Stephen Miller's remark during meeting stuns officials 1

Stephen Miller’s remark during meeting stuns officials


Stephen Miller seemed floored by the idea, raised during a fall Cabinet meeting in 2018, of  keeping open the doors for Afghan allies and other Middle East refugees to enter the US. 

"What do you guys want?" Miller, then a top adviser to President Donald Trump, asked incredulously, according to one person in the room. "A bunch of Iraqs and 'Stans across the country?"

His words stunned many in the meeting, but they were no accident. Under Miller's guidance, several sources told CNN, the Trump administration was purposefully slow-walking the entry of all refugees — including allies who aided American soldiers in Afghanistan.

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  1. how can anyone be shocked by anything racist or xenophobic that comes out of Stephen Miller’s mouth? that’s, pretty much, on brand for him.

    1. @Alex Oelkers That’s true, no question about it! Let me remind to you again that Republicans and Democrats want the US troop to be out in Afghanistan. Both Trump and Biden wanted to stop the war. No debate about that. The big problem is Joe Biden’s EXECUTION of the withdrawal. This is the Democrats trying to avoid, the execution issue. What in the world you pulled out the military first and leave the American citizens and allies last. It’s a common sense and unfortunately Joe Biden doesn’t have this. The same thing he did at the southern borders where he created a humanitarian crisis right now with his radical open border policy.

      FYI: I watched lots of Trump’s interviews on different online news so I know what he said. This is his plan. Trump will evacuate the Americans first, he’s Americans first president. Second, he will pull out all the military equipment and weapons. Third, he will pull out all the soldiers. And lastly, he destroy the bases so the Taliban can’t use it. Your information is not updated of maybe you just watch one interview and that’s it.

    2. @Pocho No drop them off in LA see who makes out alive. The Taliban that slip through vetting or the ms 13 gangs that have flooded the border.

    3. @Pocho so translators who helped us. And our allies should be hunted down by the taliban and not offered sanctuary I what you believe

    1. @John Kurtz A snowflake who finds racism in the coffecup in the morning. Must be hard for you. Hate, hate and hate all day long.

    1. @Dixie Normous Sounds to me like psychological transference on your part. Is that the best you’ve got? I thought putin was training his trolls better than that.

    2. @Regulatory Affairs And just what is my Party, Mr. Omniscience? And whatabout, whatabout, whatafuckingabout? “Yeah, I punched Judy, but look at what Larry did!” You still punched Judy! Babies on a damn school bus.

    1. The taliban and China stand together. that’s so ridiculous….The9/11 attack was right?Joe Biden is really a coward….

  2. More rot on that man than any decade old casket. He fits perfectly into the quagmire of garbage know as our U.S. gov.

    1. @Jose Fernandez that’s cool. Some people have good dads and others don’t. Some people want to think for themselves and others don’t.

    2. @Celestial456 Wow. You really fell for the left wing propaganda, didn’t you?
      Nazi = Socialist
      Operation Paperclip = Nazis brought to the US and put in charge of the CIA and NASA.
      Operation Mockingbird = CIA using the corporate media to spew left wing propaganda. Left wing = Nazi

      The fact is that the Nazis were extremely left wing. They were inspired by Woodrow Wilson (Democrat). Democrats were the slave owners who created the KKK and implemented Segregation.
      The KKK inspired Hitler’s Brown Shirts, who inspired Antifa. Same thuggish bullying mind set.

      Stalin and Hitler were friends because they shared the same ideology, but Hitler decided not to share power and betrayed Stalin. Socialism is communism is fascism is totalitarianism and it is responsible for murdering millions of people.
      Capitalism = Freedom and prosperity
      Socialism = Slavery and death

      Does it make sense now?

    1. ah, okay, CNN isn’t going to let me post a fuxking BusinessInsider site. you’re literally projecting every single thing you say, it’s hilarious. everyone else is stupid and uninformed because they don’t watch CNN 100 percent of the time like you lmao when these articles are literally ALL OVER the web. Biden ignoring Boris Johnson’s calls for 3 days, British ministers literally calling him names for lying, etc. etc. hilarious.


    3. @Ohio Against The World Poor troll, just can’t win for losing eh?

      Trolls – like Ohio Against the World here – although they possess rather negative traits, are extroverts;
      they truly enjoy making others upset and see it as a form of entertainment;
      Internet trolling is strongly associated with narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, direct sadism and vicarious sadism.
      The Biggest factor in their lives though – They are unsuccessful in their lives. When they see someone who is successful they tend to resent them and feel tempted to bully them.
      In all cases, their ultimate goal is to confuse and upset others. The more emotional and upset you get, the happier they become. This is the reason why the best way of dealing with trolls is to ignore them. Don’t feed the trolls!

      Basically they are Losers who realize they are losers deep down and must punish others for their failures.

  3. Anyone surprised by his remarks hasn’t been paying attention over the years. When hate centers the heart, compassion and humanity exit.

    1. @skipper cannon Why would I leave my nice Republican town where we suffer NONE of the problems common in broken down Democrat ghettos?

    2. @skipper cannon Why don’t you remain in your rotting Democrat city and rot with it? I don’t care…

    3. @skipper cannon Rush Limbaugh got the Congressional medal of Honor, the highest award in the USA from President Trump for outing the global Left and all their scams…🇨🇳🦠💉🦇😷😷😷😷😷

    1. @Jerry Beloin Trump released the Taliban leader along with 5000 other fighters. All of which are currently attacking us, you red state morons are just as guilty.

    2. @Robski bs it was way it was executed that led to the deaths of 13 troops this biden administration is useless during the ceremony to honor the fallen biden kept staring at his watch you’re president is a senile geezer this never would have happened if trump was president everything he warned would happen has

    3. @Robski then you got the phone call asking the president before he fled to lie for him do you see the fake news mentioning that?it’s disgusting you people are for that

  4. Stephen Miller’s grandparents fled Russia due to persecution. He seems forget that. His face is empty of emotions.

    1. The indigenous peoples of the US are various tribes of Indians living in the US, as well as Eskimos, Aleuts and Hawaiians. The population of the indigenous peoples of the United States has significantly decreased in the process of colonization of the territory by European settlers, gradual extermination and displacement from their territories, as well as due to infections introduced by Europeans.

    2. @ღSwnsasyღ _ Do not pay attention, everything depends on the upbringing and in those countries in which hatred of any skin color or nationality is not propagandized, this simply does not exist. Whether the skin is black or white, it makes absolutely no difference.

    3. @mct _ You are so damn spot on!! I was raised to know my ancestors BUT, raised outside of any reservations.. The one thing my grams did was a TYPE of a Powwow when we would reach age 14.. It’s ALL encompassing to just show our pride in all aspects of our Nijii..

      Thank you so much for your second comment.. At times, I’m 44,i can still feel like I don’t belong, don’t matter.. It’s more painful to see what my Kings go through so much more openly than we as women do.. Thank you.. I really needed that so much.. You made my evening.. I just really needed that in having the bad day that I did today…

    4. @ღSwnsasyღ _ If a baby is simply left in the forest after his birth, he will be like a beast, in order to be a person, you need to become spiritually and morally formed. Respect for the ancestors, at any time, in any tribes and peoples is considered an honor. This tells me that you are a good person.

  5. This guy looks like he needs to continuously consume souls to stay alive. His own family can’t stand him. Let’s stop being surprised he is awful.

    1. I wonder what type of soul lives inside his wife. Because oh man, not only is he disgusting looking, repulsive… But inside, it’s just faul… Everything about him is.

    2. Hey fake news cnn these are the names of four marines that died while you are still worrying about Trump and his staff.
      Marine Corps Lance Cpl. David L. Espinoza, 20, of Rio Bravo, Texas

      Marine Corps Sgt. Nicole L. Gee, 23, of Sacramento, Calif.

      Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Darin T. Hoover, 31, of Salt Lake City

      Army Staff Sgt. Ryan C. Knauss, 23, of Corryton, Tenn.

      Marine Corps Cpl. Hunter Lopez, 22, of Indio, Calif.
      Biden let this happened and you and Jimmy Kimmel and msnbc and Jimmy Fallon haven’t said one word about them
      Smh you are a disgrace

    3. @Full of hell many humans have evolved both feel sorrow for the victims of the bombing, as well as condemn miller’s disgusting lack of empathy.

    4. @Full of hell Your pseudopatriotic attempt at claiming some vague, nebulous moral high ground by listing dead servicemen has all the hallmarks of January 6th insurrectionist mindset. It can’t be easy being you.

    5. @Unassisted Suicide Jimmy mocks Mike Lindell for using drugs in the past but gives Hunter Biden a poor guy for his drug used.The left agenda is real
      If the mess Biden made in Afghanistan happened under Trump the two jimmies would still be talking about it. And cnn would be plastering the marines photos
      But since it happened under Biden
      They just let it go.

    1. Sir, it’s important to recognize that in November of year 2020 Biden fraudulently “won” the us presidential election

    1. @TheBestWayOne Mmmmm. More salty Maga tears. Joe Biden. 46th President of the United States of America. Say it with me, son. It’ll get easier between sobs for you. Lol!!!

  6. So, the consensus is that stephen “ghoulie” miller is quite a piece of work. What I want to know is; is he still rocking the spray-on hair? That was Gold … GOLD!

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