not the oligarchs who salivate at the prospect of profits and cheer speeches that say, “more, we want more!”

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