Smaller Bipartisan Infrastructure Compromise Gains Support | MSNBC 1

Smaller Bipartisan Infrastructure Compromise Gains Support | MSNBC


NBC's Sahil Kapur reports from Capitol Hill as a smaller bipartisan infrastructure deal gains support from 11 Senate Republicans but progressive Democrats could be hesitant to support the deal.

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Smaller Bipartisan Infrastructure Compromise Gains Support | MSNBC


  1. Did they forget McConnell said his goal in life is to block everything? Wake up and smell the coffee democrats.

    1. @Cognitive Supreme I bet when you were young your mom told you that you were smart. I hate to break it to you but she lied.

    2. @Paul Copland I bet your mom told you, that you were below average. Here you are proving her right.

  2. This bill is a fraud. Both parties are calling it out. I’m glad we can both see the BS they are selling.

    1. Completely fraudulent they’re literally going to hand it off to private hands like Paul singer the federal housing bill that all the sudden bipartisanship ended 2 months ago was stuffed with social impact bonds

  3. Smaller Bipartisan Infrastructure, oh well Sen.Manchin, President Biden probably won’t go lower than designated. Your democratic constituents are watching.

    1. What’s the solution? Ignore failing infrastructure or brute-force it through budget reconciliation?

  4. States like NY, Florida, California , Texas need the infrastructure updates now before they crumble .

  5. Not bipartisan it’s a gutting in the handoff of privatization to Paul singer

  6. smaller bipartisan — means the MINORITY rules – because Moscow Mitch and his republican raiders have no desire to compromise.

  7. lol Concerned Collins and lying Graham… what a trustworthy coalition… just cut out that bipartisan crap will you. The great leader Kim Yong Mitch has said he wants to stop everything and if he threatens to take away linsey’s chocolate milk its bye bye bridges roads and kindergardens… why do you always fall for hope? hope is not a strategy!

  8. This country needs to start voting on it’s own site on real issues in real time instead of youtube, facebook, twitter. American Citizens Only. We already do our banking and pay bills online, no reason at all we shouldn’t be United as a democracy is supposed to be.

  9. I’ve always wondered how these politicians can flat out lie in everyone’s faces and stay in office, year after year.

  10. I always laugh when the comments trash the other political party not realizing the democrats and the republicans are in bed together. That’s why Biden said that we need a “strong Republican Party”.

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