Surfside Town Manager Responds To News That Building Needed Repairs 1

Surfside Town Manager Responds To News That Building Needed Repairs


Surfside Town Manager Andrew Hyatt reacts to news that the president of the Champlain South Towers condo association warned residents in an April letter of a need for building repairs ahead of the collapse. He also discusses what's happening on the ground in his town and possible changes to building inspections going forward.

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Surfside Town Manager Responds To News That Building Needed Repairs


  1. Who else remembers the GOP used this building as a poster child of deregulation in the 80s even the media went at the x

    1. This is what happens when you have republicans in charge that favor greed, profit, de-regulation, and “freedom” above all else.

    2. @Shared Knowledge,
      Look what happened in TX this past winter. There power sources are completely independent of the nation. They lost power for how many days? Ted cruise tried to sneak out of town, another congressman did leave the state. How many people died?
      How many people froze to death in their beds? A little boy froze to death in his bed That right there is what you get when you deregulate, and you deregulate when you have republicans in office. When was the last time we heard the news of a child freezing to death in their bed? That’s right, this mother, grandmother and great-grandmother has never heard of it once. Shame on Abbott !!

  2. They should do like they do in China these days and jail the contractors, condo board, and anybody else who was at fault here…

    …but they won’t.

    1. @Tex AJP LOL Yeah, sure, and I have a real nice bridge in San Francisco I can sell you. Made of gold. Honest.

  3. At 25 seconds in that pillar is failing… Look on a big screen.. Han Solo would say, I’ve got a bad feeling.. I speak for the victims..

  4. Please, evacuate the other building until you get some engineers in there who say it’s safe. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!;

  5. hes very concerned “about the pictures that come out”. they had info that the tower had structural problems and did nothing. all management should be indicted for negligence and manslaughter for failure to act and maintain their buildings. shut down the whole complex. get everybody out of the buildings these people are managing.

  6. Is he dodging? Is my impression on that correct? Can we expect more collapses in Florida in the next 10 years?

  7. These buildings were only built about 30-40 years ago. I’m seeing rust and crumbling concrete. Those construction materials are not up to code.

    It will be interesting to know what the codes required vs what was used, who built those buildings, and who signed those builds off.

  8. The process after a failed inspection is to start increasing the bribes to people like this guy. For a price “there’s nothing to see here”.

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