Supreme Court Rules NCAA Can’t Limit Benefits To Student Athletes

The Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that the NCAA cannot prevent universities from giving education-related benefits, such as computers, instruments or internships, to student athletes. NBC's Pete Williams reports on this decision and how it may impact the discussion over compensating students.

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Supreme Court Rules NCAA Can't Limit Benefits To Student Athletes


  1. Why would the NCAA not want benefits for athletes? If they are profiting from these athletes and games, shouldn’t the athletes at least receive something, too?

    1. @Ben Allmon that’s the only reason I can think of. Not sure why this was even a thing to begin with.

    2. You answered your own question, they profit off them. Any slice of the pie for the very people who justify the existence of the organisation is a cut out of their own slice

    3. I would say more graft than greed.
      It’s normal to feel greedy once in a while. But most people don’t make shady business deals to indulge their greed.

    1. Doesn’t make sense. No matter the organization, black or white, student athletes should be paid for their likeness. At least something. It doesn’t have be what athletes in the industry…basketball, football…ect. I think you would be upset if you had a child that was an athlete and his or her likeness was being used and they got nothing. These organization make millions of, if not billions of dollars. I guess it comes down to them keeping most of the money in their pockets.

    2. @hexalone Just another example of the rich getting richer and everyone beneath them doing the actual work for peanuts.

    3. @hexalone – Since the days of free revenue, off these kid backs, is coming to a screeching halt, why not simply eliminate college athletics and let the world of supply and demand create a paying minor league of athletics? the classrooms will definitely open up to real academia.

  2. Penn State has 100 gazillion dollars in checking because of football while charging insane tuition costs. I hope all students benefit from this decision.

    1. They do? I thought they were broke because they had to pay millions in lawsuits because Jerry Sandusky was pumping little kids in the locker room.

    2. Why not end all athletics in colleges and just create a paying minor league of athletics and stop making these kids jump through the hoops of academia or the pretense of accomplishing academia. Controversy ended….

  3. I just feel so bad for the poor NCAA. Whatever will they do if they can’t severely under compensate student athletes?

    1. @J Barnhart you don’t go to college to get a sports degree none of them come out with a sports degree you go to college to achieve higher learning to go into professional areas of life down with college sports why do we allow our higher learning establishments just to be farms for sports teams

    2. @J Barnhart 1988 was the death blow to amateur sports in the world why would professional basketball players and whatnot want to compete against college-aged amateurs sure Russia had some some teams that were semi-professional and probably other countries too but you know what the games were set up for peaceful amateurs to compete globally which you’ve taken away shame on the religion of sport

    3. @Stefan Schleps the fans are also part of the problem stop worshiping worshiping sports like colleges be what they were built to be schools of higher education

  4. The only reason any of these colleges have been able to get as big as they’ve gotten is from sports. Let’s stop acting like these athletes are amateurs when they bring in billions of dollars

    1. @Ted miles
      So, if you’re there on a music scholarship, you should be expected to form a band, write the songs, record the songs, promote the songs, go on tour, rake in hundreds of millions of dollars, and accept your education as total payment? Athletics is the only scholarship where that is expected.

    2. @Ted miles compared to what those athletes pull in for the colleges- while risking their literal physical and mental health for the rest of their lives- no, those scholarships are peanuts. How about you stop pretending that nothing but a scholarship for already over-inflated books and tuition is equal to the millions these teams bring in.

    3. No, colleges garner a good reputation from scientific research, not athletics. Money spent on school sports is a waste, and does nothing to better the college or humanity. Drop the sports, and put the money into research.

    4. @Deborah Freedman 40% on average is the amount of money sports brings overall to major universities. Educate yourself on the topic before speaking. So kids who could never get out of their environment without sports and now have the financial freedom to give back to their communities aren’t helping humanity? You sound dumb

  5. IN summation: _THE RICH want THE POOR begging for WORK for nothing at all._
    *DEFUND the 5 BANKS of the New York Stock Exchange*
    *DEFUND the NETWORKS MEDIA and Remove Foreign Ownership*

    1. ​@Daniel Garrison I like to think I serve some purpose greater than PAY.
      Thanks! – I’d preferer that a Younger intelligent person who truly lives among the people, and has had the personal experience of the unfair distribution of JUSTICE.

      GREAT Personal Wealth have been the root cause of 20 year wars of 100 year wars of Bigotry and Prejudice for 10s of Thousands of years.

      We can be better than that, but we need YOUTH to carry out such ambitions crossing over to a HUMAIN lifestyle (always up for interpretation) and gives no credibility to FAITH Healing actual events, or cult blind sighting the public for personal gain.

    1. I don’t think they should get directly paid though they do get free college.

      However, I do believe that the students should be allowed to make money off of their name; sign autographs, promote local businesses, etc.

    2. They should receive a fixed cash stipend. Student athletes can’t work a part time job so some reasonable pay rate should be set for all players

    3. @FAITHandLOGIC actually there not garreteed free college, if the suffer an injury that and lose the ability play (more common that going pro after) the scholarship goes away

    4. @Gerald Grenier I know two guys, one who played for Michigan State, that lost their futures because of an injury.

  6. The NCAA is a business cartel desperately trying to resist paying its student athletes. Kind of reminds me of the days when a certain group of farmers resisted paying fair wages for the labour to pick their crops.

    1. This is nothing like slavery. It’s contracted extracurricular activity. Only in the modern era do student athletes waste a lot of time on their sport, back 100 yeara ago they all just put leather helmets on, smoked a cig, thrashed hands, and went back to class. There was no 16 hour conditioning sessions a week.

      Thing is it’s not as worth your time to play unless you’re under a scholarship, or you’re in college just to get into a pro league, and not advance your education.

    2. Just create a minor league of athletics and stop making these kids jump through the hoops of academia or the pretense of accomplishing academia. Controversy ended….

    3. If you “pay” student-athletes, it not going to make things better only worsr. Also what athletes get paid? Only those who sports make money.

    1. Why not end all athletics in colleges and just create a paying minor league of athletics and stop making these kids jump through the hoops of academia or the pretense of accomplishing academia. Controversy ended….

  7. They pay the coaches millions…so that “non-profit” argument they keep using is bs.

    1. @Fuey Manchoo
      No, the coaches who get multimillion dollar contracts are usually working for teams that actually make a profit (basketball and football) that funds the other sports programs that don’t. They are also often paid at least in part by booster programs that tap rich alumni for their salaries. And they are often at private universities as well. So the actual cost to taxpayers is probably minimal.

    2. @infinitytoinfinitysquaredbitch Go ahead and type this in google or the search engine of your choice: Top paid State employees

    3. @Fuey Manchoo
      But as I said, it’s not usually taxpayers who are paying them. It’s all the things I listed.

    4. @Fuey Manchoo
      When a university wants a good coach for a sport like basketball and football, they put together a package that includes a bunch of income sources from outside the university, including sports boosters and private advertising sources. Those income sources are only there because you’re hiring a good coach who is hopefully going to produce a winning team and even more income from fans. I’m not saying taxpayers aren’t footing part of the bill in some cases, but in reality it’s probably a LOT LESS than it appears.

  8. There going to be given educational benefits. What an excellent way to go! Not everyone is going to make it into the pros so let’s make sure everyone gets the best education possible.

  9. By law and many court cases, if you profit from another’s image, name, etc, you have to compensate them for it. NCAA has always been exempt, because they were “STUDENTS”. Regardless of the millions the colleges and NCAA make from them that allows them to pay millions to the coaches. Who quickly tank when the. “STUDENTS” loose, because it’s not the coaches who actually do the job. The student’s risk getting hurt and having their budding careers ended, while the coaches have no such risk. About time NCAA has to obey the laws the rest of the country has to. Barry.

  10. Whilst I support this decision, the billions of dollars the NCAA makes could also be used to create free tuition for Tertiary education. The money could also be used to rebuild America’s Primary and Secondary education – which are abysmal and extensively class-stratified relative to other developed nations. Our Universities operate at a much higher level because of international investment, not US educational ability and overall level of education. That said, my concern is University athletes being astronomically overcompensated like their professional counterparts. And of course, concern that these funds will not be distributed fairly.

    1. If pro athletes are overcompensated, it’s because that’s where American values lie. The U.S. public pays for what is important to it, despite otherwise saintly proclamations.

  11. The students should receive compensation How’s the Universities Are getting rich Off of these athletes.

  12. I think this is a great decision. Colleges have made billions off of these young players. This only seem fair.

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