Merrick Garland vows to prosecute Capitol attackers 1

Merrick Garland vows to prosecute Capitol attackers


Judge Merrick Garland, President Biden's choice to be US attorney general, gives his opening statement and answers questions from the ranking members of the Senate Judiciary Committee at his confirmation hearing.

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    1. @Nunna Yrbznz Garland is a very moderate, fair judge, and well respected for his judgement and scholarship. Manchin is not known to be an anti-Semite, so would have nothing against Garland. I’d worry more about Warren’s vote than his.

    1. @Pauline Lobbestael are you in law or anything that provides the public with law? I do, and at a very high level. This man as I and as many at my department just mentioned how bad it would be if he would be elected as an official, mine and yours

    2. @Warrior Soul unless you can prove your statement that you are involved in law at a very high level, it’s irrelevant. Give facts and reasons why you believe that he would not be good for the U.S.
      Without reasons, it is more than likely that you are being partisan, which is your right, but has little significance for that very reason.
      You might have valid arguments, please give them.

    3. @Warrior Soul I wonder how you know what Mr Garland will do as AG? Are you a clairvoyant ? I live in my own skin and cannot tell you what i might do tomorrow!

    1. @Metallic Banana 1)- That has nothing to do with cronyism except in the most loose sense of the word. 2)- That mentality is classic conservative, but he was nominated for SCOTUS by Obama, so that suggests even-handedness.

    2. @Mia McRae …so you want to arrest him for paying his filing fee in accordance with the law??

      Its an odd world in which you’ll want to criminalize somebody for following the rules yet you’ll ignore blantant criminality like 10% for the Big Guy – I wonder what happened to Hunters laptop eh??

    3. @J Groovy …OK, I accept your assessment, more Biden establishment cronies in the loosest sense of the word

    1. @Kelly Corcam nice turd you’ve polished there Kelly. It’s not that the fact that Trump lost. It’s that the entire court system on a state and federal level including Trump appointed judges and Trumps own AG decided not to look at all that awesome totally convincing evidence that definitely exists. (Cause the pillow guy said it does…)

    1. @Metallic Banana Protesters did not breach the capitol in 2018 . They did not force their way into an area they were not allowed to be in. They did not kill a police officer, they did not threaten to kill political leaders. They simply exercised their right to protest.

    2. @America Tolliver Oh, but it did. Barr was trump’s personal henchman. Barr crossed many lines but I’m glad he didn’t do trump’s dirty work in regards to the election.

    3. @GreatWhiteBuckwheat Barry was smart enough to know, it would’ve put him behind Bar’s and more Bar’s!It shore wasn’t his conscience that stop him!

    1. Remember, there is a difference between someone who has something to hide and someone having nothing to hide. This is a man that genuinely wants to uphold justice, the ones similar to the one you mentioned are the token Republicans(basically they are ONLY there for the Republican agenda).

    1. WoW two men for an stellar future,garland and…KAMALA Harriswelcome to the third world..united states of. Mexicoooo

    1. LOL Garland is an honorable (and wise!) person. Barring a SCOTUS appointment, he will do well in his role as AG. Good that he will be all over the traitorous insurrection at the Capitol.

    1. He also like a man faced his demons and got clean ….pretty disgusting thing to say about someone in recovery

    2. @A T please! That wasn’t “taken too far” they went there with the intention to kill the Speaker of the House, hang Pence, and anyone that Trump had been calling out. We know what you guys did last month! You were prepared as men going to war. Weapons – bombs, knives, bear sprays, batons, not forgetting zip ties, And killing more than 6 persons. That’s not the same as protesting for justice and equality. No! The situation of last summer got worst only because as the protests were going on, the killings of minority became a daily/ weekly thing, which angered many.
      So that’s not the same. That riot had no basis. Only because the loser of an election decided to maintain power after losing and fighting in courts, still decided they had to either steal the win or kill for it. That’s embarrassing!
      That’s why they need some form of punishment. And I hope Ted Cruz and Howley “enjoy” the fruit of their labor.

    3. @littlewingmyoho this Garland fellow could be the nicest man in the world. After watching him I begin to wonder if he knew what planet he was on.almost every question he was ask his answer was” I know very little about that”. I would say he should have known more than 20%of the questions he was ask.

    4. @inise: When your profile is finally deleted, rest assured; fore it will inevitably have had something to do with me!

      You’re welcome!

    5. @Brusio Music: So, do you actually support white supremacy or are you merely doing nothing more than trolling for your `shits & giggles`¿?

  1. Barr was explicit in his hearing but did an about-face after he took office, Senator Grassley was fine with that I guess.

    1. @O P what lol read you comment and the 1 above mine again and try to think a lil harder about it u can get there lol

    2. @Ryan Rickaby “Barr was explicit in his hearing but did an about-face after he took office, Senator Grassley was fine with that I guess.” That’s a statement of fact. Grassley seemed to be okay with Barr’s turn around compared to how he handled himself during his confirmation hearing.
      And Ted Cruz, talking about integrity in DOJ and questioning whether Barr would not interfere with investigations, was he missing in actions for the last four years?
      If you want to respond to someone’s comment, respond to the person, don’t blanket every up comment up. So yes, I have read the comments and I don’t see much of your position. Barr auditioned for the job in an op-ed, it’s no surprise Trump nominated him for the job because he needs people who are loyal basically just to him. America needs people who are loyal to the country, not a man.

    3. @Ryan Rickaby . .Remember when Wolf Blitzer asked William Barr if voting twice ,as recommended by Donald Trump to voters in North Carolina to test the vote by mail in. Then come and vote in person. Which was and is Illegal.
      To which Mr. Barr replied “I don’t know what the particular Law in the particular state says!”
      Blitzer:”You can’t vote twice.”
      Barr:”If you know what he’s(Trump) saying, why are you asking me if your saying.”‘
      Blitzer:”Your the Attorney General of the United States.”

  2. This is probably the perfect candidate. So you can just predict that the co-conspirators Cruz and Hawley would vote nay.

    1. This is probably the worst candidate. He couldn’t give a clear answer to if biologically men should participate in women’s sports.

    2. @Chee Xiong It’s interesting that conservatives suddenly care so much about women’s sports (or women period.) I’m sure your concern for them is super-genuine, and has nothing at all to do with transphobia.

  3. If only there was some who could be held responsible for gathering a mob and directing them towards the capitol building…..oh wait, didn’t the corrupt republicans let them get away with it

    1. They had a choice to go or stay home no one had a gun to their heads would you jump off a bridge if you were told to President Trump will be back

    1. Actually a puppet of George Soros who destroyed thousands of jobs on his first days in office. A major downturn in the economy is forthcoming,

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