Violent Crimes Against Asian Americans See Sharp Rise Since Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Willie, what a great job today. You and The A-Team! Got the information we needed with no drama, unnecessary dialogue cetera. You gave us just the facts! Thank you! Not to take anything away from Joe or Mika they do a great job and both are very smart but sometimes there’s just too much fluff in the program when we need the news directly. That’s exactly what you delivered to us today and I thank you for it!

    1. @Bob Jones awww. Ok lil bibby. Your a good that believes your vote counts and that politicians care about you,. How cute

    2. @John Pembroke My vote did count, one that got Biden in office and the Democrats controlling the house and senate WOOOOOO HOOOO FN Troll


    1. @Semaj Riley Most likely you are right and sad to say until those people want to actually do right by everyone the problem will still exist and never go away I fear for my children who I teach to love everybody

    1. I am not for criminal Trump but the Chinese virus started in an undercover military lab in Wuhan of China and not on a wet market in Wuhan of China. The Chinese Communist Party of China was and is responsable for the outbreak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. @Francis Schreurs We should call the Spanish Flu, the American Flu, since it originated from America!!!!!!!do your research…….

  3. Coincidence, I think not? This is what happens when you make excuses for “very fine people, on both sides” and other racist rhetoric to go unchecked for too long.

    1. P.
      Like we should sue the American Government during WWII for the interment of Asian Americans for being suspected supports of Japan. Goodness. They saw all Asians as the same. To their primitive eyes all Asians looked the same.
      No. We must not become that which we were once cruelly harmed by.
      We must rise above.
      When they go low. We go high.
      They see the world in only the colors they want to see
      We must find a way to show them how to see the world in color.

      And, FYI, I am not Asian, and I am severely color blind.
      I don’t see colors very well.
      I prefer to experience each of my brothers and sisters one at a time.

    1. @Bob Jones I have a feeling William needs to wear laceless shoes because his relatives are tired of having to keep tying them for him. So that hat is probably asking a lot of him! 😂🤣

    2. It is not the fault of China, it ‘s the fault of the very bad Chinese Communist Party of China! Its wants world-domination!

    3. @Elijha Dailey so calling it the Kung Flu is appropriate to you? Spanish flu started here…. why aren’t we calling it the American flu?

  4. All republicans can leave the union and form a non nuclear state. We don’t want you here anymore and your free to leave.

    1. BLAME TRUMP. His vile RHETORIC and calling it the Chinese Virus hasn’t helped. Trump needs to be silenced and well Done 👍 to TWITTER AND FACEBOOK…

  5. Violence doesn’t discriminate, every race is and has been victimized by their own race and by other races every day. It’s been like that for thousands of years …

    1. Trump’s only responsibility for ending covid was to blame China and call it the Kung foo flu and his cult is following his lead.

  6. That’s so sad to hear. Keep safe and well. No room for any of this. Humanity ♥ decency. Treat others how you would like to be treated.

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