Steve Kornacki Examines Districts Of House Republicans Who Voted To Impeach | Ayman Mohyeldin 1

Steve Kornacki Examines Districts Of House Republicans Who Voted To Impeach | Ayman Mohyeldin


NBC News' Steve Kornacki breaks down the political leanings of the districts of ten House Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump. Aired on 01/14/2021.
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Steve Kornacki Examines Districts Of House Republicans Who Voted To Impeach | Ayman Mohyeldin


    1. @James brooke Everything you mentioned are all reasons for why McConnell may vote yes.
      The question still remains….

      Will he?

    2. @Pestilentruth Nah, the real Republicans, the genuine conservatives, voted to impeach. The pathetic frauds, who coddle deluded insurrectionists, are the ones who refused to vote for it.

    3. @Jillian Copeland A second impeachment won’t stop him from running again. But, the Senate can vote to disqualify him from ever running again, with just a majority vote, which they should be able to get.

    4. A lot may be uncovered between now and the impeachment vote. If Trump in any way communicated with Russia and got support from them for the Capitol riots, for example, he is done. Not just impeached, but likely going to court for sedition and treason.

    5. Now you know why Donald Trump picked the Republican party to run for president. He knew who they were and he knew that he could make them his sheep that would follow him blindly… now that is so sad ….Trump is very good at feeling out people who are easy marks… all you have to do is just give them one thing they want mixed with a ton of fear and brainwashing…… bam..Trump dynasty..

    1. @Pestilentruth he will absolutely do better. It would be almost impossible to do a worse job than your sacred POS leader.

    2. @Pestilentruth I don’t think Biden will get impeached more than twice. More than Trump’s 2. I’ll bet on that.

    1. @ayoungethan I got hairy legs,that,that,that,that,that turn blonde in the sun and kids would rub my legs and jump on my lap and that taught me about roaches! Corn Pop was a bad dude and he ran with some bad boys! Obama was the first clean intelligent black man!

  1. A party is NOT a army unit, they may and should decide using their moral and mind.
    It is a pity that not more that 10 had courage!

    1. I do completely understand they are scared for there lives but if they would all come together the people will see he was wrong and mabey finally think for themselves I can’t believe how out of hand this has gotten over one man that’s “president” his jumpsuit will match his skin color soon

    2. and I think the Freedom Caucus gathered signatures to force her to resign. She was like “F YOU!” The GOP wants unity by forcing someone to resign bc they have morals…SMH

  2. Where do we live when ” we get reimbursed for body armor ” is a statement from a representative? oh my god!

    1. Look… now is _not_ the time to talk about gun control. We need to wait for all the evidence and then we can have this conversation when emotions come down. Now is a time to come together in unity.

  3. If your vote wasn’t on the impeachment, your not getting re-elected. I’m making sure my grandchildren are going to know the names of who the traitors were.

  4. Please let Steve know that, personally, I’m fine if he ever wants to wear different trousers. Love the man.

  5. “You should resign, you didn’t follow everyone else in the vote” smh when people that call other people sheep expect their own lawmakers to be sheeps.

  6. Trump was caught screaming in an envelope. He was trying to send a voice mail!….Lost without Twitter!

    1. it was far beyond asking to. they threatened her. but her response was like hot chocolate on a cold day. she nailed it!

  7. Steve like his job. He’s jumping about, pointing here, pointing there, talking excitedly. Steve is a good employee!

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