1. I think the press should show up set=up cameras then when it starts walk out shut off cameras!

    1. @Douglas Butler you sir are trying to be an intellectual in our midst, you are failing like your “stable genius” living in our white house. You don’t have a clue and we know a fraud when we see or hear one. Good Day….

    2. Bill Clinton – rides of Epstein’s plane to islands with underage girls
      Obama/Biden – Help bring slavery back to Libya
      Orangeman – Brings peace deals to the Middle East
      You – I’m going to vote for Democrats
      Me – You don’t have to love Republicans or the Orangeman, there are other options (AKA third parties), but you have to be a donkey if you vote for Democrats.

    1. @jerry hernandez Yeah. I remember that fatality where the guy throws his foot in his own mouth and falls on his face while the arena laughs at him.

    1. Rod, how about recounting a state he supposedly legitimately won, let’s see what ‘lie’ ‘cheat’ ‘steal’ is uncovered. He prematurely claimed ‘I won’, bias lawsuits to disenfranchise voters, calling canvassers to get them to rescind, ‘do me a favor’ meeting with republican legislators, etcetera etcetera. The impeached president is CHEATING to STEAL the election

    2. @Rod there is NO voter fraud, and yes it is easy to research, so it is NOT the media saying it, it is the courts saying it too

    3. @Debra Lastnamestanding I can appreciate you doing the research and looking into the lawsuits. There is plenty of evidence and irregularities in this election. Democrats have contested every election since Nixon’s 49 state landslide and that’s ok? Since before Trump got to the bottom of the escalator the media has called him every name imaginable. Obama/Biden spied on the campaign and used the FBI and a special counsel investigation to undermine the election and his presidency. All based on a false claim and a fabricated dossier. The Dems and their propaganda arm media have demonized our president and his supporters for 4 years. So now you want us to believe that their candidate who spent a year in his basement and can’t even complete a sentence won the election just because CNN and MSNBC says he did? He is their guy and they are certainly not going to investigate anything that could change their “win”. They haven’t even asked him a challenging question since the campaign started. We will let every legal challenge play out in court.

  2. “We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.” — John F. Kennedy

    1. @Rufus T Firefly you don’t know what communist actually is. You know who called Kennedy communist also? The KkK white supremacists.

    2. @Ozark Yeoman I love how you are unable to respond to any point other than chant ‘marxism’ like a medieval peasant warding of the evil eye. And speaking of which…

      _’…my ancestors were Yeomen.’_ So your ancestors were GIVEN land to work by a ruling class. Hmmm…sounds kinda ‘marxist’ to me. Or at the very least it explains your servile attitude. Runs in the family?

    3. @Rufus T Firefly. . . That’s funny, I guess you think that if you tie Joe to foreign money everyone will just forget that Trump has more foreign money ties that Mata Hari. Your brain would be better used sweeping floors.

    1. @Shaun White still don’t acknowledge the real terrorists? That’s fine, maybe you will when they show up on your lawn.

    2. This Election is not over with (Michael Cohen said he may even try & start a war to remain in power & he knows his former boss) & I believe the King in the White House will now (as a Last & Final Act) go to a foreign power such as Russia & stop the November Election through his own private Defense Department (just changed with new wonderful people after Secretary of Defense Mark Esper was fired) by now planning a complete & total power blackout of the USA including all communication (internet, radio, TV, hacking of many online bank accounts, etc.) through connections with his own private Defense Department & take it from there with COVID-19 running wild just what will happen to the USA. The King has already asked Russia for the emails of Clinton in the past. Russia will promote the King in the White House from President to Dictator over the entire USA including the 30 USA billionaires who gladly support him (because these fools think they won’t be Taxed at all, etc.) but Wrong now with future Big Huge Massive Private Taxes to the King & the Family for Extreme Wealth (just to get out of their massive Debt like $ 46 trillion for starters & you can be quite sure the 30 billionaires will be stopped from leaving the USA). If the King does not get all the millions of $ from his USA billionaires there will most likely be International Contracts put on the King & the Family using the mob (even outside the USA), etc. The November Election will be no more except for civil war, etc. If this is not done the King in the White House will be going to jail for most likely the rest of his life If he remains in the USA after the November Election is over with by past women who he did enjoy, obstruction of justice through the Mueller Report, City & State of New York Taxes, etc. The King must remain in the White House but this time as Dictator.

    3. @First Last If any of that was true there would be evidence.

      “votes in districts where 0 people are registered to either party..”

      No such district loser.

    1. @Roger Diamond Show some proof to go along with your bullshit Roger. Seems to me that a Diamond is a Stone.

    2. @John James hahahaha hahahahaha hahahaha. Typical SOYBOYS, CRY ABOUT IT???? Ayyy CARAMBA.
      But I will sing you “DESPACITO”

    3. @DIxie Normus , I figured as much…
      Hahahaha hahahahaha hahahaha

    4. @Lee Ja Pretending to laugh at people and expressing yourself as a borderline illiterate says more about you than me.

    1. @cathy morin wait, so you are saying Trump created covid-19? So you are blatantly saying that Trump himself can control the virus from coming over here in the first place? Remember when he put travel bans and the Democrats were fighting him saying that it is xenophobic? You have the wool pulled over your eyes by the propagandist fascist media and you have been sitting by that glowing Small tube in your small living room for far too long. People like you think that they are the keepers of the truth and you will fight, lie, cheat and murder for these dodgingly misinformed sick and twisted ideologies that make you feel like you are in the right. But this time you are just a commenting troll on YouTube. Sayonara

    2. @The General You must be young and naive because you keep trying to talk about your age to convince me you are a big boy! Obama was the first clean intelligent black man! DEMENTIA JOE KID TOUCH! JoeBidenIsSick.com

    3. @The General I could have Dementia Joe Kid Touch Tara Reade it for me! Dementia Joe Kid Touch said he used to be a kitchen table!

    1. @V V That would be Hunter Biden. You’re so lost in the Media it’s like watching a dork getting hand fed tide pods.

  3. Of course this is a government run by the people, we are just not allowed to question our government or anything that they do

  4. The so-called president is a coward is afraid when he lets go that power he’s going to get prosecuted for all that undercover criminal crap that he’s been doing eventually we all get rewarded for our misdeeds

    1. He wasn’t afraid to fight the Global Left, the Democrat Party, their liberal media and socialists who run Academia all by himself and win.

    1. @Bear Bear Trump can’t pass laws and I know all about the ambulance chaser that was such a wingnut the trump legal team distanced themselves from her. You aren’t very bright.

  5. Then why doesn’t the Media just ignore trump and the “Jim Jones” Republican cult party Don’t give the bunker boy any coverage!!

    1. Because if the problem is ignored it wont go away.. They are americans, just like everyone else.. If they are ignored and forgotten, we will end up with trump or someone worst then trump in the future.

    2. @Sally Jewell What did Trump do wrong? And don’t parrot the Media. Just tell me what the last 4 years of your life were like without the Media BS. If you think Trump handled the Virus poorly you’re a NUT JOB.

    3. They better start ignoring it or we need to start boycotting . I’m sick of the twenty four hour Trump coverage. We have a new president and we want to see and hear about him. They are still giving Trump all the air time and ignoring President Elect Biden Were sick of hearing nothing but Trump, Republicans and MAGAS. I’m going to start contacting their sponsors .

    4. @GREAT SANTINI trump’s handling of the Covid pandemic was a disaster, the biggest disaster that America has seen, and it’s not over. By next January even more Americans will be dead from this disease. Who’s the nut job?

  6. HEY leave him alone. The more he talks and fights the more time he gets. Pence cabinet members run ,get away from this loser or you’ll go down with him.

  7. Don’t forget that the Senate is allowing Trump to do all this. All the republicans, except 3, are complicit.

    1. You don’t seem to understand how…. government works.

      The Senate, AKA a body that gets elected, doesn’t determine elections. B/c that would be obviously corrupt.

      There are these things called voting officials. They are the ones who determine the speed of when things get certified or not based on competency.

    2. @druu jenkins I don’t think he meant “calling the election”. It’s already been called and needs to be certified.
      I believe he means Senate Republicans are not only complicit in the presidents false allegations, they are helping to allow the spread of Disinformation without evidence.

    3. Time to get serious about the smaller elections. Keep pounding until not a single Republican holds an office. They don’t deserve to and still won’t two years from now. I am praying those two Democrats are voted for by record numbers in Georgia on Jan 5th 2021. VOTE BLUE GEORGIA!

  8. They are “waiting and seeing”, while thousands of Americans die everyday. NEVER forget that ! Write down their names and make them pay, sooner or later.

    1. The president is moving vast with evidence of fraud and manipulation including the CIA/Dominion software that was used to overthrow elections in South America, Africa and Europe were used in over 2,000 precincts and 30 states. The awesome thing about it is generates second by second metadata and vote totals as pollsters scan in ballots across the nation. Well just like Santa would burn up in the atmosphere if he were to really visit every child’s house on Christmas eve. The CIA/Dominion software metadata shows massive spikes in Biden votes all at once in huge mounds. Which mathematically is not possible with the machines. At least 12 million votes may have been swapped from Trump via this sleazy software. The FBI and other government agencies have been investigating and seizing hard drives from the company that makes it. BTW that company has been closing branches and running like rats and hiding. They know the gig is up. We have hard print outs of the laughable spikes in Biden votes, we have ex CIA personnel that know the software well because they used it to overthrow other governments.
      Wait and see? It is really that it takes time to present and argue a criminal case. This is criminal.


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