Stock Market 101: Basic strategies investors use to profit off stocks

Before jumping into the market, here’s what first-time investors should know about stocks, capital gains and mistakes to avoid. RELATED:

Stock market veterans love to say “the trend is your friend, until it ends.” And some investors worry that may come true soon even with Wall Street at record highs.

A shift has taken place beneath the stock market's surface in recent months, and that means the all-time highs in stocks might be in jeopardy, analysts say.

Wall Street watchers point to this concern: Fewer stocks are part of the market rally, which is often viewed as a warning sign for investors.

What does that look like? Take, for example, that the percentage of NYSE common stocks trading above their 30-day moving averages dropped to 45% on July 2, down from 83% on May 7, according to Lowry Research, a technical advisory service.

That would suggest choppiness for stocks in the coming months, analysts say.

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  1. Markets fluctuate daily. Be prepared to “watch” your portfolio almost daily, it will drive you nuts. Don’t despair, but hold onto your stock for long periods of time but watch each stock frequently just in case somebody goes bankrupt. Just saying. One more thing diversify your portfolio buy common stock + cryptocurrency.

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