Support for Bernier, Singh could be a problem for O’Toole and Trudeau in close election | TREND LINE

With the leadership debates now in the rear-view mirror and polls showing a close race between the Liberals and Conservatives, the issue of vote-splitting is becoming increasingly significant ahead of the Sept. 20 federal election, according to pollster Nik Nanos.

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    1. ​@Ashley Plamondon Oh nono, back in august when they were looking at polling for enlisting the parties for the debate. They were looking at the polls like a month ago when making the decision, and at that time they didn’t make it. If that decision was made in the last 2 weeks, then no doubt… but they were unfortunatly planning this debate further out than that.

    1. I voted for them today! Keep spreading the word! To anyone reading this, don’t let the ape brains who know nothing about the PPC dissuade you from doing your own research! Canada deserves a real change!

  1. Quebec is NOT a nation. A province yes, a distinct community yes, but NOT a nation and they need to understand this.

    1. If those French don’t like it here on Turtle Island they should go back to their home in France. This is Indian country.

  2. I think the format of the debate didn’t help anyone really get their message out there. They would start talking and then get cut off by another leader or the moderator. (kudos to her though, she had to herd cats for two hours. not an easy job) The whole debate felt rushed. “we’re running out of time!” I really don’t see this debate changing the status quo much. I did like the direct grilling though of each leader by moderators.

    1. Well, it is a nationally recognized party, but much of what they do is fight for Quebec sovereignty and, you guessed it, run in Quebec because if they focus there, they’ll win more seats. They do have a lot of em, though.

  3. I personally think it’s ridiculous that they have only one English-speaking debate. As far as I’m concerned, there should be at least 6 to 10!

    1. This is the only english debate Trudeau agreed to take part in, the debate funded by his commission lol. That is why all the questions were easy.

  4. Diversity in leadership is great but should not be confused with competency as a competent leader no matter what their background needs to be able to represent all Canadians regardless of their background.

  5. I’m from Colombia and living in Canada now , I felt a bit weird seeing a candidate that represents only one province. Why Quebec has their own candidate? Why BC or Alberta , provinces that I love don’t have leaders representing them?

    1. yet they are smarter than those college brain washed fools they are not voting liberal or conservative like the rest of the brain washed masses

  6. I don’t believe NDP is a problem got the Conservatives!! All this guy did was point fingers but never had any concrete plans for anything!! Singh was not natural!! This is a joke!! Nanos is stupid!

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