1. @Borrowed Truths The Civil War proves what you say is true. And if you have human DNA we are brothers. That a fact, if you believe it or not. You are human right?

    2. @Puddles Meister Bro, the Taliban are the majority of the Afghan people. The US supported and finance then in their war against Russia. So, what are you trying to say? You sound stupid.

    3. @Ronald McGill The Macedonian wars prove what I say is true, human nature proves it, what we don’t agree with, we have a tendency to belittle and attack, it has to do with pride. Debate has been lowered to such an extreme among mankind that innuendo and the undertones of intimidation have taken it’s place. As for the “bro’s” part, I don’t say veggies either, they’re vegetables, but I understand you intonation.

  1. While I’m here, everyone keep my big brother, SSg. Raymond T. Morgan, and his unit in your thoughts. They are down south Louisiana right now, helping these Natural disaster Victims. This is the same unit that went down and spent 6 months there for Katrina. What most don’t know about that is, they had just gotten back from a year long deployment to Afghanistan, 48 hours before that, when they got that call. Thank your Troops when you see them. They show up for you, no matter what! 💜

    1. What are thots going to do what you need to ask for his prior honestly apart from Jesus Christ we can do nothing apart from Jesus Christ we have no Supernatural strength apart from Jesus Christ we can’t see Miracles apart from Jesus Christ we have no guidance Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life that he’s super naturally help your family may be supernaturally have all who are dealing with the troubles in the Afghan and draft a flooded places and throughout America may Jesus Christ Our People to stand up

    2. @sanjaybhosle10 Wow… You guys are having a ball feigning all this outrage. If only you cared this much when Trump was screwing up.

    1. Diversions and deceptions, keep the masses pitted against each other. It has always worked. Take a break from it, click on that red icon to the left there, watch a short video or two, leave a comment, if you want to.

    2. @Doran Vee were you sick of the last administration printing more money in 2020 than the whole existence of the FED being established promptingup the economy? Or were you silent, with your Selective Outrage? 🤫

    3. @Doran Vee debunked by who? Cult45er’s that just call everything Fake News they don’t agree with? 🤣🤣🤣🇺🇲🇺🇲🐑🐑😷😷🧻🪠🤫

    1. Diversions and deceptions, keep the masses pitted against each other. It has always worked. Take a break from it, click on that red icon to the left there, watch a short video or two, leave a comment, if you want to.

    2. @real really

      What about the trump supporter who shot his two infant children in the heart with a spear fishing gun?

    3. @real really
      Whats your grandpa do, mine owns Blue Ridge paper and eats lunch from time to time with President Biden at the core club in
      new york!

    1. @William Barr they live on twitch tbh. The hassans. The rich millionaires who cry about everything well doing the opposite of what they preach

    2. I’d seriously be kinda scared if Biden and CNN realized ppl weren’t blindly agreeing with them anymore, you see how Democrats are with ANY criticism. they become scared they’re going to lose the power they’re so used to now, and I wouldn’t put it past them to do something drastic to keep that power. notice how every time they create a legislation and it isn’t passed with 100 percent support, they call to eliminate the checks & balances in our gov’t? they’re looking for “legal” ways to keep power within their grip, while rolling around calling anyone that disagrees a “traitor” and “enemy of democracy” and blah blah.

    3. @Bart Simpson are you a bot? this creature is literally saying the same exact thing on every single comment. not sure if they’re a bot/troll, or if they just realize that’s the best way to get attention


    1. The longer the evil stupid president in power, the more destruction US will get. Bring Biden down as soos as possible. Kamala Haris is not good choice but better than the worst.

    2. @Thereal 1 Trump never make thousands of American people lost their jobs and give weapon to terorist organisation and left behind American in the land of terorist organisation. Taliban not only terorist but drug cartel also.

    3. they’re waiting for Queen Pelosi’s fake investigation results, that’s all. then they’ll have “official” confirmation that orange man bad, orange man definitely very bad. watch the furor when they’re released though…. after watching all those same ppl ignoring literally every single other investigation’s results that have been released lmao it will be hilarious watching how angry Queen Pelosi gets when ppl ignore her results like she has ignored everyone else’s.

  2. Man these people are so sick how can they sit there and lie with a straight face on don’t they realize they’re destroying their own country that they live in that, their children will inherit

    1. @Doran Vee smh. There’s no way to get through talking to a republican.
      Have a good rest of the day. Peace out

    1. @Full of hell

      why dont you go to mar-Q-lago and see if they will let you in and see if traitor trump will let you sit on his lap lol

    1. Don’t let cnn forget the names of the four marines that died while they are still worrying about Trump and his staff.
      Marine Corps Lance Cpl. David L. Espinoza, 20, of Rio Bravo, Texas

      Marine Corps Sgt. Nicole L. Gee, 23, of Sacramento, Calif.

      Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Darin T. Hoover, 31, of Salt Lake City

      Army Staff Sgt. Ryan C. Knauss, 23, of Corryton, Tenn.

      Marine Corps Cpl. Hunter Lopez, 22, of Indio, Calif.
      Biden let this happened and cnn and Jimmy Kimmel and msnbc and Jimmy Fallon haven’t said one word about them
      Smh they are a disgrace and agenda driving

    2. FRAUD elections happened and grandpa grandma and children murdered by jabs! Plandemic used to muzzle truth! CNN msmedia you all are held accountable for your constant lies! Took joe Biden, telegram app needed to see 👀👀👀 the video of hunter lab top of didling! Your all going DOWN! Patriots are not Playing and they will be bringing justice to all INVOLVED! Better to tell truth now is not your time to double down on your lies! “Telegram app needed to watch videos @John McAfee! NOW YOU ALL CAN 👀FOR YOURSELVes! Stay in STUPOR or simply watch the evidence! Plus Audits here audits there audits audits everywhere exposing who are all INVOLVED! They have everything! REPENT tell what you did and KNOW if you too will not get mercy! So sad 😢! You have lost your no to minds!

  3. CNN;..” To finally have a President with such grace and it just seems a peace has come over everything.” 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Get ready.. Joe just funded your next 9-ll

    1. 85 billion in our best military equipment. Americans can’t get it but the POS Biden gives it to Taliban
      *Thrown the bum Biden out before he hands the keys of WH to Iran or Taliban, etc!*

    2. well, have you not realized yet that Dems can’t govern or run the country without a crisis happening? if there isn’t some sort or crises going on at all times, ppl pay attention to the fact Dems are ridiculously incompetent at running the nation. and we can’t have all that, they have to be the hero of every story. Dems are the “good” in the world apparently, and anyone who disagrees with them are the “evil” that’s destroying the universe. that’s how they stay so self-righteous.

    3. @Ohio Against The World Great response! Absolutely true. What else to expect from the party of the lying, thieving, fraud loving, race-baiting, immoral, godless, America hating, leftists, liars, communist, baby-killers

    1. @Michael Dennis Tooley that’s the difference with you and the right. We don’t wish death on people and enjoy it because we are not god. You are not morally better you’re worse. And nasty.

    2. @Slothy I’m not wishing death on anybody and I wish you a blessed day. Just a little sarcasm about my Republican friends in their favorite quote ✌️🇺🇲

  4. “I accept full responsibility! The buck stops with me!……………………….Now let me tell you how all of this was Trump’s fault” – J Biden

    1. @the abyss stares also you’re still crying about orange man “negotiating” with the Taliban… after Old Joe gives the Taliban a literal hit-list of American citizens and Afghan allies still in Afghanistan.

    2. @Ohio Against The World none of that is true. There was no hot list, and the Afghans failed to defend their own country. I know y’all aren’t smart enough to look into anything, but you really should try

    3. @Francis Peter Trump is not the President he can’t be held accountable for the botched withdrawal under Bidens watch. Speaking of Bidens watch he looked at it several times during 1 minute silence for 13 service members who got killed. This guy doesn’t even care and now Pelosi has blocked those 13 servicemen names from being mentioned in Congress she’s plain evil that woman how can you support people like that

    4. this place is pathetic. it won’t let you give a single site of a single thing that makes Biden look bad. what a fuxking pathetic “media” site, who specifically whines about everyone else giving misinformation

    5. @Ohio Against The World CNN heavily criticized Biden over the way the withdrawal was conducted…what are you talking about?

  5. “Growth” from the disaster democrats caused closing the nation down. Still not back to where we were in 2019 under your nemesis

    1. Biden trys to prop up economy by passing bills leaving your grandchildren’s grandchildren in debt. *Trump unleashed the economy and put in pro-America growth plan.*
      Big difference!

  6. Biden: “Phew…thank goodness for Hurricane Ida, now maybe everybody will forget about my Afghanistan screw up, and see me walking the streets in Louisiana…and everybody will like me again.”

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