Supreme Court pick Ketanji Brown Jackson talks civil rights movement | USA TODAY

Supreme Court pick Ketanji Brown Jackson talks civil rights movement | USA TODAY 1


  1. This is what happens when you elect someone in a position of power solely on their race and gender

    1. @AllTogetherNow This black woman is a liberal activist not a constitutionalist. That disqualifies her

    2. @Steve Sutton Why do you assume that she’s my candidate? I simply pointed out her qualifications in response to the original misinformed claim. Right now, many of the sitting Justices are very much partisan and very much open about it.

    3. @mynvision I didn’t assume anything,and yes there are several justices that partisan,and don’t adhere to our constitution!

    4. @Steve Sutton You wrote “and she is an activist,so much for your non – partisan candidate!”

      That is an assumption you made about the justice being my non-partisan candidate. Though I am heartily glad you do agree about the partisan justices.

    1. Why are we asking her? If anybody can answer this question, it’s the smartest guy sniffy Joe knows, his son Hunter, who rode scores of them like racehorses at the Kentucky derby! I’d say he might just be an expert on this subject !

  2. Speaking of civil right, these would be two great questions to ask:

    1.) If racism is defined as occuring when individuals or institutions show more favorable evaluation or treatment of an individual or group based on race or ethnicity. What do you call it when Biden said he will only consider and nominate a Black woman?

    2.) Do you believe you would have been nominated if your skin was any other color?

    1. @KAP Trucking I know homie but it was more of an expression. We should honestly have a similar concept in our government. How you feel if 80% of the country was republican but it’s actually run by democrats. pretty upset. lets also extend this concept to race and you see where I’m getting at.

    2. @gideon westgate if you say it without any supporting evidence then it must be true! Which agenda is she pushing? Point out some of her irrational decisions. I’m sure you looked into her case work and sentencing.

    3. @AB Seymour She embraces Critical Race Theory while sitting on the Board of Georgetown Day School.

    1. @Rocky Mountain Way exactly! It’s only racist if it benefits white people!!! This country is screwed thanks to people like her….

    2. @Rocky Mountain Way she couldn’t define what a woman is. You want that person fighting for womans rights?

    1. @Dindoo Nuttin man are you implying that she helped steal all the money from BLM? That’s racist

  3. Biden: “I will only consider a *black* nominee…’
    Congresswoman: “Define a woman.”
    Black Nominee: “I don’t have a biology degree…’

    Congresswoman: “Okay, define a black woman.”

    1. If a black woman constitutionally becoming a Supreme Court Judge upsets you,
      But the VIOLENT Jan.6 insurrection at the American Capitol doesn’t
      – you’re a republican RACIST.

    2. @AllTogetherNow you must think this is a clever response to any thoughtful comment you don’t agree with. It is not.

  4. Of the legacy and all the work done by Republicans! They always leave that part out. You know, the part about where Republicans are responsible for the civil rights movement and Democrats fought tooth and nail against it.

    1. @Bimi That’s the reality, huh? Not the weird “Epstein” people Joe keeps putting in his administration?

    2. @Candy Land Are you saying there are no black republicans or that black people don’t live in republican towns and cities?

    3. @Candy Land And setting all that aside, why have the democrats done nothing in the places they do have the power to change? Why have their conditions remained squalid?

    1. @M. Rodrigo Lemus She’s a judge and she can’t look up “woman” in a dictionary??? American Lawyers should AT LEAST have a basic understanding of the English language. How can you debate the law if you don’t know the definitions of BASIC words???

    2. @M. Rodrigo Lemus If she can’t read a dictionary, what makes you think she can read the Constitution???

    3. @Victory in Truth : That was a Bullsht question and you know it… Republicans are trying to trick her with some LGBTQ Bullsht… Only she’s too smart for you… How come the last three Republican judges were never asked for the definition of a Woman?… GET REAL CUPCAKES 😉

  5. Ah yes, affirmative action, just look at how poorly we rank in math & science. Don’t forget, we’ve also gone from judging people by the color of their skin to judging people by the color of their skin.

    1. Since when has America NOT judged people based on their skin?

      People will quote MLK to death yet write laws into existence that go against everything he stood for. Ugh.

    2. If a black woman constitutionally becoming a Supreme Court Judge upsets you,
      But the VIOLENT Jan.6 insurrection at the American Capitol doesn’t
      – you’re a republican RACIST.

    3. @AllTogetherNow It’s NOT that she’s black… It’s that her being black was the reason she was nominated. That’s called racial profiling at the highest level. Do you understand now? Or are you an idiot?

    4. @R3D Panda You do realize that the MAJORITY of those “laws” you’re talking about were put in place by the party you’re currently defending? You people are such tools and dull ones at that…

    5. How would it look for you for race to be completely out of the nomination process?

      In my opinion, you and people like you seem to think that whenever a woman of color reaches a prestigious position, you immediately assume they only made it there because of their race. Is that true from your perspective? I just want to know how you think

  6. Activist judges are annoying. It’s the job of congress to write and define laws. It’s the job of judges to make sure those laws are carried out. If we had a working congress, this wouldn’t be such a complicated concept. It’s not her job to alter sentencing guidelines. If she wants to change those, she needs to run for congress. It’s that straightforward. Our legislators and aides are all such a corrupt bunch of fuckups though, you can’t realistically change things that need to be changed through the legislative branch anymore.

    1. @Cedric Knight Based on the Constitution. For one, Obama never had the Iranian nuclear go to the Senate for ratification. Obama circumvented the Constitution on treaties. The SCOTUS should have stepped in.

    2. @apogeeangel I’m not on social media and well aware how our rights are being pulled from us. Thanks!
      We’re headed for very difficult times.

    3. @Cedric Knight I pity your comprehensive aptitude. I was using that as an example as where the SCOTUS should have stepped in and the purpose of the court. But I see that you have a deficiency in reading skills too. Obama didn’t do anything to end a recession. We coming out of it shortly after he was elected. The stock market bottomed in March of 2009. Recovery was underway. He he did do was prohibit economic growth through his ridiculous EOs. That’s why he had the lowest economic growth since the depression. Don’t let that upset you too much.

    4. @gideon westgate lmao omg I just realized that when i said based you thought I was asking a question… go feed your kids bro. Like Obama isn’t my god Emporer and I’m not gonna defend every policy decision that he is made. Go to sleep grandpa. Obama “Given the state of the economy in 2009, the economic performance of the Obama years could easily have been worse. Compared to similar economies, the US economy was relatively strong – with an impressive decline in unemployment and reasonably strong economic growth. Despite fears over the economic stimulus package, there were no adverse consequences – there was no inflationary impact or rising bond yields. It compares well compared the relative austerity of Europe.” ( sure the economic growth was sluggish during his last years as president but again I know he’s human and i’m bound to disagree. Just ask you do the same for republicans. or just go feed your kids like I ask old man

  7. Civil rights movement: I’m selecting a supreme court justice that is black and a female…….

  8. We don’t need activists in the SC. We need constitutionalists.
    We also need people on the SC that can give a definition of “woman”.

    1. @AllTogetherNow she would also NOT answer the question of if she supported court packing, she is a liberal activist for the globalists who want to destroy our constitution which will have negative consequences even for a racist like you.

    2. @AllTogetherNow there was no insurrection, the fbi won’t release any of the video from the capital because they know the fbi would be implicated in the whole thing and Nancy Pelosi would be held liable for turning down Trumps offer of 10,000 national guard for security. It was a setup to trap Trump supporters, any idiot can see this, but democrats are beyond idiots.

  9. I Wish I could send you what I’ve been Reading On The Laws They Are Passing, Taking More & More Rights & Ways For We The People To Get Justice From Corruption—
    If your on Social Media Sites Like Facebook or Tic Toc, you Should Read Up our Right To Sue The State over our Civil Rights Cause Soon, we Won’t Have Any… .
    My Town, County, & State Refused To Enforce The Laws To Help & Save me, and I Lost my family & Home Because Of IT

  10. This woman is dangerous, its apparent to me that she values her “authority” over adherence to laws. Someone who assumes authority they don’t actually have then ignores their actual job function is a bad combination.

    1. If a black woman constitutionally becoming a Supreme Court Judge upsets you,
      But the VIOLENT Jan.6 insurrection at the American Capitol doesn’t
      – you’re a republican RACIST.

    2. @AllTogetherNow Why should we be scared of an insurrection with incompetent fools like this running our government? Anything is better than this.🤨🇺🇸

    3. @AllTogetherNow This good for nothing black woman is a liberal activist. Not a a constitutionalist.
      She should be disqualified.

    4. @AllTogetherNow🙄classic spam. Completely ignore the nuance and cry racist. It’s old hun. Try using that shriveled thing in your skull to maybe win an argument for once

  11. Has talked a lot with no insight as to her positions. All you have to do is look at the activist groups who are supporting her, therein lies all you need to know! She will be the biggest activist supreme court judge the country has ever had.

  12. Judge Jackson has a pattern of letting child porn offenders off the hook for their appalling crimes, both as a judge and as a policymaker. She’s been advocating for it since law school. This goes beyond “soft on crime.” I’m concerned that this a record that endangers our children

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