Biden Signs Sweeping Executive Order To Boost Competition In US Economy 1

Biden Signs Sweeping Executive Order To Boost Competition In US Economy

President Biden delivered remarks on an executive order he is enacting to have the federal government take "full and aggressive enforcement of antitrust laws" and promote competition in the U.S. economy.
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    1. @E B NOPE, no child, I have been around since Nixon. I see you have NO factual back up to any of your claims.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis No they take them out of the cages when on suicide watch. That seems better to you? What a liberal. LOL

  1. Wow, this Biden Speech is going down in history as the point when things change for the average person, leaving corporations who aren’t people, Mitt Romney, in the dust where they BELONG!

    More mom and pop stores opening for themselves!

    1. @The FuQ is Wrong with you? Your name sounds like what people say to you, or think, when you express your opinion.

    2. You should have seen the whole speech when he screwed up about 5 times reading the teleprompter

    3. @TexTech I am sure next time you repeat your BS it will be 10 times. Thanks for your useless reply MAGAt TexTech

    4. @phil heidt I’m sorry if I popped your bubble. You talk about BS, this network is full of it. Stay in your make believe world. Biden may bring it down around your head.

    5. @TexTech No worries Tex no need for an apology. A make believe world exists only in the MAGAt heads.

  2. Thank you Mr President. It took enormous courage and resolve to take such a stance, I think and in my humble view.

    1. It still seems unbelievable that we have a Normal President, Again! President Biden is doing the Job we NEED a President to DO!!

  3. While I have hated some of the devisive things this administration has done (same with the last dude), I truly appreciate the messaging in this speech. God! I really hope we can come together as a country.

    1. @Randy Fuentes Harris was won absolutely nothing. She was not meant to be a statesmen. Statesperson? However, if I remove some of the “anti-other” rhetoric that biden has spewed, I do believe his 1st year is going well. Wouldn’t have voted for either of them, but it doesn’t detract from my desire to see America prosper.

    1. @mike briganti so you like higher prices and only one company to choose from, like your cable or internet.?

    2. @mike briganti leave mike briganti alone, hes speaking in all caps because hes a racist boomer, just wait it out he will cease sooner or later, hatred will speed it up!

    3. @mike briganti Do you get 7 dollars an hour to troll? Biden is fighting to get you 15 dollars per hour. What a bast.rd Do you think that you are only worth 7 dollars an hour?

    4. @d k hey, don’t insult us boomers. We made a real revolution in the 60s; what you are seeing on the right is pushback from the South and what’s left of the 1950s generation. Archie Bunker, actually.

  4. Decades of tax cute for the rich and corporations have created economic, education, healthcare, social inequality not seen since the great Depression.

    1. You are so right! It slowly became very obvious to us Americans I think mainly because of social media. Now that we know that Republicans would sacrifice all Americans for a little more money and power., decent people across the US will vote them out!

  5. Biden stands several shoulders above Trump in actually serving the country. I do not necessarily support all his policies or share his world view. That said, he is a much better leader of the people of the USA than Trump ever dreamed of being.

    1. @mike briganti poor Mike has to all cap his letters. I guess it’s a compensation thing…ha ha.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis It’s getting worse by the day Everyone in the world can see this unless you’re extremely biased.

    2. @No Show Joe how is it getting worse? I see things getting better. Back up claim on worse it is.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis You think things are better because you watch nothing but Democrat propaganda, the Russia hoaxers, the people who push fake hate crimes, the people who call something racist today that yesterday they themselves endorsed. The man obviously is in serious cognitive decline.

    4. @psycobleach46 tullis If I try to link the dozens of videos that show his decline, YT shadowbans the comment, so the comment is visible on my end but the comment counter never goes up and you never see it. Imagine thinking the side that censors in this way could ever be the good guys. An example of a link they block from you is – The Sun ‘Biden struggles to answer questions and reads from note cards.’ Type that in and look at how lost this dude is. Pathetic.

    1. @Sara Wärlestedt no you’re not wrong at all, I was thinking the same thing when I read the comment thats why it made me laugh

    2. @First son of Mustachio’s first son no but the very out of place reply that didn’t fit any of the other comments made your answer very weird. Bot or troll. At least we can agree on you being a person being a good thing 🙂 night

    1. It’s about time we start REALLY moving into the 21st Century! A whole new Millenium and we are still stuck in the Old one, in too many ways!!

    2. @harrison wintergreen That whole idea is folly. The New Deal started the labor movement – that grew and sustained the purchasing power of millions of Americans – you know, CREATED A MIDDLE CLASS. Social Security probably saved your grandmother from starving to death and the federal regulations put on on the financial industry protected us from another Great Depression every happening. THAT, my friend, is not a disaster. What’s a disaster is the BS “right to work” laws and other corporate brainscrews that make the common man think that unions are the enemy of the people. Without unions or – would you prefer – heavy regulation – we will not rebuild the middle class and you will get poorer while the super rich get richer.

  6. Biden won with the biggest voter turnout in US history. I’d say he has a mandate. The GOP better get in line and support the will of the people or we will wipe them off the map.

  7. Republicans over the years worked with corporations to ship our jobs and manufacturing overseas. That’s why housing and property is so expensive. It’s one of last income makers outside of the service industries Tax the crud out of Corporations who hire foreign workers ..Good on you Joe.

  8. This is absolutely needed. Get started breaking them up. It’s not just tech companies. It’s grocery stores, banks, medical facilities, educational facilities – anything that generates a lot of money.

    1. @Jerry Beloin What does using “strongly” at least twice in every sentence make t?
      How many of t’s cabinet were gone by this point while he was squatting at the capitol? Biden? That’s why blowing up this “trouble in Kamalas office” bs.

    2. @Jevon Little 2 justice systems in America one for conservatives one for democrats its disgusting

  9. Trump was a blow hard. Biden is the one who is actually bringing our troops home and fixing the economy.

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