Biden 'Optimistic' After Call With Putin On Ransomware Attacks 1

Biden ‘Optimistic’ After Call With Putin On Ransomware Attacks


President Biden said he was "optimistic" after a call with Russian President Vladimir Putin on ransomware cyberattacks and expects Russia to act against these groups when the U.S. provides them with information.
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  1. Now the MAGA Cult is projecting Donald’s submissiveness to Putin on Biden. 📽🤪

    1. Submissive is NS2.. Or being shat on after a secret meeting – your team!. Last administration upheld sanctions.

    2. Biden has literally been laughed at to his face!
      G7 Summit they were ALL laughing.
      Can’t keep train of thought and refuses to take a cognitive test, even after doctors have asked.
      The poor fool exudes weakness and it’s just a matter of time before someone makes their move.

    3. Yes! Down with baby carrot and the pro-life cultists! Biden will never bend and spread for Putin. Or as I call him, ‘Putzin’! Baby carrot and putzin!

  2. How many more attacks Biden needs to understand that Putin sees these attacks as his great achievement. Biden must respond with massive cyber counter attack to inflict pain on russia.

    1. @Super Scary Russian Bot .. yes .. und its because russia have a strong Ally … Republikkkans .. this are Traitors who sell their County …
      and yes.. Russia AND Republikkkans in ally can destroy America …… but Russia can never win this fight … everybody in this dirty game will loose …

    2. @Super Scary Russian Bot Biden didn’t meet a single demand? DVM851T. The company did, Ivan, and it’s their prerogative to do so. We don’t legislate how companies choose to protect their own interests, no. That’s something unique to both communism and socialism as both control the means of production, set the prices, and manage the distribution of goods and services. But, sure, tell us all about how you’re right while keeping in mind that your screen name lends you zero credibility. L8r

    3. @Harvey Gnomegrinder, that is exactly what the terrorists are demanding! No terrorist wants to engage the US government directly! They want the government to stay out of it while they exploit the weaker industries and citizens, which has been what Biden is doing.

      Imagine after 9/11, Bush reacted by staying out of it and expecting the airline industry to improve their own security. Imagine if the government stays out of bank robberies while expecting the banks to improve their security. What you are suggesting is beyond reasoning and what every terrorist would want.

    4. @Steve Gillham, it’s all western nations. The eastern nations would never allow this to happen.

  3. senate is sked for a state work period Aug 9 thru Sept 10, 30 days. house is sked for district work periods during Aug – 30 days. tWump is sked for reinstatement Aug 13, according to pillowbrain. what is happening aug 9-13?

  4. When the American people respect Putin as a leader more than their own president there’s obviously a problem

    1. “The White House will not make statements about Hunter’s $500,000 paintings or family members of congress financial dealings”. – Jen Pasaki today in the White House briefing room.

  5. Pelosi refused to send the national guard to capitol . Surely she must be culpable to some degree as this could of prevented things getting out of hand

    1. Who says she refused to send in the guard ? Don’t think that’s even her call to make .

    1. Trump to Putin: “I’m begging you to use lube next time.”
      Putin to Trump: “Shut up, bend over and squeal like a pig… I’m going to give it to you, very strongly.”
      Actual transcripts from their Helsinki meeting.

    2. Biden isn’t stupid, as his predecessor was. He’s not going to show his hand. Remembet what Teddy Roosevelt said; ” Speak softly and carry a big stick”.

    3. Biden gave Putin a list of targets he doesn’t want Russia to hack. So that means the hackers will hack everything else that is related to the targets, but not hack the targets directly. In other words, we’re screwed.

    4. @HeavyHardDrive That’s not as bad as Don the Con giving Putin a list of targets he wanted them to hack. “Russia if your listening”, they were listening and they hacked the DNC that very night.

  6. Russia infected computers with a software update for or from solarwinds..they still do not know if they removed it all. The only way would be to install all new system..was on 60 minutes about how invasive this hack was..this was under Trumps watch.

  7. Well, you can’t say he does _everything_ slowly…he sure leaves these press briefings with the quickness.

  8. American CEOs are still laying off American IT workers and sending the work to foreign countries, including Russia.

  9. The part where he said “and my son Hunter knows how to deal with the Russians, that’s why he negotiated a deal with the ex wife of the major of Moscow for $3.5 million. It’s no joke man, look it up for yourself!” was weird.

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