Steve Schmidt On Trump Attack On Democracy: ‘This Is An Autocratic Moment’ | All In | MSNBC

“He’s attempting to sow chaos, sow doubt, question the legitimacy of the democratic process,” says Steve Schmidt of Trump’s latest threat to democracy. “He is an illiberal man, this is an autocratic moment.” Aired on 7/30/2020.
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Steve Schmidt On Trump Attack On Democracy: ‘This Is An Autocratic Moment’ | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Voix de la raison Trump gets daily instructions from Putin via the Russian issued iPhone.
      The landline calls we hear about are the exception when Putin can’t get Trump on the iPhone.

    2. Mike Newman
      So the big question is… will Putin give Treasonous Trump High Job Performance Ratings for slowly destroying America, or mediocre ratings for not doing more?

    3. Miller and Bannon advising him, because he has no idea about the Constitution. He owes Putin billions. His life may depend on this election.

    4. Don’t forget he has an unsecured, personal cellphone he insists upon using. I am convinced he takes instruction from Russian agents.

  1. Choice is simple the Republic and Constitution or Trump and his Republican enablers.

    Vote 🌊across the board and in numbers never seen before, your life, America and the economy literally depends on it.

  2. Why is coward Trump afraid of running against Joe Biden? What’s he afraid of? Isn’t he the greatest President in American history?

    1. Bob Heck which comment do you refer to NCT Heck? Some are ridiculous but used as bait to see where the NCTs are. Here’s one!

    1. @Travis Sheridan Yes..yes he did. Nobody evicerates Trump like Steve Schmidt…and he was a high-powered Republican Strategist who left the party after they became the Cult of Trump.

    2. @Canuckmom1958 Lindsay called himself McCain’s best friend, but I think Schmidt more worthy of the title.

  3. He tried to LIBERATE STATES, OPEN SCHOOLS, RUN RALLIES when it’s unsafe – BUT Happy to Delay Elections. Congress confirms ELECTIONS are fixed date, no one can change even a President

    1. Trump is quite stupid…doubt he even knows that.
      Not like he fact checks before those freakish thumbs start tweeting away.

    1. @Eric Killebrew no, very soon the poorest, because you’re to lazy to fight it. My regrets, but you probably need this experience. Come on, you can do better.

    2. Sounds like 1) You wish that were the case so you could feel better about where you live & 2) You’re not paying attention. Try to keep up.

    1. Colin Luckens backing a guy named Biden who obviously has either dementia or Alzheimer’s qualifies him and the entire democrat party as insane. Calling Portland rioters peaceful , wanting to defund the police, free healthcare for all illegals while the American tax payers foot the Bill, open borders, mail in ballots, raising taxes, the green new deal that would turn America into a third world country, I could go on forever but the words are limited on this Marxist platform . All Marxist propaganda, Dementia Joe has zero chance of winning. You must be insane if you think the democrats could run this country when they can’t even run their own bankrupt high crime high taxed cities . ENJOY 4 more years!

    2. Colin Luckens Biden will get destroyed in the first debate and when the criminal indictments are announced by Durham in September its lights out for democrats. Plus you let the democrats throw Bernie under the bus once again in favor of a Washington establishment candidate . If you think dementia joe is progressive you are in for a rude awakening. I’ll wait for your reply if you even have one.

    3. @D If you’re so blind that you can’t see you have the biggest moron of all in the White House (and a dangerous moron at that), then I feel sorry for you!!…..

  4. How anyone can’t clearly see that Trump is nothing more than a two-bit, third world-style dictator wannabe who, with the help of a lot of domestic and foreign propaganda, managed to use his sociopathic scamming skills to hoodwink America into believing he could actually be an effective leader is beyond me.

    1. @Beth Griesauer I am so happy you were able to make an assessment like that, and I’m sure be a bit “detached” helps. Someone else told me that Fox News is banned in England. I can understand why. I’m very protective of the First Amendment, but I think something should be done about outright propaganda. Thanks for you comment. Good luck in trying to help and “debrief” your friend. Take care.

    2. Trumps base are beginning to open their eyes. He destroys everything he touches, just to enriched himself & his cronies only. His actions and what he says does not line up for the working class.

    3. @oc I beg to differ, I have not seen any of the Trump flags in my neighborhood come down. Don’t be fooled, polls do not mean anything, and the battle is not yet won. Make sure you vote.

  5. Facsism arises from the complacency of the people as it sneaks up, step by step and takes over. America – this is happening to your country now.


    1. @Hector G. – Hillary was only ahead by 1 or 2 points. Biden is ahead by 4+, up to twice or thriee times more than Hillary was. Still, don’t get complacent.

    1. Oh by supplying the DNC with a fake dossier? The FBI framing anyone associated with Trump? Staging a fake impeachment with not a single skerritt of evidence??? Where’s Adam Schiff and Robert Mueller under oath…??? That will be a very uncomfortable day for both of them! Can’t wait….

    2. What do you mean by destroy? May be according to you is bringing economy on high, restoring faith prayer in schools, bringing record low unemployment of blacks, latinos, asians, women and what else. And according to you Building Better means destroying churches, killing unborn babies in womb, attacking the police and disarming by defunding, etc. Wow you demons wow.

    1. It’s not right or left, it’s Right or Wrong! This POS in our White House is wrong for America.

  6. American Hitler in the making. Revisit how Hitler moved from elected Chancellor to a dictator and tyranny.

    1. Juliette M, you’ve pointed out his weakness. An effective fascist has to have the military on his side. Trump talks a lot about “my generals.” What utter crap. The military despises him. Remember General Milley’s recent vid? He looked directly into the camera and announced that the military’s job is to protect The Constitution. PERIOD. I hope Cadet Bonespurs got the hint.

    1. That’s just wrong. Trump isn’t the puppet of anybody. He’s a loose gun, which is even worse. And the GOP does tolerate him, because he doesn’t interfere in their major politics goal….or do you think that e.g. he handpicked all the new judges or wrote the tax bill?

  7. This is what impeached clown trump WANTS us to talk about today. He made the tweet within minutes of the announcement that the GDP fell a historic 32.9%.

    1. Yeah, well, we read that news, too. It is pissible to pay attention to more than one event over the span of a day.

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