Frum: Impeachment Didn't Prevail But Trump Still Lost | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Frum: Impeachment Didn’t Prevail But Trump Still Lost | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Writer David Frum explains why Trump’s second impeachment, despite aquittal, will ‘do as a solemn and eternal public repudiation of Trump’s betrayal of his oath of office.’ Ruth Ben-Ghiat joins the conversation. Aired on 02/15/2021.
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Frum: Impeachment Didn't Prevail But Trump Still Lost | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Republicans Senators that were going to contest the electoral college votes on Jan 6th really voted to acquit themselves.

  2. Conviction would do nothing to him except keep him from running again. Real punishment is from the justice system. He needs to lose all his money and go to jail. Those that refused to convict need to be punished by the voters.

    1. @Monster Machine Monster Machine…this guy actually destroyed the balance of the world…nothing could destroy him more tuan himself and what he grifted along the way…Ivanka made 30 million last year, Jared made 90 million, and Donald by stirring up his shrinking base took home 300 billion in small donations over the last 3 months
      I respect everyone’s opinion and definitely including yours, but you have been had

    2. Monster Machine: 60 Court Cases, 3 FBI meta and deep studies, and full Governor Certification across the board…and Kraken and Giuliani came up with an absurd conspiracy theory about Venezuela and Voting the research, what those 2 contend is actually impossible if you understand the cross correlation between technology and manual checks and balances
      This is why Dominion is suing them for 1.2 billion for uniformed defamation, for ruining there Brand which they will have to build back up…they will win, probably not 1.2 B but definitely in the 100s of millions

    3. John, you hit the nail on the head- Trump and his sons belong in jail. Period!! Even before his wrong doings since covid and the election drama began, and before the attempted “coup”, this family has defrauded the IRS, defrauded banks by taking loans against over-inflated assets (collateral). They have harmed innocent people’s reputations, ruined careers, caused fear (Dr. Fauci and his family have body-guards now, due to threats to their lives- this is just 1 example). I can write a book about this corrupt, merciless, immoral, inhuman family; just read their history over past decades. They are destroying our beloved countries reputation and tainting the reputation of Americans who are good, moral, loving, peaceful, law-abiding humans- some of the BEST folks in the world!!!

    4. True but I don’t want him to ever run again.
      If he runs, I have to hear his hate and insults again during his campaign speech and I can’t stand it !!
      Sure he can be convicted by his other crimes but chances are, he is not going to serve any jail time and that won’t prevent him from running.
      Unless they establish a new law such as anyone with felony charges is disqualified to run for president

    5. @you will He will serve jail time…might be a year or so on house arrest but he will be locked up somewhere.
      Also, he will be banned from countries, clubs, air waves, and so much more…and he will go bankrupt again, between the massive IRS and bank defaults, and the plummeting revenue from his properties cause people are bailing everywhere. He may borrow money from his kids, but they too are under serious scrutiny.
      DT is going to have a very difficult many years ahead…and buying and suing his way out of his problems will not prove to be a continuing solution.

    1. Be patient…they are destroying themselves from the inside out
      Watch the reality show as the next episode of the absurd starts

    2. @jessie flores They are…OMG…pretty soon they will all collapse into a black hole of their making and disappear…these are surreal reality distortion times

  3. January 6, 2021… WE WILL REMEMBER!!!! From here on, those sleazy trumpublicans can’t help him in a court of law!!!

  4. If he is able to run again, he most definitely will repeat the lie when he loses and our nightmare will repeat itself.

    1. @The Terrain Wizard I agree. Remember He admires Dictators. His hope was to win 2nd term and have one of his kids run next. By then He would have strip America of its Democracy.

    2. @François M. So we have to board up windows so people can’t witness the count and tell people to leave that are supposed to be there! The discrepancies alone should have raised a question when Trump won by a landslide until 4 am when nearly 90 % of the votes that came in were for biden! Yeah! We shouldn’t question that though! Mathmeticians are confounded by that impossibility! Also We don’t understand how people got caught on camera pulling boxes out from hiding places and put biden over the top! Hmm! Also we wouldn’t know why you didn’t have to pass legislation in key states to change mail in ballot laws ! The ones that biden won ! Wow! Seems fishy! No signature or ID? Wow! We can falsify thousands of votes that way! That was approved by liberals! Don’t know why that some ballots were marked Republican and for their choice of President they marked biden down! Doesn’t seem logical! I guess as long as you win don’t question anything after all liberals would rather cheat than see Trump get 4 more years! Now no one will trust a liberal ! EVER! That’s your legacy! CHEATS AND FRAUDS! It’s not about conspiracy it’s about not getting caught! Except one thing! WE KNOW YOU DID!

    3. @François M. Those are facts that you overlooked because you can’t decide what’s real until msdnc tells you sheep!

  5. Single term, twice impeached with failed policies and a bunch of conspiracy believing loons for supporters. Quite a “legacy”.

    1. @Keith Edmonds Much as I’d love to agree with you, I think that would require Trump to have a degree of self-awareness. As we all know, he has absolutely none. He’ll run again because he’ll see it as an opportunity to settle old scores and salve his ego. Then, when he doesn’t win again, he’ll back back to screaming that it’s an ‘even bigger fraud than it was 4 years ago….so unfair…..I have been treated more unfairly than any President in history….even Abraham Lincoln….etc…etc” – and he’ll be shouting this before the primaries are over.

    2. @GusMcGuire he’ll run, just to grift more money out of his dumb maga sheep. But it will go nowhere, the majority are sick of dumps melodrama.

    1. He has certainly lost a good portion on the people who even voted for him most recently. I was hoping for this at first as well but now, honestly let him spend his and his supporters money and get spanked again!

    2. @Patty Smet If people knew in 2016 what they know now, he wouldn’t have won. People who like his toxic politics will want someone as toxic as he is but smarter. Definitely not him. And in 2024, he will very much be yesterday’s news. It’s important that his followers see that he can’t win because he’s unpopular, not that he can’t win because the Democrats made it illegal for him to run.

    3. @Cameron McClure The thing is….his base are already crazy. They are going to do something mental either way. Let him run ….and lose. Bring the bedbugs into the light for extermination.

    1. @Eric Loebach The Lunatic Left/Antifa/BLM/Fake Woke White Folk libel as racist any who don’t agree with their Marxist, anarchist, or other moronic agenda. The left is poorly educated so that corrupt career Democrats have morons to vote for them! The American flag is the symbol of freedom for many throughout the world who know what true fascism and dictatorship is. The middle and the right need to educate the poorly educated leftist goon squad. Many of the criminals in the leftist goon squad are already doing prison time or awaiting trial.

    2. @Joe Justfactsman Ms. Lindsey Graham, you get off youtube right now and get back to being trump’s personal bidet.

    1. They cut the clip short, Neil Katyal discussed that very step, using the 14th Amendment to stop Trump & if wanted to overturn that action he would have to go into Federal Court to prove the action was unjustified

    2. @THE ANGRY QUAD trump’s voter base. They turn violently on anyone that would legally blame or contradict trump on anything.

    3. @THE ANGRY QUAD I’m not afraid my friend but when the trash goes out it needs to be buried.. and the man has done enough damage and stole enough money if you want to support this fool why don’t you folks get together buy Puerto Rico then he can go play King s*** of turd island over there. It will be a great place for all you sheep to go… BAHHHHHH

    1. @Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class Best comment today
      Well said, cheers to you for taking the time to layout the facts without being sarcastic or condescending.
      People could learn a lot from you if they were prepared to listen, research and then react.
      Unfortunately most people in the comments don’t appear to read newspapers or watch reputable news, seems Fakebook and other SM are the dominant News sources.

    2. @Sunny Coast I appreciate the compliments, but will confess even I get fed up with these folks rather often. It’s just exhausting, and I feel like any amount of kindness is just abused and taken advantage of. Or, worse, twisted around and interpreted as malice.

    3. You guys need to know your fact what’s going on in the USA INSTEAD of listen to the news they lie to you but you guys believe everything the media say what’s wrong with all of you people

    4. @DeadPool305Live You assume the media other people watch, read, or listen to lies, but the media you watch only tells the truth? Why, because they told you so?
      Come on, man.

    5. @Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class I hear you, it is exhausting but you did well.
      hopefully things will improve with time, but education is the key and getting back to core values and principles.
      Gave a great evening and keep up the good work.

    1. @The Rockin’ Donkey Fasism …when Biz and Government become one …classic example ….your government Apple, Twitter , Google Amason are now the thought police …some call that N@zi ….OR shall we chat about Biden/Obomba dropping 30,000 bombs , killing a million and bombing 75 million homeless .. some call that hard core neo-liberal N@zi’s

    2. @Lesley EdgleyExactly…. that’s pretty much what he said in his final comments isn’t it? “Somebody please prosecute this guy because I don’t think it’s a good idea if we do it because we will not get voted back in, and we don’t want death threats.”

    3. There is another sociopath always looking after his own a****s just like Trump, cruzad all the other cowards shame on them

    4. @thor G why and (i not a democrat) people of the right or people devotional to the ex president Trum many times that they’ll say something terrible about that party (dems) they calling them naz, neo Nazis, or communist or worse. and saying the evil things that Obama do when he was president not remember that many Presidents in the past history making bad a sometimes horrible desicions fot both parties.

    1. Only fourteen percent of Republicans think Trump should be impeached. The Republican party is not going anywhere.

    2. I will believe it when i see it. Many state GOPs are currently passing laws to enshrine more voter supression to keep this minority in power. Its just more of the same, “somehow” we have the minority controling the govt.

  6. Jamie Raskin was an absolute star during the impeachment. It’s in no way a reflection on him that the Retrumplicans were to weak to do the right thing.

    1. He did a great job in manipulating evidence, telling lies and acting a syncophant to the Dem leadership. This hypocrite was an objector to the validation of the election in 2016. Jamie, you didn’t win! Coming in second is losing. It may be unonventional for you to go the rules of order; you may have gotten over 50% of the vote BUT you needed 66% to win!

  7. “It’ll do.” It literally has not “done” since before trump took office. Consequences will do. These people are vacant.

    1. Democrats are awarding themselves ‘participation trophies’ for an impeachment they LOST. Spineless and weak! And Moscow Mitch is STILL running the show. Pathetic!

    1. Aside from his speaking (which was excellent) there is something intelligent and gentle about the guy’s subtle mannerisms.

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