Strains of Misinformation About Covid Vaccines | Deadline: White House | MSNBC

Co-director of the Center for Vaccine Development at Texas Children’s Hospital Dr. Peter Hotez and former FBI special agent Clint Watts discuss how misinformation around vaccines has dangerously become better organized, better funded, and more political

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    1. My wife and I are also vaccinated. We are doing our part to save the children that are more susceptible to the new strains.

  1. These were approved for emergency use. When the FDA approves at least one of them, some of those people might reconsider. Former got vaccinated!

    1. The reason the Oxford-Vaccine took a little longer despite starting earlier (it had already been passed for a different sort of coronavirus cutting out development time) is that they had much more rigorous testing in the UK and that vaccine has full approval both in the UK and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), which is every bit as good as the CDC.
      The first vaccine was developed in Germany and Europe is just as advanced.
      From the outside, it is clear Americans have politicised this and they are conspiracy crazy. Nothing will convince everyone to take it but they should produce commercials explaining how the vaccines work. If this doesn’t work use a stick. No travel on aircraft or public transport of any kind, no school and all businesses to ban none vaccinated people.

    2. They are approved, for emergency use. If you don’t consider this pandemic, that has killed over half a million Americans, an emergency, what is?

  2. Trump bragged to Fox host Laura Ingraham that he did opposite of what top expert advised amid pandemic
    “I didn’t really listen to [ Dr. Anthony Fauci ] too much, because I was doing the opposite of what he was saying”
    Trump made his comments during a telephone interview with Fox News personality Laura Ingraham.

    1. If Trump was actively promoting vaccines his cult would be vaccinated. He is still doing Putin’s bidding.

    2. @bearly traincot …and that’s why he was first in line to get (secretly) vaccinated.

    3. @Richard Christie no, but supposedly he got the plasma treatment. I just remember 10 doctors coming out in the parking lot with really white lab coats and they lined up. I thought they were going to break out in song and start dancing like a flash mob.

  3. Right wing politics is full of disdain for science, education & truth. In and of itself this is not a problem, but once you get a handful of people buying into it, the ignorance feeds & grows the problem exponentially & fringe beliefs begin to border on mainstream.

    1. You mean like people still walking around wearing face diapers? Fact: those masks are 💯 useless! Also, you’re supposed to exhale your Co2, not breath it back in.

    2. @Thomas Jackson I don’t know. When people started dying of measles, because stupid parents hadn’t vaccinated their children, it was pretty obvious.

    3. My eyes are wide open, and very soon yours will be too! It’s so sad that we all have been lied to for many years, but darkness will turn to light…… believe it. One more thing- If there were a true “vaccine” for a virus, there would be one for the common cold or flu- both types of corona viruses!

  4. Fun Fact of the Day: People who only watch Fox news are less informed than people who do not watch any news at all.

    Yup, that’s right. Fox news actually makes you dumber. Shocking, right?! 😅😂

    1. @Paul Wilson so your on msnbc standing up for fox news…..that’s like a guy going to a lesbian rally hoping to get laid…..😅😅😅😅

  5. Just wait till the results of the Gaetz-Greene super spreader party in Florida in a few weeks. Super irresponsible.

  6. Who owns Fox news?? Put them out of business for the lies they continually broadcast.

  7. This is so fkn sad. And discouraging. Seems Russia has won-how to ever show people they have been targeted and fooled? No one wants to admit that.

    1. Don’t fall into the trap of blaming everything on Russia and/or Putin. The truth is, you yanks can only really blame yourselves.

  8. I agree. The old ways of journalism don’t work today in a world where there is a battle of volume and many alternative platforms of information.

  9. CNBC flabbergasted — Biggest jobs miss in 23 years…

    U.S. added just 266,000 jobs in April, March payrolls revised lower

    ‘The worst miss in 23 years’


  10. Mr President make it mandatory that all American people get vaccinated. Vaccinate or labor camp.

  11. The guy in Florida who is off in some wierd fantasy of returning to presidency is the main cause of disinformation….so much lies and conspiracys to the people it makes people look into other sources of information….

  12. All our future elections will be decided by which ever party has the most voters left alive by election day.

  13. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha it’s always Russia, Russia, Russia. Wow 3288 views. Such big numbers. Please this is just a waste of hard drive space. Just give it up. I’m not watching you no more.

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