1. A sane Republican. Not just because he’s a doctor. But because he has common sense. Knows a life-saving vaccine is NOT to be politicized.

    1. Sounds to me like he still has aspirations. Erring on the lside of caution and kissing StuMp’s @ss. No up take on the vaccine. Go figue! StuMp’s disinformation project did it’s job.

    2. @Former Democrat Trump “Republicans” are NOT Republicans. People weren’t doxxed and beaten to a pulp and cities didn’t burn when the George Bush’s of the world were once a thing. CASE CLOSED!!! Trump happened because of losers who felt mocked and ignored by BOTH parties and rightfully so cause they’re all losers and that’s all they’ve ever been. There isn’t a conservative bone in their bodies. They don’t know a GOP from a GED. They don’t know bipartisan from bicycle.

    1. @Evan Milanowski it’s funny how fast you guys deflect. I don’t fucking care if you vaccinate or not, wear masks or not, social distance or not. That’s your fucking right and I support it. Idk why you need to make enemies with people who aren’t. It sounds like you’re a fucking socialist being against unregulated business decisions, like businesses deciding if they want you to wear a mask or not or require proof of vaccination. Don’t like it, don’t spend money there. That’s how it ought to be in a free market or capitalist society. Customers have no right to dictate what a business does. That’s core fucking Republican rhetoric. So that leaves us with one conclusion: you’re a Democrat.

    2. Release the transcript of the July 23 call! Biden KNEW things were going to sh*t in Afghanistan and still refused to issue a call for civilians to leave!!!

    3. But you deny the doctor saying Male and female only as science shows that?
      Common sense things right people still confused on

  2. Just lie and tell them that the shot you’re giving them is a livestock dewormer. MAGAs will be fighting each other to get in line for it.🤣

    1. @Former Democrat that exist only in your head. Trump’s presidency was a worldwide catastrophe. And even then, all the other countries couldn’t help but to laugh at his idiocy.

    2. Release the transcript of the July 23 call! Biden KNEW things were going to sh*t in Afghanistan and still refused to issue a call for civilians to leave!!!

    3. They asked Americans to leave for months. After trump released 5,000 taliban fighters as part of the so called peace deal.

  3. This guy lost because he tried to be as Trumpy as Marjorie instead of being a common sense conservative. Intelligence is frowned upon in the current Republican Party.

    1. He couldn’t help himself. He mentioned the orange man more times than the vacinne. Sad that’s why he is insignificant even though he has more sense than the average GQP.

    2. @Tom Edwards – Bigotry is not just racism though. It’s any irrational hatred of a group of folk. Folk in another social class, say.

    3. @Your Daily Dose no joke, I get flattered whenever I get called a bigot, it’s confirmation that I’m on the right track. 😉

    4. Release the transcript of the July 23 call! Biden KNEW things were going to sh*t in Afghanistan and still refused to issue a call for civilians to leave!!!

    1. @Peter Bills What about Sweden. They are in full swing with a vaccination program; % of Population Fully Vaccinated 57.18%

    2. @Peter Bills Where is your data?
      Denmark; Fully vaccinated 72%, average 1000 new cases per day for the last 3 weeks and only 12% of them have received first or second shot, there are only 135 hospitalized in the last three weeks, deaths per week are below 5.

    3. @vita pedrus Not getting vaccinated is becoming like playing Russian Roulette. With a hand grenade that takes out people all around you as well.
      But red staters don’t get upset because the bombers yell “MY BODY MY CHOICE” instead of “ALLAHU AKBAR”. 🤷‍♂️

    4. @Billy Larson Interesting that the cdc says that that vaccinated aren’t considered vaccinated until 14 days after. So when someone dies or is hospitalized from the jab they are considered unvaxxed. Wake up.

    1. Don’t paint the whole damn state with one big moron brush. I’m from Georgia and proud to say we turned the state BLUE in the last election, adding two smart Democrat U.S. Senators. MTG represents a rural area — while Atlanta, growing more influential by the year, leans heavily BLUE. It’s the home of many Fortune 100 companies (like Coca-Cola and Delta), and has become Hollywood-SouthEast, third behind LA and NY in TV/film production. Lots of big name stars have purchased homes in the area because of this. The reality is, the new, hip, Southern Hollywood will only tolerate GOP nonsense up to a point, after which they will threaten to take their business (amounting to billions in revenue, thousands of jobs) elsewhere. There simply is no place in Georgia for MTG’s brand of lobotomized GOP politics. I mean, if you’re a rising Georgia GOP star under 40, would you rather be pals with Marjorie Taylor Greene or Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson?

  4. Vote with caution, and consider the candidate’s background, character, viewpoints, and contributions. We’ve got enough lunatics folks 😂

    1. Release the transcript of the July 23 call! Biden KNEW things were going to sh*t in Afghanistan and still refused to issue a call for civilians to leave!!!

  5. Option 1 : Highly trained medical professional who cares about his people.

    Option 2 : Crackhead Barbie.

    1. Release the transcript of the July 23 call! Biden KNEW things were going to sh*t in Afghanistan and still refused to issue a call for civilians to leave!!!

    2. One says only Male and female in nature and the other says you can be anything you want… what option did science pick ?

    3. @Felicia Walker Sarcasm like a doctor saying science says get a shot but no science for a Male and female only world ?

      Sarcasm right as now men have abortion rights. No science but people can give birth right ?
      Cherry pick science like a good simp

  6. He mentioned “life raft”, which reminds me of the story of the man trapped on his roof during a flood and he declined rescue from two boats and a helicopter putting his faith in God. After death the man asked God why He didn’t save him. God answered “I sent you two boats and a helicopter.” God has sent us three vaccines. Hop into the lifeboat like the good doctor(s) have said.

  7. I mean kudos for his altruism, but there’s no hope for changing those peoples’ minds. Well, saying they have minds is kind of a stretch.

    1. “The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

    1. @plgeorge1000 what ever. Maybe you two should hook up. I am Male and married to my 73 year old Vietnamese wife. If that was to insult me, it didn’t work.

    2. @The Globalist Channel It is not illegal in the United States of America to be a Communist. The Communist party exists here. There have been famous Hollywood actors/actresses who were admitted Communists (Jane Fonda for instance) and nothing happened to them. In fact the First Amendment of the US Constitution forbids making laws that prohibit Free Speech: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

  8. The only thing Trump got right was the vaccine and it’s the only thing his crowd booed him for. Hillary was so polite calling them deplorable.

    1. Release the transcript of the July 23 call! Biden KNEW things were going to sh*t in Afghanistan and still refused to issue a call for civilians to leave!!!

    2. @Candy Candy thank you, nothing to do with the vaccine he just put pressure on the labs to speed up the process

    3. Mrs. Clinton called only 1/2 of them “deplorable”. Reality has shown us that Mrs. Clinton’s statement of fact has been verified many times in the past 5 years. Mrs. Clinton was not “name calling”, she was just being accurately descriptive.

      In spite of Mrs. Clinton’s descriptive accuracy, “We, the people” elected Mrs. Clinton to be prez by a margin of 3-million votes, in 2016.
      DJ Trump was GIVEN the presidency via the “welfare benefit” for terrorists(slavers) in the USA Constitution, the Electoral College.

    1. What is even more astounding is how a neurosurgeon could possibly even be a GOP candidate or party member given the obvious serial lies, corruption, lack of any policy, etc by the GOP party. He should be embarrassed to even associate himself with a corrupt criminal organization of incompetents like the current GOP.

    2. Anyone that uses the word PROVEN to describe a scientific study is a quack. Nothing is proven and he is doing that to lie and cater to simple minds. You can use words like there is a strong indication, the evidence suggests…etc. they are both bad candidates and narcissistic liars.

    1. @Gregory Beale you are not going to any public school without being vaccinated!! You were given many vaccine and you are still here to make asinine comments about fear!!!
      YOU VACCINATED PERSON!!! The hypocrisies drives me……!!

  9. If you don’t get vaccinated because you “did your research” then don’t go to the hospital when you get sick.

    1. @RC Flyer ? I’m left wing. I don’t like Trump, but I’m not going to blindly follow a Democrat and look the other way or make up excuses for the garbage they do. This vaccine thing is preposterous.

    2. @Jil Pok new account, no content. Convince me you’re real and that you understand math well enough to see that 100%, 88%, and 0% are different numbers and I’ll explain.

    3. @Margaret Wordnerd How about you answer the question. Since I am so uneducated as you suggest then perhaps you can explain to me why you keep saying that vaccinated medical staff getting covid is such a huge risk and that the best option is to k¡|| the unvaccinated. What’s the point of getting vaccinated then if vaccinated people are at such huge risk of catching it.

  10. The GOP chose Marjorie Taylor.Greene as their candidate when the other option was a neurosurgeon? There’s your problem.

    1. @T.A. ACKERMAN No, there was a medical doctor running against her, but from what he says, her “kinfolk” ran him out of town. I can see her and her ilk threatening her opponent.

  11. It’s commendable that he at least tried. I have to disagree with his opinion of the float ability of Trumps life rafts. He poked holes in them before trying to set them afloat.

    1. I mean, you’re not wrong on that last part.

      Personally, I have zero trust for Trump. And not for the same reasons as most. He successfully broke the Republican party in half as the left wing media continuously disgraced right wingers. Leaving left wing media to be the sole source of information and truth. I don’t think he ever intended to be a healthy option for the right.

  12. Neurosurgeon: “I operated on a lot of the people there”,
    Casual Observer: _??? MTG supporters needing brain surgery – figures_

  13. This guy literally said “I think everyone understands the importance of vaccination” while discussing that he held a vaccine clinic at a rally of the unvaccinated where no one got a vaccination.

  14. *”If they trust me to operate on their brain and spine, I would hope they would trust me to give them a safe and proven vaccine.”* — Best Quote ever from a doctor. To bad people are so immune to logic.

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