Steve Bannon reacts to Trump’s ‘major announcement’

CNN political analysts John Avlon and Errol Louis join "CNN This Morning" to discuss former President Donald Trump's announcement he is selling digital trading cards. #CNN #News


    1. If SNL had done this whole Trump trading cards as a skit, people would have said, that it was just TOO crazy and unrealistic.

    1. Report yourself you Luciferian Commie NAZI Death Cult member. We can deprogram you, all you have to do is ask. It might be safer for you since 5 of your ANTIFA NAZI brethren were just busted in Georgia for getting caught planning to attack a new police training facility. NAZI’s do what NAZI’s do…

    1. at this rate, there won’t be any more history books, just elders teaching young survivors about “the before times” with etchings on cave walls.

    2. On a positive note you’ve provided us years of drama and entertainment. Plus we’ve learned about legal processes, the drawn out US election processes, lobby group influence, the vulnerabilities of democracy and the how bad option news is in the 21st century. So thanks!

  1. Once Trump realizes everyone is laughing at him, he’ll say this was intended as a joke. Meanwhile, Elon thinks they’re cool and is already working on his own…

    1. @Me Me ‘AKA’ “The Phenom” doubtful. If true there are multiple suckers born every minute, and for everyone of them there is a con waiting to take their money.

    1. That’s because he doesn’t know yet that Trump is going to launch a whole line toys called The Trumpie Patrol that will include Bannon as as one of the characters.

    2. I would be amazed if Trump were able to sell more than 5 of those NFTs. He ain’t making anything for it either, he’s just showing his desperation for all to see without even making a thousand bucks off of it.

  2. In real cards now: the Trump card will be referred to as “you’re cheating” or house rule, let’s just agree if you play the Trump Card, you lose.

    1. @Annie Juan “the stated economic and governmental ”goals” of Marxism and Fascism are in fact identical” flunked poly sci 101. Don’t waste any money on higher ed

    2. @Biden is Garbage Well, it’s difficult to “cry harder” when one is laughing at Trump’s image on those traitor, I mean, trading cards.

    3. Well, they’re probably already printing the Bill Barr card that says “Get Trump out of jail free.” I wonder if Garland’s planning on a similar card for himself.

    4. i would pay $99.00 for a brett favre signed card but mr trumps worthless trash digital trading cards are not worth $99.00 they worth zero.

  3. I’ll say this. Trump’s baseball card speech.
    That’s 100 percent World wide pure comedy in every language in every country and a wonderfully great laugh.

    1. This has gone global. Who in God’s name thought this was a good idea.As if he wasn’t embarrassing enough before, this is a new low even for Trump.

    2. @Biden is Garbage LoL. TRUMP = THE BIGGEST LOSER!!! EVER!!!! There has NEVER been a BIGGER LOSER than Trump. Except those who STILL fall for his carpet-bagger two-bit huckster snake-oil salesman tricks. Well, THERE IS A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE. And YOU are one of them!!! LoL. HAHAHAHAHAHHAA

    1. @Swan quarter waterman All talk, no action. You must not be a true DT supporter if you can’t afford to buy at least 6 of his cards! Only the real DT supporters will help him out and buy his cards!

    2. @Doug Not my cup of tea, but a bug and sell looked like it would work. Some same it’s a grift, would have to be for the new buyers if $99 is worth more now.

  4. The fact that this is an actual thing rather than some kind of SNL parody or trolling against Trump’s campaign, is beyond surreal.

    1. @Lawn Chair Oh you mean the b******* you saw on CNN sure taking words out of context again and again but that’s why they talk about him all the time every night what home gardening Network and Comedy Central get 10 times the Primetime viewership CNN no yeah God is good yeah oh that’s why they got rid of everybody but the silver hair CIA plant

    2. @Biden is Garbage his idiocy is mesmerizing…wouldn’t you agree? Digital trading cards? Better than Lincoln and Washington? LMFAO

    3. @Chief Scalpalot
      – The “pro-freedom right” believes in imprisoning people for minuscule crimes – to make a point (which is why the US has the most amount of citizens in prison).
      – The “pro-freedom right” called for all Muslims to be put on a registry.
      -The “pro-freedom right” called for laws that people of color in AZ should have to carry their papers on them (like Hitler did)
      – The “pro-freedom right” ACTUALLY has neo-Nazis within.
      – The “pro-freedom right” STILL waves the confederate flag that was waved to keep people in slavery because it was their “right” too.

      The socialism the Left calls for is that of MODERN DAY northern and western Europe –


      – Regulations on businesses that try to enslave citizens with long hours, low pay, and little to no benefits AND Businesses that enslave people with dept through predatory lending practices.

      – Healthcare for ALL (not just pure white germans)

      – Further education for ALL.

      – RELEASE of those incarcerated for BS crimes……….

      The right, just scream freedom the loudest so you pay attention to them. They make you angry, so angry you start thinking YEAH – we need to lock more people up, check for papers, and demand who the president is by force.

  5. The fact that Bannon still calls him the greatest president in history after all this is just baffling. This is exactly why Trump really sees himself like this.

  6. It’s sad when Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, Valiant Comics; as well as Panini America, Topps and Upper Deck trading card companies, who are competitors, collectively issue a press release advising readers and collectors that neither of them had anything to do with this and would never, under any circumstances do such a thing to children!

  7. It’s already playing in my head…
    Trump being led into a courtroom, while wearing bedroom slippers and a superhero cape draped around his shoulders.

    What judge would allow that court case to resume? 😂🤣😂

    1. @Pat Colin That makes as much sense as your woke liberal creepy friends believe that a boy can be a girl and men can get pregnant

    2. @Richie Tavarez Uhh….you make no sense…
      I don’t live in the MAGA make believe world, so if you can’t communicate in the real world…go away.

  8. At this point, he’s no longer trying to grasp onto power, but grasp onto relevance. And the absolute worst thing that could happen to him is now happening: people – including his own sycophants – are laughing at him. I love it!

    1. @Belly Dancer Em Heh. Not gonna happen. Y’all have been worshiping rich A-holes time out of mind, so they live in a consequence-free world and even an utter dolt like Trump knows it.

    2. Trump’s ALWAYS been something to laugh at. Only Republicans could have marched behind such a Pied Piper of Lies and Bullshit.

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