Supreme Court Turns Blind Eye To History In Upholding AZ Voter Suppression Laws 1

Supreme Court Turns Blind Eye To History In Upholding AZ Voter Suppression Laws


Cecillia Wang, deputy legal director of the ACLU, talks about the Supreme Court's ruling upholding Arizona's voter suppression law and the significance of the ruling for voting rights in the United States. 
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    1. @Kraang ‎‎‎‎‎‎​ don’t know don’t care my dad is dead don’t know him and really don’t care

    2. @Shawn Awesome 77 why you parrot everything other tell you is obvious…learn how to make your own decisions

    1. They can, but they can’t also register and vote in New Hampshire. It’s either/or but not both.

    2. @Tim Shafer but to register a vote in nh they need to officially move here. How it should be.

    3. As most have said, no that’s not what it means. You can read the bill yourself online and decide. The press is clearly blatantly partisan which doesn’t lend them credibility regardless of “side” chosen.

    4. @ShotYall however if you are only attending UNH, you can either request an absentee ballot, or go home for election day, but you cannot register to vote in NH and vote absentee in your home district. There used to be residency requirements required, such as 90 days in a precinct or district, with a cut off of 30 days before an election, so one couldn’t “move” for the sole purpose of attempting to sway an outcome. This, apparently to Democrats, is vote suppression.

  1. Couldn’t those students still vote in their home states through absentee voting? That’s what I did during college.

    1. @The Logic Party ain’t is a real word though. You’re getting all worked up about nothing

  2. No reason the college students can’t get an absentee ballot from their home state. You need to be a resident of a state to be able to legally vote in that state.

    1. I know huh , what do they think you don’t have to be a resident in that state! 2nd anywhere you live you have to register your car ! Everywhere I’ve ever lived I’ve had to do the same!

    1. @jeck jeck You never had a case! You just proved, your ignorant and like to stay that way!

    2. @jeck jeck I bet before your tv told you, you didn’t know what an insurrection was or even heard of it!
      If you think January 6th was an insurrection, you really dont know!

  3. Let me get this straight.
    If you’re a “legal resident” of Ohio, (with full voting rights as an Ohio resident), going to college in New Hampshire; New Hampshire doesn’t allow you to cast another vote for the President in it’s state?
    That’s outrageous!

    1. you can simply get an absentee ballot from ohio or register to vote in NH using college address

    2. Go figure, I mean if they want to they should be allowed. Let them eat their cake and have it as well.

    3. I was stationed in San Diego but still a resident of Florida. It wasn’t too difficult to get an absentee ballot even back in the 90’s before you could do it online. Same for college students.

    4. Liberal version… They should be allowed to vote in every state, as many times as they please!
      It doesn’t even matter if they’re American residents or not

    1. That’s how the left operate. Call Trump a racist enough times and the mindless sheep will believe it. Say there was no election fraud without doing an audit, and the sheep will agree. Tell people that poor black people cans get identification to vote (yet they have to have it to collect welfare), and the sheep will blame their new catch phrase: systemic racism. The reality is, the Democrat party DEPENDS on voter fraud by the illegal aliens they are allowing in the open border at over a quarter million a month. They are doing all they can to start a Civil War. They are doing a good job at that, if nothing else.

  4. “supression”. they arent turning a blind eye to it, they ruled on it and you dont like it

    1. @blueseaview 11 and you must be perfect sitting at the right hand of God. Thank you for your input it was flush away like a turd in a toilet

    2. @blueseaview 11 OMG you must be sitting at God’s right hand. Making such assumptions and accusations. Hope you make a good case for yourself when you’re in front in of God. Right now…..

    3. @Support LEO’s How thoughtful of you to pass judgement on me. You must be at the right hand of God.

  5. They think “POC” aren’t smart enough or capable of navigating their swampy waters.

    They think if they say “Jim Crow” enough, people won’t listen to the rest of their word soup.

    1. Conservatives think POC aren’t smart enough to see voting restrictions under the guise of election integrity.

  6. MBSBS shame on you for Misinformation. When I clicked on clip an ad appears with Stacy Abrams pleading for money. She has 2 homes worth 1.4 million, yet her 2018 complain in massive debt. Politicians of privileged need to removed and the only way is Americans to have non corrupt elections

    1. When I saw Stacy’s lying mug I thought, dang, the lying on this network can’t even wait until after the commercials.

  7. Kinda like the MSM “turns a blind eye” to facts and anything that requires actually journalism!

  8. “Most college Students barely have time to do their laundry” hahahaha yeah, only the engineering, science & pre-med majors ! The rest have too much free time on their hands.

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