'Stomach-turning': MAGA Riot’s Confederate Flag Rebuked by Fran Lebowitz | MSNBC Summit Series 1

‘Stomach-turning’: MAGA Riot’s Confederate Flag Rebuked by Fran Lebowitz | MSNBC Summit Series


Writer Fran Lebowitz applies her iconic candor and wit to the insurrection, voter suppression, feminism, the news media, comedy — and why she says she’s not a pessimist, despite her reputation— in this wide-ranging interview, a new installment of The Summit Series with Ari Melber, featuring discussions with leaders at the summit of their fields. The series debuted in 2021 with Melber’s interview with Bill Gates. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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'Stomach-turning': MAGA Riot’s Confederate Flag Rebuked by Fran Lebowitz | MSNBC Summit Series


    1. @Brett S. I don’t think you know what treason means. And your emoji shows your immaturity. No one is amused.

    2. @Jerry Ulin I’d agree with that and it all began with Germany’s type of CRT decades ago. Stay healthy, an African from Germany who cares about America.

    3. The confederate battle flag is literally an anti-American symbol and marker of treason. This simple fact needs to be expressed every single time it is seen or mentioned.

    1. @Dragon Rider when Trumpsters accuse others of cognitive dissonance, dictionary editors redefine the word irony and then commit suicide.

    2. @Dragon Rider and Trump’s lies with them is sending him and his sock puppets to jail, while you, the conned, wait for him to be reinstated. Talk about twisted words,er, minds.

    3. @Laurie Arnold lol you sound like the echo chamber of the state media. And you talk about others being puppets?

    4. @Dragon Rider you’re babbling like a drunk Rudy Giuliani. You’ve backed a losing,lying,lout but here you are telling others they can’t think.

  1. “Because you’re a girl”, is a statement I fought my entire childhood. And growing up with four brothers, I could see quite clearly it wasn’t true.

  2. Think I’m negative but I just have standards! It’s about time more of the population had standards.

  3. I always feel that whenever I listen to Fran’s pronouncements that I am hearing 110 percent wisdom and truth–no holds barred!

    1. The only thing that would have been better would have been to have simultaneous interviews with Fran Libowitz and Jeanne Garafalo both iconoclasts in theiir own right.

    2. @Eric Clapton’s Robot Pilot she might agree with you but awful is completely mean spirited and unkind. Fran humors herself and takes those of us who think she is fabulous along with her.
      Awful is cruelty and fowl smelling and odious. Fran is none of those things.

    3. @Eric Clapton’s Robot Pilot When have you ever heard her express disdain for people who don’t live in New York? And even if she did feel that way, why would it make her awful? Would it hurt you? She is still witty and interesting, isn’t that what matters?

  4. Straight up as is woman! Dont always agree with her, but very much respect and love listening to her.

    1. I always agree with Fran or have so far but I really respect your comment and open mindedness. It is refreshing.


    3. No one ever asked her why you r leisbien? What happened ?she said choice. Bs. Ask her if she ever regreted not having children. Ask her was she barron ? Ask her just trying to understand your underlying truth.

    4. @mike briganti oh my! Fran doesn’t hate the country. She just loves NY more. It is well within her rights.

    1. @J. M. she’s not angry. She is a commentator who isn’t driven by ideology (though she has her personal ideology) and she is immensely interesting and aware. Fran reads all the time and respects the written word. If you think she is angry the Insurrectionists must be nuclear to you.

  5. She’s right about the Supreme Court.
    A place I used to view in aw, has been trashed by corruption.

  6. Today is more obsessed with the idea of being “social” rather than actually having something to say.

    1. @jollyandwaylo You “never imagined”
      Shows your lack of forethought then.
      I know exactly when and how and where I can and _should_ use mine. Seems like if you don’t know, and can’t even comprehend, that you might one day need to then you are probably the one living in a fantasy.

    2. @Blood Spatter Here’s a few facts to ponder.. The pandemic is making a comeback and the new variant is 1000x more contagious. 99% of the hospitalizations and 100% of the deaths are among the unvaccinated. Maybe when The Delta Variant finds you, and it will find you, you can shoot it with your gun. Yep, real smart not getting vaccinated, way too risky. Odd strategy for a guy who brags about being ready for bad things that might happen.

    3. @Blood Spatter, yes, exactly that! We are wearing our seatbelts because accidents happen, mostly unintentionally.
      That is not valid with guns because “accidents” with guns mostly happens very intentionally; thus, it’s not a comparison over here. If nobody carried a shotgun, nobody would be shot dead. Period.

      “Nobody needs to carry a gun nowadays.” Ronald Reagan

    4. @Blood Spatter I don’t know how miserable of a life you live and it sounds terrible but I’m pretty old and I’ve seen a few things. I’ve stopped guys who were fighting and dragging women down the street in two different cities and didn’t need a gun. I’ve hitch hiked and hopped freight trains and never needed a gun. I’ve been in places and had groups of men harass me but I never got hurt and never hurt anyone except maybe their feelings. I’m sorry that you are so weak and slow witted that you feel you need a gun. That is why so many Americans are shot every year and almost no one is saved by a heroic fantasy.

    5. @Kristian Hartlev Johansen – No, do everybody a favor and don’t get vaccinated, ’cause then you might get sick and won’t be able to use your beloved gun. AND best of all you might not be around to vote in 2022. So again I say do not get vaccinated.

    1. @Chino T. Have you forgotten Donald Trump’s two dozen sexual assault victims? Brett Cavanaugh’s?

  7. I loved the Netflix special. The way she was able to make Martin laugh was magical. She’s a treasure.

    1. Possibly, but at the same age, she does not seem to hate humanity or relish the thought of its downfall the way he did, or at least the same way he presented himself as relishing in his last decade or so. He was a genius to the very end, but he had become such a misanthrope in the last decades of his life, fueled by intense pessimism, that he could be hard to take even while also being very funny. I see more hope and equanimity in her personality than in his at the same age.

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