Stiffer Penalty Coming under the Wildlife Protection Act – August 5 2021

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  1. That government, regardless of which party is ruling does not care about the people’s life. The money they earn from these business ventures that’s destroying the environment is their first and only priority.
    I don’t see why there’s not a law that prosecute individuals/companies who does subliminal harm to the people by poisoning their surroundings.
    Push around a dog for so long, one day that dog will turn around and bite you.

    1. I wouldn’t say the government doesn’t care. There are fines for harming the environment. The problem is that those files were created many years ago, so the amount is very insignificant for these big companies to pay. That is why the minister said stiffer penalties will be put in place, meaning that they will review the fines.

    2. @Romario Henry that’s what he “said” yes. I’ve learn over the years never to take these politicians seriously when they’re “saying” things. When I see them getting these things done then I will have a change of opinion; Action is what I want to see.

    3. @Tippa Heru You’re right. But remember it’s not the minister himself who will be doing the review, it would be some committee/board. But unfortunately we as Jamaicans delay everything we are supposed to do so I am certain that those board members will not be having that meeting for now.

  2. this is a serious issue because they can even contaminate the drinking water & seet deh dem a mash up we wildlife

  3. “Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish caught will we realize we cannot eat money.”
    Cree proverb

  4. The government is not to treat this lightly. Windalco must be crazy. What killed the fishes? You polluted the environment. Where do you think the poison came from? Really, you’re not responsible? Did the toxic come from the sky? Why can’t people accept responsibilities for their mistakes? That’s utter carelessness. Hope no one takes those contaminated dishes & sold or consume them.

  5. TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK. All TALK. No ACTION……. because they really do not care about others, except when they need their votes to remain at the top of the food chain. Different color, same animal.

  6. Jamaicans you have the POWER to get the GOVERNMENT to respect your RIGHTS, How? STOP VOTE, then you will see Politicians bowing at your feet and doing their Civic duties to serve the people.

  7. Them need to be charge. Government too slock man. Dem always a pick up for these people that have money. Smt smh

  8. Are you talking about the same government that owns 51% in Naranda and rezoned the cockpit ! THE COCKPIT! area to allow mining. Pleases unnuh nuh care! ALL OF YOU successive governments exploiting the environment to the detriment of our current and future generations.

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