1. People enjoy arguing with one another FAR too much to ever go somewhere that you can only criticize those who’ll never see it, & if you start criticizing the app company or it’s creator you get “fired” & have your life threatened. Gee. Sounds like fun! 😂😂😂

    1. It’s the new Qchristian maga’s shrine, a place coming to revere their orange messiah but it’s also the clown’s new failed business.

    2. @B R Like I suspected. you have NO clue what racism is.
      And you are certainly not black.
      Here is another word for ya: Offensive – that being when someone like you pretends to be black on the internet in order to further the racist ideologies of the MAGA movement.
      You do understand, that the last A in MAGA makes it a racist movement, right?

    3. @Mark Hicks ‘Black LIES Matter’, huh?
      Well, don’t fret, racists are welcome over at ‘Truth’ – so you are all good.

    4. @Ted the ” heartthrob ” Rodriguez It’s only falling apart on FOX News.
      The actual facts and numbers tell a vastly different story.

    5. @Fat Man You have been watching too much FOX News.
      Here are the realities:
      While you’re enjoying your big, beautiful, affordable trumpcare healthcare plan (You know, the one that was ’always coming in two weeks’) let’s review President Biden’s progress with 5.7% annual GDP growth (something the prior FAILURE only dreamed about), the sharpest one-year drop in unemployment in United States history; the first time the unemployment rate has been under 4% in the first year of a presidential term in 50 years, more people on health insurance, stock market doing great..

      On Jan. 19, 2022, the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock average closed at 19.3% above where it had been the day before Biden was inaugurated.
      The S&P 500 index rose 166% over the eight years President Barack Obama was in office, and it climbed another 67.8% during Trump’s four years. The pace of growth under Biden so far is better than both of them. POTUS has no control over gas prices, but they are expected to start dropping over the next 2 years. After two straight years of declining profits, corporations saw their profits surge to new heights under Biden — reaching an annual rate of just over $2.7 trillion in the third quarter of 2021, according to the latest Bureau of Economic Analysis data. Court of Appeals — As of Jan. 19, Biden had won confirmation for 12 U.S. Court of Appeals judges. That’s the same number as Trump had confirmed in his first year in office.
      District Court — Twenty-nine Biden nominees to be federal District Court judges have been confirmed, while Trump had won confirmation for 10 at the same point in his presidency.
      Two U.S. Court of Federal Claims judges also were confirmed in Biden’s first year.
      As of Jan. 19, there were just four vacancies for Court of Appeals judges and 70 for District Court judges.

      Fewer people are accessing benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps, according to the Department of Agriculture’s latest data.
      Under Biden, who pledged “to make America respected around the world again,” U.S. favorability ratings abroad have improved considerably, according to a Pew Research Center analysis published in June.
      Pew’s polling in 16 countries from March 12, 2021, to May 26, 2021, shows a median of 61% of foreigners said they had a favorable opinion of the United States.

      In the 12 nations also surveyed in 2020, many of which are key U.S. allies and partners, the median figure with a positive view of the U.S. had increased to 62%, up from a median of 34% in Trump’s final year while YOU CHEER ON AN $800 MILLION HIT TO OUR AMERICAN ECONOMY WITH THE CANADIAN TRUCKER BLOCKADE.

  2. I couldn’t care less. My life is so much better since I stopped looking at Twitter and Facebook. Social media is a disease.

    1. CNN is worse that all – because there is 0 % disagreement- just bias liberal getbage. I was a democrat until this year – when cnn and msnbc and abc and every other liberals hack network is literally hiding and covering up for a failing and embarrassing president after what I just watched for four years…. I’m done. Along with a lot of other people. No one alive is dumb enough for these liars and losers

    2. the Democrat invasion and collusion with Russia has been truly shocking, but not surprising. Democrats have let another Democracy crumble.

    3. @Jon Deibe You’re here because you don’t have a life. And btw, thank you for continuing to make CNN the most popular, if not reliable network.

    4. @Scott Conlon Do what you feel you need to do, just don’t cry and whine when people suggest you go do un-natural things to yourself.

  3. The magnificent part of capitalism, is that if you had a $hit product, people will spend exactly that amount on it ($hit or less than $hit).

    1. All his co-workers have been arrested for “kid love”, 90% drop in ratings, Fredo and zucker shitcanned, lawsuits coming in hot… He’s probably been binge eating to numb his stress and pain

  4. Dear CNN
    Please do not fire steltar
    He is the only one anyone watches cnn
    Dude is the conveyer belt of memes

    1. His rat face smile makes me sick they keep pushing this democratic propaganda while people like me working 7 days a week can barely get by I was thriving under trump never cared about politics before niw

    2. @Mark Schlenker The man in the oval office has no bearing on the quality of your life. It’s only been a year since your guy lost. Stop making excuses and take responsibility for your life.

    3. @Ryan Revland
      He’s a trump chump, mark, stooge, sap, rube, sucker or simp.
      Or all seven and whatever you care to add.

    1. @Amaziah Cohen LMAO, says the troll who can’t spell simple words correctly., nor write literate sentences. Nah we come to cnn for laughs, and you’ve provided them.

    2. @d fobroy Lmao. Says the troll who can’t structure a sentence correctly. What’s with the dots and comma together? 🤣😂🤣🤡🤡

  5. I had no idea this was even a thing until this video. I’m curious how many people also are finding out about this thru CNN.

    1. Seriously. They have to be either delusional or they know how pathetic they are but they just don’t care. They know there are a few losers out there who will not notice how humiliating they are and just clap and cheer cause it’s negative trump Look around – you see some of the usual losers on here

    1. @d fobroy No, please go on about how uneducated my sentences were. What about them was reminiscent of a third grader? I’m genuinely interested.

    2. @Ryan Revland “Sniff Sniff” I smell angst . You didn’t like what I said , did you ? I merely used your insults of others, on you. Isn’t that how Social Media works ?🤣

    3. @d fobroy But you’re right, that is how social media works for children. In an adult conversation, the first one to insult the other loses the argument. I know you’re young but when you get a little older you’ll understand.

    4. Seltzer is an exceptional journalist! Saw a video of him putting Ted Koppel in his place😉 People think Julian Assange is great truth teller but Brian Seltzer is the pinnacle of greatness. 🤡

  6. These guys do more to keep Trump alive in the news than any social media app anyway. Literally every other story on here is basically “Trump said something I don’t like! I can’t even!” 🙄

    1. @life is a carnival Check again. This one was a Trump rant, an hour ago literally had Trumps name in the title covering the “McConnell divide” and another from a few hours before that they were talking about Eric Trump and his dad. Go to latest 20 videos and he’s in there again twice…extend it to latest 30 and he’s in there again 4 or 5 times. Do a search for the word Trump in the videos section and it’s a landslide of Trump’s face. It’s an obsession 😅

      And bear in mind most of these are small clips from larger stories. If you watch it on tv they can’t go 10 minutes without dropping his name in regards to something totally unrelated to him. Someone could fart in the middle of the woods and it’d be Trump’s fault whereas he’s actually just sitting at home in Florida scratching his balls and only ever posts on social media sites that only his supporters use anyway 🤣

    2. CNN will collapse without their daddy and master Trump… CNN is like gollum, they both love and hate the precious and it drives them insane

    3. What horseshit, they cover the broad spectrum of the news and trump, with his legal troubles, is part of it.
      Stay with Fox, they’ll tell you the lies you need to hear.

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