Trump Still Key For Republicans Six Months After Jan. 6 Attack 1

Trump Still Key For Republicans Six Months After Jan. 6 Attack


Chuck Todd breaks down how the Republican Party has become "more radical" and "more committed to Trumpism" six months after the attack on the Capitol. 
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  1. The American people have to decide what they want their future to look like; something that looks like a democracy or a dictatorship.

    1. Hunter, I’m not sure whether you don’t see the wood for the trees because these are your only media viewing channels or you’re genuinely deluded, but from what I’ve seen, viewing from 3,000 miles away, everything is going downwards. I view across the media, incidentally, across the political spectrum, and I’m moderate right, so left on welfare as long as it’s checked, closer to a British liberal. Full disclosure, that’s all, not a Republican, not American.

      I think that you’ll realise in time what’s happening right now.

    2. @Jonathan Villalobos : Wait, where are you from? Because ever since this administration stole, “I mean took” office, prices for “EVERYTHING” have gone through the roof. At least under Trump I was able to feed my family “and” pay my bills. Now I have to choose who gets paid and who has to wait. Thanks for voting to ruin a great country.

    3. @Hunter Roberts : What planet do you live on? Would love to hear what you think is better now than when Trump was President. Bet you really love paying more for everything since the puppet stole the White House.

    4. @Rolo Thatcher “Where are you from?”from the great U.S.of A.”ever since this administration stole” this administration didn’t steal anything.your Orange god is just a SORE LOSER! get over it! Stop drinking the Orange Kool-Aid.

  2. So very sad to see the GOP paralyzed by Trump and the failure to get over the loss and get a message to move forward

  3. A day will come when the Republican scam will be discovered by their following.

    1. Hull Style, stay on point, squire, you’re all over the place. You’re like a drunk driver weaving across the road. I think we need to stop and get you from behind that wheel.

      Would you care to comment on the direct quote I provided as a retort to your comment regarding Charlottesville?

    2. @TheDiamond2009 look at how AL Gore conceited to George Bush and what he said about how he did not agree with the ruling but because it is better for the country he fully conceited. Trump not only hasn’t but is telling you how he we be reinstated which is not possible as no path or law in the constitution would premit that.
      He is basically saying he is willing to overthrow the current government to take power.
      He is a loser and can’t understand why you believe in a loser.
      Trump does not care about the country he only cares about himself as the country divided after he took power. A leader tries to unify as a country divided can not stand. How will your life improve in a divided nation?

    3. Hull Style, I’m going to assume that you’re either drunk or on the bong, because you’re all over the place. I asked you about your Charlottesville comment. I provided you with a direct quote from Trump in response to your comment. Discuss. And then we can move on to other points. I’m happy to pull it all apart, no problem at all, but at the moment you’re all over the place, you need to focus and stay on point, because mad ramblings serve no purpose.

      But for now, it’s bedtime, it’s late where I live.

    4. Although talking about leaders unifying countries, I recall Biden saying he would bring the country together. Everything that’s happened since his inauguration has pulled the country further apart. Although that could be part of the grander plan.

    5. @Hull Style Productions Change the World : Just because you say the same lie over and over doesn’t make it fact. Trump built over 500 miles of new wall that helps protect out country. When he asked the Democrats for a mere 5 Billion dollars to complete the wall, Nancy Pelosi said she wouldn’t give Trump one dollar toward the wall to secure the southern border. Since Trump had already built up the Military that President Obama let slip into disrepair and there was a surplus of funds in the Military budget, Trump simply took from that budget, as was his right as commander in chief and tried to make our country safe. But now all you Democrats can do is cancel everything that made our country safe, just because Trump was doing it without “ANY” help from Democrats and very little help from Republicans. Mexico did pay for a large part of what did get built through the money from increased tariffs imposed on Mexico. Again the Governor of Texas is taking matters into his own hands because he can. Being a Republican run state, they have plenty of money and plenty of rich private citizens who are tired of all the drugs and gangs and other illegal people coming here the wrong way. So since the Democrats won’t protect Texas, Texas will protect itself. What makes me laugh is you mock Trump for not finishing the wall, but say “NOTHING” about the Democrats who are on a huge spending spree and could easily finish the wall, but refuse to do so. What a hypocrite!

  4. My biggest fear was that the GOP would pretend that Trump never happened. Americans have such a short memory; that strategy would have worked. But now that Trump just won’t let the GOP out of his tiny orange grasp, chances are that a record number of Americans will vote in the 2022 midterms (not an absolute record number, just when compared to other midterms).

    1. The 2018 Mid-terms, Republicans lost by just over 10 Million, it was the highest midterm % in over 100 years.

    2. I agree. Just listen to Jen Psaki’s press briefings, they are amazing. Coherent, smart, full of data, what a change. I think Biden is doing fantastic, and that people will come out in droves and get the dems control of the House and Senate both. It’s easy to see what a trainwreck the GOP is. What do they even stand for? The party of NO.

    3. My biggest fear is that the soft heads are being indoctrinated into socialism all over the US.

    4. @BeSmart VoteBlue : Wow, at first I thought you were making a joke. But you really do believe that uneducated non-sense, don’t you? Jen “circle back” Psaki’s press briefings are amazing, Coherent, smart, full of data? OMG, you are brainwashed.

    1. @Mike Graham At least I’m not so dense, light bends around me…… that reminds why is it leftists are so absorbed with being clones of each other that they are like Agent Smith? You know ….me me me….and me too…The best thing about being me… There are so many me’ sound like villians…. If you get what I mean….

  5. The GOP has become codependent to an infantile failure of a con artist, and rationalize it by projecting all his faults onto the President of the United States.

    1. @Crybaby Magalosers Gladly! The ones who didn’t want him are too young or stupid to understand why. You are a perfect example thanks.

    2. @T Boned No, less than 1/3 and they are all from waffle house states with no colleges. You think any well-educated person is going to join a death cult and storm the capital??

    1. what is the truth?
      on msnbc, really, lol?
      at least some republicans are Americans
      no democrat is American

    2. @Floyd Allynthe truth is Republicans ain’t going to do nothing for the country either…they want to block infrastructure bill and the the country is going to go back another 50 luck with that

    3. @Clarence Ruruku Republicans arent blocking “infrastructure” they are blocking the biden administration
      & thats what Americans want
      Americans want democrats stopped

    4. @Floyd Allynno..Republicans are blocking everything including Biden and the what is the Republicans plan..??..oh that don’t have a plan for infrastructure either..and nothing will get done..look at the border..

    5. @Clarence Ruruku The Republicans plan is to listen to Americans
      Americans want the illegal biden administration to fail in every way possible

    1. @honora lovall No. Human beings sometimes speak figuratively or exaggerate for effect. Such as when a person would say, ‘I don’t remember life before social distancing’. They don’t REALLY not remember what life was like. It’s more a statement of nostalgia. I know human emotions aren’t readily understandable for you political junkie types, but trust me when I say that most people aren’t as emotionally dead inside as you are

  6. In my country, insurrectionists find themselves in prison very quickly … not easy to run an election campaign from there.

    1. Except with the vast majority of normal Americans who are smarter than you.
      Normal people aren’t dumb enough to believe MSNBC, QAnon, The Globe, CNN or National Enquirer. What’s your excuse?

    2. Mauser, I remember him, he was a darling on these channels, they worshipped him. Tell me, where is he now?

  7. Nice to see that t’rump is running the the GQP just like he ran his businesses.
    Straight into the ground!

  8. *Trump is yesterday’s news; we’ve seen this act before. It’s a new day; let’s move on.*

  9. Okay, given the warnings issued by the DOJ about rising chatter related to domestic extremism and all the bogus talk about some fictitious moment inside the “Alternative Facts” cult bubble where Trump reclaims the presidency in August, do we really think now is the best time to be removing those fences and barriers? What’s the rush? I mean, like can’t we wait until September or October maybe? Just to err on the side of caution? And who is behind this decision?

  10. They’ll never learn. They just want to change the rules to keep their bloated corpse of a party afloat.

  11. Hey Todd, speaking of radicals, why aren’t you covering the Michael Avenatti prison sentence?

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