Study Shows Remote Students Face More Stress, Exhaustion Than Those In Classroom | Hallie Jackson

Study Shows Remote Students Face More Stress, Exhaustion Than Those In Classroom | Hallie Jackson 1


  1. ok but get them to follow the guidelines and if they cant they cant complain. The same people that want to complain are the same people causing a lot of the problem

  2. How can smoking, drinking, listening to music 🎶 & studying in bed be more stressful and exhausting? I do everything from my bed and I’m cool, calm and collected!

  3. Maybe because our school infrastructure wasn’t designed for extensive remote learning during a pandemic? And what is the alternative, send students willy nilly to school where they can catch Covid, spread it to staff, and bring it home to vulnerable family members? We should be in lockdown, not sending kids to school.

  4. Well get them back to school
    Then . Get the vaccines rolled out get people back to work and school instead of scaremongering the country . If we wait till Covids gone to get things moving it’ll never happen cos it’s not going anywhere

  5. Long Before the Pandemic I had to pull my daughter out school because she always getting sick from school. Home school is the best she learn better and faster. I don’t agree with in class schooling in the long run students don’t LEARN JACK!

  6. Schools have become dangerous breeding grounds for gangsters. I would include a disclaimer stating no responsibility in case students became drug runners, gangsters or addicts. Shocking but unsurprising given the dismal state of affairs in the country which is a reflection of our failed school system.

  7. Preference for instruction is really individual. My youngest attended “virtual” high school for his junior and senior years. He _much_ preferred it, and worked at a faster pace than his “in school” age-mates. His GPA also went up during his time in virtual school.

  8. Given what a 💩 show virtual learning has been, this isn’t surprising. This could be done much, much better if school districts made even a half-hearted attempt to look at it from the students’ perspective.

  9. Best bet is to go and look up the actual study. News media tends to leave out a lot when it comes to scientific studies. For example, they didn’t discuss potential variables such as family dynamics, socioeconomic issues, access to internet, school funding, etc. There are tons of potential variables that could contribute to the outcome of this study. If I find the study, I’ll link it in an edit.

    Edit: here’s the link to the actual study. Disclaimer: I have not read it because I’m on my phone.

  10. Okay, but ISN’T causation; that’s CORRELATION. the cause could be anything. overbearing parents, lack of opportunity to socialize, contagious parental worrying, etc.

  11. Looking at some parents are in public I can imagine how much stress kids would have 24/7. School is a safe place not because it’s necessarily good but because most parents or home situations are just that bad.

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