1. @Rob Maynard Maybe the truth is to hard for people like cnn and liberals to understand what freedom really means

    2. @EdMiF I agree with that sentiment. EVERYONE should be held accountable for inciting division and violence. I don’t give a damn if its republican or Democrat. Trump supporters who broke into the capital should be in prison, period. Right wing extremists inciting violence should get whats due to them.. but are you going to honestly say that justice is being handed out equally when the left has been feeding the flames of division during the BLM and Atifa riots, and bailing out rioters as well? Where is the accountability for the radical left on social media? For the media playing their role in inciting unjust hate on an entire police system, putting good officers at risk by painting a destructive narrative. The left has been given the leeway to say what they want without consequence and thats irrefutable at this point; And now this network is taking it further by vilifying ALL Republicans, ALL conservatives and advocating for censorship of opposing networks. How can you support what they’re doing? You think this is justice? Or freedom? You think you’ll be safe when its all said and done? You can have whatever political affiliation you wish, however it shouldn’t mean turning a blind eye to the actions of the party you support. Esspecially when it pertains to the freedoms of Americans being threatened. I voted for Obama in 08, I believed in the man.. but how he was portrayed by the media was nothing more than smoke and mirrors and I expect more of the same with Joe Biden. The warning signs are already there and I refuse to turn a blind eye to it.

    3. @Carlos Nieves
      About those BLM riots, they were brought about by what? Ratial injustice perpetrated by racist police, do not downplay that. It’s been going on for a very long time, and society around the world had finally had enough. It took rioting to open eyes, but it should never had reached that point if it was being addressed properly. And #45’s attitude about it only fueled the flames.

    4. @Shawn Corbin is shawn trying to find purpose in life since all the lies he has been fed are falling apart.
      Have you discovered that the 1 term president was a coward? His goals involved fundraising for himself and giving worthless jobs to his family. I am sure he is getting a kickbacks. You get nothing from bunker boy for free.
      No mass murders of government officials, no arrests, no petaphilia, cannibalism or blood drinking. Its all been fake news, just something to believe so DJT could rattle the collection basket your way to get a few bucks.
      I have to say if you can convince 80 million people to give 10bucks and you add that to the big businesses who are greatfull for tax breaks. Add all that up and tRump just made his entire fortune 1-2 BILLION DOLLARS A MONTH….
      Tell a few lies and double your money in a month.
      Snazzy plan unless you think he is actually going to come through.
      Oh all the Hunter Biden stuff… another distraction.
      Trump has more invested ( his free money ) in China than all the Bidens combined.
      Dont take my word, ask Donnie the next time you see him doing good for someone who doesn’t have to return the favor.
      He wont even pay his lawyer. I have seen him do this for over 40 years. He has made more free money in the last 4 than his entire career.

    1. @Chadillac It’s kind of funny & kind of weird that you would bring up the 75 year old Lou & little girls in the same sentence, Hmmmm?

    2. milkey1 ( This Was Inappropriate For A Father To His Own Child, If Ivanka Weren’t My Daughter Perhaps I Would Be Dating Her. Incest Gross.
      Donald J. Gross Trump.

    1. @Carlos Nieves You can’t make an argument that CNN is anywhere near as bad as Fox. You just hate CNN because you hate facts. That trump voters are villains is the simple truth.

    2. Facts. For once CNN tells the truth the receivers who are receiving the backlash of what they did wrong use the excuse they’re cancelling or silencing me.
      It’s about accountability you didn’t serve your consequence in the past so your gonna serve it now.

    1. @Pat Mahinie umm. If the party was going further left.. bernie wouldve been prez.. instead its biden.. who in fact is more centrist to right compared to any other democratic potential.. so your concerns must be fueled by biased right wing echo chambers.. to me.. biden is a borderline republican.. they chose him to bridge the gap yet because hes a democrat.. any choice or decision he makes will be pushed as far left ideology by anyone who blindly hates the democratic party… biden is a centrist.. period.. republicans should be thankful for that cuz most of us wanted bernie

    2. @Paul C Hi Paul, you make some good points but I still do not believe that is the case. We are on the verge of having no choice in who we think is best for our country. The Democrats will label anyone who doesn’t support them as racists or conspiracy theorists inorder to dehuminize them. That dehumization will help people justify the autrocities they will commit if the cancel culture doesn’t work. If someone is a consirvitve, it doesn’t mean they are racist, fascist, authortarian, or crazy, it means they don’t agree with the policies.

    3. @Pat Mahinie come on bro.. its the sane with republicans.. im not denying what youre saying cuz im a bernie lover but both sides are doing the same… btw.. bernie isnt a communist no matter what your right wing echo chambers say….. however youre right . Both sides are playing emotions.. and not enough trying to find center field… HOWEVER… for the dems to pick a centerist IS trying to find common ground.. cuz i personally loved bernie but i understood why biden was picked.. to find common ground, period… reps didnt want common ground … instead they went all in on someone who ruled by his morbid opinions.. so i cant say dems are going that far left if theyre picking a standard centrist to be the leader. . And look at tge graphs.. cnnisnt too far left comparatively as fox whos supposed to be the equal on the right.. which they may be on their way to more centerist (btw which is how news sites SHOULD be) … too much sensationalism abd partisn opinion

    4. @Paul C Very good comment Paul. I also like Bernie but we may not be ready for him yet. Your comment actually gives me hope. Things are changing and it’s very important we get it right.

      I’m heading to bed bud. Stay safe


  1. We should all pay attention to the Company names of those who advertise on shows that peddle lies and boycott them.

    1. You can’t keep canceling and protesting against companies that don’t have the same belief as you… that mentality will do nothing but put everyone out of business… that’s not fair. All these companies employ men, women, blacks, whites.. democrats, republicans, citizens and immigrants. We once were raised to love everyone and except all for their differences, not force one view down everyone’s throat! And if you don’t believe what you believe, I will destroy you

  2. I couldn’t stop laughing when NewsMaxx had crack head pillow guy on to talk about how the left is cancelling everything ONLY TO CANCEL HIM LIVE ON AIR. 😂 You can’t spell HATRED without RED HAT.

  3. How about getting rid of all of them and (possibly) starting again. They took the wrong road and deserve all that comes to them.

  4. It’s “Not wanting to get sued for a billion dollars” culture.

    I mean, seriously, how can you argue against getting your show cancelled when you are the reason your company is facing a BILLION dollar lawsuit. Win or lose, no company wants to keep an employee that is putting them in that kind of financial jeopardy.

    1. @Janelle Coleman I am actually surprised they haven’t been.

      I can speculate, though, that those other personalities make more money for Fox than Lou did. From what I have read, his show was losing money before this lawsuit. It must have been a very easy decision for Fox to make.

    2. @Janelle Coleman I think it also might be a question of degree. While other FOX hosts also espouse baseless conspiracy theories, Dobbs is particularly egregious and malicious.

    1. Did you see demented joe who stole the election pushing a false narrative.

      Covid has a 99.983% recovery rate-science. Masks don’t work-science.

    1. Depends on your definition of morals. You could be luciferian and consider things good I find disgusting. So never say your right in A world of 8 billion because your morals belong to you don’t expect others to share them that’s kinda communist expecting such unity lol

  5. So let me get this straight. When Republicans shot up their Yeti’s and burned their Nike wardrobe that wasn’t a cancel culture? 😂

    1. Thank you! Or like how they cancelled Colin Kaepernick and the NFL because older, white privileged America didn’t want to hear what he had to say?

  6. Rupert Murdoch is about to part with a shitload of money because of Lou Dobbs’ lies. Pirro and Bartiromo made the same false claims about those voting machines. Uh oh.

  7. Five bucks says they went to Dobbs and told him he can’t say crazy sh*t any more and he said, “Like hell!”

    1. Well, to be honest, he more likely said “bs is all I have! I am a victim! You can’t pick on me for being delusional. It’s rude!”

    2. @Ash Roskell I find the word “cancel” used in this context obnoxious and stupid.
      “They are trying to cancel me.”
      What are they, an order from Amazon? It’s ridiculous in my opinion.

    1. He plagiarized it from Ronald Reagan. Then got it completely opposite to what Reagan said because communists are the dumbest people on the planet.

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