Surprise! Raging Coronavirus Epidemic Is Bad For The Economy | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. Beatrice Asarte 😂 good one. Sad but funny and tragic. Well, we asked for Peace on Earth…

    2. 🤣🤣🤣 and with all these gatherings at the end of 2020 we wish you all a happy covid19 2021 New Year.
      This winter will be a killer from an economic and public health perspectives 💀

    1. Speaking as a humanitarian outsider who does not live in the U.S.A., Trump’s comments, directives, and proclamations, together with mainstream GOP silent support, appear more serious and disturbing than just trying to win an election. The man’s recent comments and actions require questions: Dems are taking your guns away? Supporting armed protests and potentially instigating riots? American civil war casualties? Lack of federal assistance? No responsibility? Total power? Liberating states? Sympathy for “responsible” state rebels? Lack of sympathy for people dying? Hailing white supremacists? Available aid to pro-Trumpers – restricting aid to non-admirers? Fake news? Obvious nepotism, cronyism, favoritism and partisanism? Dr. Fauci can appear before the Republican Senate by not before the Democratic House of Representatives? Not a bad idea to have a dictator in the U.S.? The only good democrat is a dead democrat?
      THINK, REVOLUTION! A country divided. And the Covid-19 virus offering the perfect catalyst for conflict. From now on, when listening to the man speak, ask yourself if he is not instilling in his constituency, sparks for ANOTHER CIVIL WAR. Human catastrophes are all too easily ignited. May God Bless Your America… [original post: 17 April 2020]

    1. The Corona virus is just too inconvenient. But there is nothing so inconvenient as premature death.

    2. I don’t watch MSNPC, but what are the chances she was defending the riots just last week…any concerns about an outbreak then?

    1. @theWZZA Wrong, I believe in Jesus Christ, thinking for yourself, respecting people and acting responsibly; instead of following the herd, trusting psychopathic puppets and blindly obeying their demented, deadly ploys. The left/right political paradigm is a lie. Communists and Nazis are two wings of the same bird; the bird of fascism and totalitarian enslavement. Peace.

  1. those corporate bailouts weren’t going to last forever protected 🤷🏼‍♀️I seen those record profits during coronavirus

  2. The Oregon Health Authority reports rising daily positive cases. Next, they inform that rising case numbers relates to MORE testing, contact tracing, case monitoring. They don’t say… but I’m convinced… we should monitor our LOCAL hospital capacities & current LOCAL death toll levels DAILY.
    This info
    not listed on State Health Auth. website but it’s avail. on LOCAL Covid website s tho I can call LOCAL Covid Hot📞ines & ask about our LOCAL hospital capacities & death rates. Maybe this is accurate information other places?
    Meanwhile …. Continuing to social distance like last March feels prudent.
    Be diligent & healthy in this tiny GLORIOUS window of time before cold weather! :-)!

    1. Absolutely. We’re doing pretty well in Jackson county but now drive-thru coffee places, restaurants opening up… what are we, children? We cannot discipline ourselves for the common good? Bah humbug, and trying not to go berserk at the stupidity.

    2. Hi Viki,, I was surprised the health department doesn’t post simple graphs showing “number of positive results as a percentage of tests given”
      You have to bootstrap it from
      Cases by date and number of tests by date

      Cases by date:!/vizhome/OregonHealthAuthorityCOVID-19DataDashboard/COVID-19EPICases

      Number of people tested:!/vizhome/OregonHealthAuthorityCOVID-19DataDashboard/COVID-19EPITested

      And then, stupidly, you have to deduct the negative tests from total tests in order to divine the number of positive tests (or use other data) before dividing

      I’ll do the last 5 days

      June 6 – 62 cases (3693 = 1.67% positive
      7th – 29 (1445 = 2% positive
      8 – 24 (3363 = 7/10 of 1%
      9 – 4 (1866 = 1/5 of 1%
      10th – 2 (395 = 1/2%

      The argument doesn’t hold water, the numbers are just all over the place because they don’t have any standardized reporting, like wait three days, three days rolling, whatever.

      Like on June 3 there were 2956 tests and 224 positives – that’s just one day where they did a data dump and 7.57% happened to be positive – not because of increased testing because June 6 was 1.67% with even more people tested.

      The only way they can get a handle on the numbers is t oestablish a testing regiment – no matter what it is (all people random, suspected, retest) as long as that doesn’t change
      Then they need to test a finite number each day or at least stop mixing past results – the Chi Squared possibility of going from 1.67 to 7.57% on two dates within 3 days of each other? Better chance of winning the lottery tha nthat really happening.

      Moral of the story? We still don’t have comprehensive testing, without that is still helpful but nowhere near as powerful as it could or should be

      Good luck, be well!

  3. Vote the “lo-lo” “haole” out “Nov. 3rd”, and a Aloha Friday and a “King Kam” Day to all ya “mahalo-los”

    1. That’s what happens when your country has been run by the mega corps, and the ultra rich for the past few decades, they’ve just let you think you still had a democracy, but in reality, you’ve got an oligarchy.

    2. Someone Else you’re some what right but they don’t agree completely so it is still a two party system but the parties are just the rich disagreeing.

  4. I’m sure that if they were Republican Americans you would cry a tear ( since you’re so concerned. )

  5. Donald Trump went bankrupt 6 times running his own companies. Did anyone expect him do better running a country?

  6. As Gomer Pyle used to say… “Surprise, surprise, surprise.” I mean DUH. WHO THE EFFING F IS SURPRISED? Besides the horde of magamorons…

  7. “It’ll all go away with warmer weather, we’ll be back and stronger than ever” I call bullsh*t on all his promises!

    1. Mark Zuckerberg is a Chinese toadie, and all content on YouTube has to be approved by the Chinese Communist government.

  8. “And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it America has failed to hear? … It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice and humanity.”
    – Martin Luther King

  9. In case you haven’t noticed, America can’t seem to focus on more than one issue at a time.

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