Steve Schmidt Calls Trump ‘The Second President Of The Confederacy’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Trump continuing to throw fuel on the fire as the fight against racial injustice wages on, forces Republicans to face their political reality. Aired on 06/10/2020.
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Steve Schmidt Calls Trump ‘The Second President Of The Confederacy’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. Not completely so, there may be other reasons. Maybe they like living under a kakistocracy, or suffer from hypoxemia do to being obsequious to the degree that Trump’s butt is raw.

  1. This is the result of stupid America finally outnumbering intelligent logical America. 😞 The results are tragic.

    1. @Jim H Are you kidding me? What do you think about Congress members and presidential advisors having dual citizenship making our laws?

    2. @Elliejay Jay I have never been more serious. The future of this country depends on all the smart people taking it back and keeping it. Sounds crass but it is better than having another Trump in the future. Blahhhhh!

    3. OMG How brain dead are Dem voters??? The USA is split down the middle. Red States and Blue States… but the only states and cities that are burning and akin to third world nations are the BLUE states….. and Dems are proud of this???? And that is why there is so much poverty and violence in black neighbourhoods. Because it is exactly what Democrat leaders enjoy and thrive on. So sad.

      TRUMP 2020 or America will burn to the ground under the race hating Dems. History books will not be kind to the current Dem Party.

    1. @David Israel
      Question. Where was ” the President ” at Charlottsville? And we all know that the looters and the protesters just happened to be in the same place for 2 separate reasons.
      Trump, and you conveniently lump them together. To deflect from the REASON this happened in the first place. These marches all over the world now, are because people are SICK and TIRED of white police killing Black people. Deflect if you want. But this movement will not be deflected on or Stopped this time! Either treat human beings as such, or justify brutality at your peril. No one wins if America is torn apart over this.

    2. @Evelyn Brown LOL _ No need to appear to be hostile. Then again you do not come across as someone who served in the military. And believes donal is a traitor for defending putin.

    3. @P Lo anyone mentions Russia, i immediately think Zionist shill. People have dual citizenship in our congress and advise our presidents for decades, not Russians.

    4. @Evelyn Brown I am not Jesus nor do I presume to be. Since I came to know Jesus as a Jew I was sent out by my black pastor to be an Evangelist to all people. I pray the best for you and the president both of which I believe wish the best for
      America, and all people in amazing grace with thanks..

  2. So sad to see the once great USA being dragged through the mud by this insane president. But there is hope come November.

    1. @Registered RepublicanThe problem is all yours. Well if you do I hope you have seen a doctor.

    2. @Registered Republican learn to spell…. then you may learn to comprehend… and then you may learn to think for yourself… and then you ‘may’ learn about that great GIG in the sky.

    3. @Michael Dodds it is impossible to prove to someone who refuses to accept the truth. Millions testify to knowing Jesus as our best friend..see youtube why would I lie, as a Jew it cost me my inheritance, to a Muslim it can cost their life, but we cant deny reality. Yet, I was once like you and missing the joy of salvation, so I do understand.

    1. I am seriously worried about you people. Clearly you have been brainwashed by media that has been taken over by communist parties. Your school systems have also been hijacked by radical progressive fascist educators. You have an inverted reality about what fascism means.
      5 reasons why Trump is not fascist.
      A fascist believes the nation is more important than the people.
      A fascist believes that the national membership must consist of a certain religion or race.
      Fascist believe that capitalism is wrong and that socialist state intervention is needed at all costs.
      Fascists also believe in anti liberalism and individualism, individual rights, and pluralism.
      Lastly, fascism believes violence is a means to an end. Not to reform, but to destroy the modern world.
      Trump is clearly none of these things, but your progressive ideologies…where do they fit here?

    2. OMG How brain dead are Dem voters??? The USA is split down the middle. Red States and Blue States… but the only states and cities that are burning and akin to third world nations are the BLUE states….. and Dems are proud of this???? And that is why there is so much poverty and violence in black neighbourhoods. Because it is exactly what Democrat leaders enjoy and thrive on. So sad.

      TRUMP 2020 or America will burn to the ground under the race hating Dems. History books will not be kind to the current Dem Party.

  3. Bunker Boy’s dad was a part of KKK what did everyone expect. The Apple don’t fall from the tree

    1. @Don Iguana I have been married to my wife now for almost 6 years! It will 6 years on june 19 ironically ( she is black I am white) and also a GED has nothing to do with how smart I am clearly there are people who got theirs and a lot of good it has done them… Still just as ignorant!

    1. How many people were hurt from the armed protests in Wisconsin compared to the “peaceful” black lives matter one???

    2. Swerven nobody was hurt by the peaceful protesters. Plenty of people were hurt by rioters and by cops. The fact that you refuse to differentiate between the two shows me that you’re not being sincere and willing to further oppress people who are standing up for their civil rights. Civil rights protected under the constitution.

    3. Kenneth Holler People have the right to peacefully protest, I agree. How many people actually were being peaceful though? Like I said, this protest has killed more black lives than the cops in Minneapolis. BLM refuse to address actually issues that affect their communities. Funny how they don’t address black on black crime and the culture that is destroying their communities. They couldn’t even pick a decent person to protest about, George Floyd was a thug.

    4. what about free speach.I saw kids trying to speak.they got gassed.don’t forget world has seen this.

    1. geeetube – Do you have to cut the eye holes in your hoods yourself, or do they come with them?

    2. @lenspaulding wow it’s clear you have no idea if the virus mutated then it would be name something different or else it would still just be covid-19 no matter what year it is if it was the same unmutated virus, and you’re clearly misinformed about a lot of the other stuff you were going on and on about

    3. @Tommy Buswell 👏👏👏👏👏 good job trying to spread a little knowledge to that poor little 🐑

    4. @Skankhunt36 Well, I’ve got fuckall else to do, I can’t telework so I sit on my porch, smoking and debating with trumpists online. 2020, best year ever.🤯

    5. Tommy do you buzz well? get amazing grace and some of His truth. mantra’s are the names of India’s god’s, who aren’t responsible because they don’t have true authority…

  4. When are we going to start talking about how WE THEPEOPLE are going to punish the trump’s after we get them out of the WH?

    1. @Paul Blair
      Paul Today he said ” if I loose I’ll just go do something else” I am afraid the trumps will get away like Nixon did. And Nixon didn’t do anything compared to trump. I would like to see him/them in jail. or at least stripped of their citizenship and money then kicked out of the country!
      Or HUNG.

    1. MJT YES! I’ve thought that for some time. Or at least, a sadist. The almost sexual relish with which he talked about graphic violence towards his ‘enemies’, whether protestors at his rallies, or hostile nations – he almost drools. He savours the violent words. You can see he is picturing it in his mind. Like he longs to commit the violence himself, but he’s too much of a coward, so can only urge or (now he’s POTUS) order someone else to do it on his behalf. I’ve long thought this was the mot dangerous thing about Trump. He’s a sadist, and will long to enjoy inflicting the violence himself, while he has power as supreme commander.

    2. @Hanny Hawkins and if the dirt the Russians have on him is true, then yeah, a confirmed card-carrying sadist. SICK.

    3. MJT Yes, it is sick. He is sick. And the way he talks about violence, almost drooling with pleasure, makes me sick.

  5. Every time the republicans have a president the people America owe more, have less, and get their rights trampled!

    1. @Logan Skiwyse ty I am into Jesus my best friend, ok ikr! He came as a liberal conservative. I pay Ceasar and am not that into politics of yesterday, and I believe in helping others liberally but ‘if you refuse to work, you need Jesus salvation not to be lazy.’

    2. Julius Robinson art was and is the slave party. In the past they owned people, now they just use welfare. Wise up.

    3. @David Israel
      You’re a troll..just letting you know that l am officially ignoring your poison .

  6. Reasonable people of whatever color know when something is rotten and need fixing. It is not rocket science.

    1. Yeah we can smell the swamp from here. Drain the ****. Start with everybody connected to Epstein. And then every governor who took away our freedoms and locked us down into a totalitarian state, claiming it was to save lives, but then supported public protesting during the shutdown.

  7. One good thing for me about Trump, is that he makes it perfectly clear he doesn’t want to represent the American people.

    1. I like all people of all ethnicities and believe we all deserve a voice. I don’t go to church for the same reason I don’t go to college or get all my info from MSM…they all want to pigeonhole you and make you narrowminded and intolerant of people who disagree with you. And youre only proving my point by saying that he doesnt like those who support him. You’re still on the very impractical assumption that he couldn’t have won the election by appealing to very real demand for somebody who was antiestablishment. The MSM won’t broach the subject, bc it would require that they admit they were wrong and are fallible. Not good for business when your business model is to tell people what to think about and how to think about it. So instead they spent 4 years drumming up drama about how he cheated and he’s a criminal. Um, guess what. So is every other Pres. Ask Noam Chomsky (a liberal professor)…see the video “the crimes of US presidents”.

      PS: you sound like a conspiracy theorist with this N Korea 2.0 stuff. What are you even talking about? If you don’t like the US, you can leave. But if the whole world becomes North Korea 2.0, like China wants (and the billonaires and many western leftist politicians are helping them get), you won’t be able to get away. So ask yourself which of the 2 evils you want to support. What is this grand conspiracy to turn the country into a totalitarian state?

    2. @Dave Ponsford
      Your witty reference cracked me up.
      It has been made “perfectly clear!”

    1. And Admiral Byrd? And George floyd mugging a pregnant woman with a gun? oh yeah, SOME people are exempt from your logic

    2. @Jon Bays WTF are you talking about? What logic? I posted a quote. You’re a f#@%ing nutcase.

  8. Treasonous Trump showing his love for the racist treasonous confederate generals of the past. How pathetic.

    1. But good thing about it the good ol generals of the past shall not rise again New time New day 😠

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