Surfside Mayor: The Pain For The Families Is 'Unimaginable' 1

Surfside Mayor: The Pain For The Families Is ‘Unimaginable’


In South Florida, the death toll has risen to 78 and searchers are entering their third weekend of digging through the rubble at the collapsed Champlain Towers South. Mayor of Surfside Charles Burkett, joins Geoff Bennett with updates from his community.
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  1. Maybe they should push for proper regulation. Of course it’s a Republican lead state so that won’t happen.

    1. ​@darena12 So you have no defense? Just some conspiracy about republicans sending homeless people to blue states lol.

      Mindless donkeys are so adorable.

    2. @darena12 you have no argument nor a soapbox to stand on. California is homeless that’s a fact. You attract all the scum the earth has to offer with failing liberal policies. Keep it up half your state is in Florida and Texas now. Thats why they gained seats and you lost 2 but stick to the lefty logic its amusing.

    1. @darena12 you’re the one delusional. Well are you saying God hasn’t done anything for you. Well I once said that until just recently. Then I realized. Yes he did. “God gave me Jesus” that’s my quote now. And it always will be till I pass. I am 65 years old and nonsense like you spoke. Is pure selfishness.

    2. @Virginia Pendleton You can believe anything you want. What you cannot do is force your beliefs on everyone else. Which is what chrisians are famous for. All religions are cults, you’ve been indoctrinated and don’t even know it.

      “I like your Christ. You can keep your christians.” ~ Gandhi

  2. What about the recently discovered photos from Hunter Biden’s laptop proving Joe Biden a liar 😳

    1. @UCewJ1D9iEYea47fdSoNLF6w Someone throwing insults without any debate. I mean MSDNC is basically the dumpster fire of the internet – covering 4chan conspiracy news.. Whadda ya really expect from their followers?

    2. @Google User you are just adorable. It’s always so amusing watching your conservative cultists show how big of snowflakes you actually are. We can all plainly see the vile actions taken by your filthy Republican Party.

  3. I wonder how many of these folks, going through this tragedy, voted for the republicans who de-regulated building inspections and code compliance, which maybe could have prevented this?

    1. Regulation and donkeys don’t actually mix in reality. Are your mass homeless camps in Tentville, CA up to code? Doubt it lol.

  4. Awww suddenly the Mayor “cares”. He turned a blind eye to structural regulations until a building fell on his career. Mayor since 2006 and didn’t have a clue. Uhuh.

  5. Yes. Anyone who has seen the video of the collapse and read the history and reports on this building knows that the whole thing is unimaginable and the pain and suffering is unimaginable. It is completely beyond the pale. The terror being inspired regarding other condo buildings is palable.

    1. Yes. That is my thinking. Buildings like this in the USA do not instantly collapse in a few seconds.

    2. Just glad this did not happen in CA. First responders would still be in court trying to get past the tent city’s surrounding most buildings.

  6. this is what happens when you let developers run your city and building inspectors look the other way for a price. no code enforcement either. Miami is a third world city .

    1. Yup… his arrogant claim that “buildings don’t just fall down in America” doesn’t seem accurate does it?

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