Steve Rattner: With MGM Purchase, Amazon Makes A Clear Statement 1

Steve Rattner: With MGM Purchase, Amazon Makes A Clear Statement


Amazon said Wednesday that it has struck a deal to acquire the historic movie studio MGM for $8.5 billion. Morning Joe economy analyst Steve Rattner discusses the merger and the streaming landscape.

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Steve Rattner: With MGM Purchase, Amazon Makes A Clear Statement


  1. Amazon is buying everything and making tons of profit yet underpaying their employees…something very wrong with this picture

    1. Don’t look at the big picture too hard, you’ll start see it’s a little bit of an illusion.

    2. Ony in America. They pay taxes and give decent wages in Europe cause Europeans demanded it. But then again… they are the “Socialists”… see the “Indoctrination” in America? Bezos MEGA YACHTS are off the back of Americans.

    3. Actually Amazon pays a minimum wage of $15 per hour for unskilled workers. They also allow you to more or less make your own hours with plenty of overtime for the hustlers. Try something else because your argument has to make sense.

  2. British chick asking how they can lock ppl in to make sure the mega corporations get fed is truly grotesque. The unabashed greed is disgusting. Bundles & contracts to lock ppl in a year at a time are right around the corner.

  3. I only see MSNBC using YT / the Web… I would not even think about getting an abo for a TV Channel… There simply is no benefit in it. I would more easily pay Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers or John Oliver to bring me news nicely summed up and presented, than some experts who do their rounds on the shows, mainly being busy with themselves being important… and maybe sell a book or 5.

  4. Can’t wait to see all the heartwarming tales about billionaires saving the world from aliens, billionaires finding true love with a ‘normal’ person, billionaires funding the world and saving us all with tech and iDeAs.

  5. I haven’t had a “TV” in more than a decade, and I’m 45. These guys are just behind the times.

    1. Cable TV would already be toast, except for pro-sports. The leagues are all afraid of the internet (still) and losing revenue to piracy. Killed my cable bill 15 years ago and haven’t found any reason to get it back (Used to be a big sports fan, too many fixed games, cheaters. Why pay to watch them cheat?)

  6. Capitalism isn’t in the public interest.
    How are we going to have a Democracy with a few Plutocrats owning the media outlets?

  7. I have the Hulu bundle with Disney/ESPN. Combined with my $20 a month internet, I spend far less than having cable

  8. I love to see former industry leaders scrambling to adapt to a world that grew tires of being abused and quit playing their game. When I bought my first house about 15 years ago, I didn’t get cable initially while I adapted to the new expenses of home ownership. By the time I could afford cable, I found the asking price far too high for the value it offered. I’ve only had an internet connection since, and can’t imagine ever paying for broadcast/cable TV again. Good riddance. Now only if we, as a society, could do the same for a number of other industries.

    1. Streaming services are cable. Nothing has changed except maybe a 3 choices instead on 1.

    2. @Joseph Davidson YouTube is a streaming service. I don’t pay for it. I subscribe to a few specialized services like Curiosity Stream, Nebula, etc. and don’t think I pay more than $60 total – PER YEAR. And with streaming services, you can switch services at a moment’s notice, there’s no hardware or long contracts involved. Definitely *unlike* cable in many, many significant ways.

  9. eh well, you get Prime video with a Prime membership for free shipping, so, not sure how fairly that one stacks.

  10. I finally convinced my husband to drop cable entirely. We’re still stuck with their internet but we haven’t had a land line in over a decade.

  11. 2:30 He really showed his ignorance with how far he took that statistic out of context. I bet he doesn’t even know what years millennials were born

  12. Funny story about the grand when he was 2 we watched cable tv at my home then. Commercial came on and he had a fit that I turned his show off. That was when I realized he had never watched cable before.

  13. TV is just mindless entertainment for me, and for that purpose pro wrestling is more than sufficient to the task. Plus it’s free.

  14. Enjoy your choices and low prices while you can, the investment being made by these streaming services is just that, an investment. Resulting in higher cost and lower reliability in all facets, such as WIFI, computers and streaming services. Wait for it, wait for it Gotcha…Just sayin’

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