Hutchinson: Misinformation Leading To Lower Vaccination Rate In Arkansas 1

Hutchinson: Misinformation Leading To Lower Vaccination Rate In Arkansas


Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) discusses the misinformation about the  Covid vaccine in his state and how it is leading to a lower vaccination rate.
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    1. @TruthSeeker08 Check out all the vaccines required for children to enter kindergarten and grade school. And maybe try seeking truth somewhere besides Fox “News” and Qanon sites.

    2. @John Clarke Thankfully the Delta variant is here, a vigorously transmissible virus. Since the overwhelming majority of people contracting and dying from this virus are the unvaccinated, the more unvaccinated who eventually die, the safer the U.S. will be for everyone else.

    3. @honora lovall No, I’ve never heard anyone say they studied science rigorously. I heard people say they spanked their monkey rigorously, but not studied science. And rube? wtf? Tell me the truth… did you just watch silence of the lambs? Are you trying to act like hannibal?

    4. @Demetria Karnavas You’re a wonderful human being. I hope one of vaccinated who gets the virus turns out to be…

    5. @TruthSeeker08 Dump trump had nothing to do with the roll out of people getting vaccinated.

  1. All Governors should be doing PSA. Thanks Governor I live in Florida mine never will he supports that Big Orange Man😡

    1. @E B so it is ok trump is responsible for 600000 deaths? It is ok for their families as long as the country can open up. What a sad pathetic excuse for a human being

    2. @Jock Young idk about the “trade off” a lot of people die and get abused when lock downs happen. People seem to ignore this fact

    3. @E B Not in Washington where the vast majority are vaccinated. If you can’t handle a little stress how will you deal with real trouble…like a death in the family maybe. Goddess, you would give the kiss of death in order to party unsafely. Just how old are you? Sounds like your orange man.

  2. Obviously Hutchison is doing a horrible job when people are doing a horrible job you have to get rid of them both his butt out

  3. Arkansas had 1,210 new cases yesterday. Making it #5 behind states like Texas, Florida, and California.
    Florida has 7x more people but only 3x the number of new cases.
    So yeah…not looking too smart there, Arkansas.

  4. Blue states = listen to science = higher vaccinations = lower cases = helping get out of the pandemic
    Red states = listen to idiots = lower vaccinations = higher cases = keeping us in the pandemic

    1. ​@Tracey Youbles We “sheep” are 79% vaccinated. The state is open and we are working. Of course we’re not stupid like you all. And we’re educated.

    2. @Adam Taylor I have a question to all the ETHICAL scientists & doctors here: If one sickness or death from Covid is one too many, then why is one severe adverse reaction and death from the vaccine NOT GIVEN the same weight? If we value LIFE, then everything should be equal? This is the logic.

    3. @honora lovall With a 99.98% survival rate, and natural immunity mirroring the vaccine, the rabid push to vaccinate kids is bizarre. Under 21, the survival rate is 99.998%. Those who scream about science appear to be really bad at analyzing data.

    1. If you watch any Tucker, Laura, or Sean segments as I do for perspective, you would know exactly why America is struggling to get fully vaccinated. There is an organized campaign at FOX to use vaccine hesitancy as a nightly issue now that they burning out CRT. They have jump all over the Biden plan to go door to door, prepping their audience to appear at their doors with guns to greet the volunteers they have been instructed reject as Nazi Brown Shirts, there only to oppress them.

    2. @J Barton Pretty sad what they do to endanger America’s health. And for what purpose? Trump proudly boasts about “his” vaccines and got vaccinated. I don’t get it. I guess, like Obama, they have to oppose everything Biden.

  5. Asa Hutchinson is willfully ignorant of the fact that his own party is the source of all the misinformation.

  6. Why are red states always last in women’s rights, voting rights, life expectancy, high school graduates, but first in cancer rates, obesity rates, gun deaths?

    1. @Jock Young Oh, my bad. Maybe Obama was the one person in America who leftists DIDN’T accuse of being a russian. Sorry. But I guess like Rachel maddow, you should view my comments as not meant to inform, but entertain. Have fun having your way with Science

    2. @John Clarke
      Yes, there are idiots on both sides. But don’t react only to them and hate everybody because of it. I don’t hate conservatives just because some of them attacked the Capitol

    3. @John Clarke Fortunately you are on a path to extinction. Gen Z is anti capitalist and pro Socialist. Thankfully.

  7. We worked together to wipe out smallpox. We need to do this for CV too.
    Its just a matter of time b4 CV gets you. Be prepared. Value your life and those around you.

    1. Definitely! That’s what I say — let all the Cult 45’s get covid and die, more blue wave for 2022. Darwin!

  8. Right wingers are like two-year olds. They just say “No!” about anything and everything before they even know the facts. All they seem to understand is it’s their right not to do it…whatever it is…so they don’t.

  9. Maybe Hutchinson would be better served making his comments on a right-wing outlet like Fox or Newsmax ….Those who need the info AREN’T watching MSNBC . ..frankly , as soon as anyone in the Republican party comes onto a ” liberal ” outlet ….they become suspect in the conservative world ……also known as LaLa land …..

  10. United States Supreme Court
    Jacobson v Massachusetts 1905
    They AGREED with a lower courts decision that States have the authority to make a vaccine mandatory, it was in regards to Small Pox.

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