Supreme Court allows release of Trump tax returns to NY prosecutor 1

Supreme Court allows release of Trump tax returns to NY prosecutor


The Supreme Court cleared the way for a New York prosecutor to obtain former President Donald Trump's tax returns, dealing a massive loss to Trump who has fiercely fought to shield his financial papers from prosecutors.
The documents will be subject to grand jury secrecy rules that restrict their public release.
The ruling is a bitter loss for Trump, even if the tax records are shielded from public disclosure, after he consistently argued that the subpoena issued by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance was overbroad and issued in bad faith.
It means that the grand jury investigation into alleged hush money payments and other issues will no longer be hampered by Trump's fight to keep the documents secret.
The ruling was issued without comment or dissent.

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    1. @Fred Topp
      *Your flavor of the year still acknowledges. ALL news media outlets have some degree of inaccuracy. Whether it is accidental or purposeful can be suspect in certain cases. Never the less, major media stories (if not cherry picked for Partisan reasons) remains accurate for the most part. This is no Banana Republic. Where we would completely dismiss News Media holding dishonest Facist Politicians accountable. Since Dictators and Facists prefer no magnifying glass of scrutiny examining their misdeeds*

    1. @Rowan Spiritwalker That’s an extremely important reform to make. It will be very tough to win due to the Citizens United case decision by the Supreme Court but very well worth fighting for.

  1. I like Jesse Ventura’s idea where everyone in Congress has to wear uniforms with all of their donors logo’s on them like Nascar racers so we know who owns them!

    1. @amigo oh. I didn’t know that you already had access to his tax reports before our legislators . Ignorance is pathetic . Stop watching CNN and actually invest time in reading and learning from real sources that are in fact available to all Americans…..

    2. @Marstarsea2 Yes, Americans should only listen to respectable and objective sources like Faux Noose, Obnoxious Angry Nutcases (OAN), and MisInfoWars.

  2. Next headline: “IRS files Charges Against Donald Trump For Tax Fraud But Knew This Before 2015 Primaries”

    1. @rekindlethewick did you say “not entirely true” so there is some truth??? Watch it when he first talked about it

    2. @Tobyjohn Medicinehorse Trump calling the virus a hoax is false. Trump referring to the Democrats spinning the virus up into a second impeachment was their second hoax…after the Russian interference. You see you did get hoax in there….just not exactly the way you tell people. I bet you still go around telling people Trump said there were good people on both sides in Charlottesville…just always leaving off the statement he made about white supremacists in the same breath.

    1. The minute he was elected, those returns went into immediate audit. When Biden was sworn in, the audit was completed.

  3. Oh im sure Trump will be happy to hear this. Remember how he kept saying he would be glad to show his tax returns?

    1. @Travis Brown No new scandal really. We all know Obama won’t realase his college transcripts…it was something I would really have like to have seen. You seem to think that getting hold of Trump’s Tax records will somehow finally get this crook…finally ! Trump’s taxes have been looked at and audited for a long time because of Liberal New York was constantly trying to get him. You’re just spinning yourself up into another freenzy like you guys always do.

    2. @rekindlethewick oh sweetie, are you basing your failed gotcha comment on a social media meme? You do know that it was Trump that sent letters to his schools, threatening to sue them should they release his school records, don’t you? None of those records you so badly want to see on Obama are sealed. Granted, not open to the public on a world wide database, but I’m sure that if you contact the proper entities, perhaps make your local representatives look into it, your request will be granted. Once you do that, come back and let us know what scandal you have found that could possibly make Donald “Lord of lies and pestilence” Trump look better in comparison.

    3. @rekindlethewick you claim to have critical thinking and fail to see that the majority of the senate voted to have him impeached, and because of the way the system works, he got off easy. That’s critical thinking? Or is that one of those things Trump got lucky for again, and you cheered him for?

    4. @rekindlethewick also, more to the point, college records dont need to be released and no president in recent history has done so. You seem desperate for a #whataboutism. Obama’s school records arent “sealed” if that’s the debunked lie you are getting at. Its actually not legal for a court to seal them.

    5. @Rebecca Well russia is all i have to say and declassified and found all false except well Hilary cover up. Yeah impeach for the snakes you all are and what you do. So we are clear your party pushed mail in votes. Funny swing states couldnt count them for over a week and states change the voter law to allow late votes. Votes with non matching signatures. Dead votes. Yes in these lovely swing states you seem to want them to not get counts done on time and tokd them in the summer before election thats how to vote. So i see trump trying to steal the election. He did not want mail ins like they were. Well broke so many constitutional laws especially in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania with mail in votes. I see your point. Late votes allowed. Nice defense. Sad plan as day cheating

    1. CNN has been suffering for years. Hate for Trump bumped their relevancy to sustainable. They pay $6M to appear in airports (viewership).

    2. Be patient love and you will be rewarded a thousand fold, there’s a lineup of folks that will crush his nuts in a vice of litigation for a long long time to come.

    3. Heres a kool fact releasing anyone’s tax returns to the public is illegal ,publishing them is as well. If they do not have the permission of the tax payer

    4. This is not the same. After SCOTUS rules, he has no other option. His taxes are in the hands of the SDNY. He is toast.

    1. @Blondie SL We’ve been singing that for 5yrs+ , but it never gets old. Especially in terms of Trump. I’m gonna say it again…


    1. Clinton lied under oath, Nixon actually spied on Americans and tried covering it up, paid for his henchmen to B and E the opposition party headquarters. Trump was acquitted twice, if and actual law had been broken they could have actually gone to court they have not. Clinton was disbarred and his wife who worked on Nixons impeachment was thrown off the case for ethics issues

    1. He knows more about icebergs than anyone. The Titanic isn’t sinking. It’s one tiny little hole in the ship. It will be just fine. Bigly.

    2. @The Watcher Oh, please keep watching the “fake news” so you can enjoy (with me and millions of others) all the latest “iceberg reports” charting progressive movements toward the inexorable end: utter destruction of the “Trump Titanic”!!

  4. I watched Trump saying many times he would be happy to release his returns upon completion of audit …………….

    1. Well, to be clear, he was talking about his “fine” people. They can’t comprehend why the earth isn’t flat let alone a complicated tax return.

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