1. @Jeff Bayless another delusion as l dumbacrat prices did not go up during Trump’s administration do what’s really going on their besides Bidens wreckless behaviors lmfao

    2. Have you heard of stakeholder capitalism? The whole western world is moving in that direction. Corporate top heavy wealth.Democrat or Republican it’s all the same.

    1. @Gary Campbell The Biden Presidency has certainly had its ups and downs, but then I think about who the Republicans have served up as leaders lately and I get physically ill. Are there any sane conservatives left who have the hutzpah to rein in the lunatics currently running the party?

    2. @Nanker Phelge : See, the ones you call lunatics could also be said about Pelosi, Sanders, Cortez, Omar etc. Many are not happy with girls possibly competeing against transgender biological boys in sports. Many are not happy with the constant attacks and insane proposals against the 2nd amendment. Many are not happy with writing bills that have very little to do with the title of the bill. Many are not happy with the situation on the southern border that Harris, who is supposed to be in charge of. won’t even go there (she went to the El Paso airport). Many are not happy that more money is coming out of their pocket because of the amount of inflation, especially the price of gas. Right now democrats just have too many negative things against them to survive in 2022 & 2024, especially with the people in between the coasts.

    3. GOP strategy is to spread so many lies around, nobody knows who or what to believe anymore. It makes people uncertain, and more likely to vote the way they always have. The joke is, the people who scream freedom the loudest vote away their freedom to get security.

    4. @neb the fact remains that Trump never encouraged anybody to use the vaccine or wear a mask. An important portion of the US population won’t get the shot because they feel the Don does not want them to. A lot of them won’t wear the mask either. If Trump had been honest about the virus from the time he learned how dangerous it is, then there would not be 630K + dead in the US because of it. Trump failed the American people on the crisis, let’s get that straight.

  1. Having travelled to Wisconsin, the people are way too kind, friendly, and polite to continue to be represented by such a snake.

    1. @Jerry D. He’s a paid Troll with a 2 month old account that rode the short yellow bus to Trump University! Don’t feed these Clowns

  2. Ron Johnson lost his mind and doesn’t deserve to hold his seat. A true foolish man. Hopefully he loses and we get someone who lives in reality not in Trump land.

    1. Afraid it is simpler: he is an average morally bankrupt us politician… ready to peddle any bs in order to remain in power… just an ordinary power-hore.

  3. Now Johnson is getting Laughable. He Lies Constantly, & seems a bit too comphy with Russia.
    I do hope the good people of Wisconsin Choose another Direction, Someone Less Hated.

    1. @w kahn Actually CNN was critical as hell of Biden for ending the war in Afghanistan. ALL msm was as a matter of fact. Fox News would have to be faced with lawsuits to disagree with Trump

    1. @Sandra Mattingly if you don’t have one to mention then it’s ok, but if you’re trying to imply something just say it. What attack did he incite? Name it and we’ll see how right you are by looking at what the fed says about it not CNN

  4. Lying is not being a straight shooter or someone who speaks their mind, unless of course they ARE a lowlife weasel liar.

    1. Well… given the parameters of your thesis and Ronny’s own words, guess he is a lying piece of vermin weasel. (Except, weasels have a useful purpose in nature.)

    1. Since when do conservatives care about their representatives being responsible or even educated. The more ignorant and irresponsible they are the better. The GOP has literally become the party of the benighted.

    2. It is now extremely difficult for me to view people from Wisconsin in a positive light. I mean, a majority of Wisconsinites voted for this guy, right?

    3. Joe Biden has mobilized both ice cream and child sniffing press corps for his debacle in Afghanistan. You fell for it. God.

  5. This piece sounds more like praise than it does “why voters are leaving” the man is walking talking dung

    1. Telegram app needed to watch videos of hunter, Hillary ECT ECT ECT John McAfee dropping videos of hunter Hillary ECT ECT! “Net most wanted” also a great source of real truth about jabs! Whoever you are who read this:you have just been given a spoon feeding! If you want to see the truth of symptoms of jabs! The hunter didling pedo , Hillary did things and one survived! It’s all coming out anyways you might want to see the evidence yourselves now! You now know! Audits are dropping truth of fraud everywhere! So sorry if you voted Biden too! It’s sickening to find out you have been fooled but even harder to convince people they have been fooled! NOW

    2. You’re watching CNN and talking about thinking what someone else ‘sees.’ Not even Woody Allen is that funny.

    1. Since when do conservatives care about their representatives being responsible or even educated. The more ignorant and irresponsible they are the better. The GOP has literally become the party of the benighted.

    2. I feel sorry for hos state they are naieve and believe every lie he says conned as trump has conned every person and rep in his path

  6. So self serving lies is now called “Frankness’???? We need basic civics taught in US schools. This whole trump debacle could have been prevented by high schoolers learning logic in school.

  7. “Hes telling it, as he sees it”. No, ppl, hes telling u, whatever he thinks, u want to hear. Hes lying to u about anything, he thinks, can help him politically. Thats not being frank, thats as deceitful as can be.

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