Surveillance footage shows hero confronting suspected gunman

CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks with Brandon Tsay, the man who confronted and disarmed the suspect of the Monterey Park, California, mass shooting that killed 11 people and injured 9 others, about the moment Tsay came face to face with the gunman at a second location nearby. #CNN #News


  1. What a fearless act of bravery! The shootings in the USA are out of control!
    Condolences to the fallen😢 🙏🏿

    1. @Federal Reserve Wolf Legend and smoking, fatty foods and un regulated drugs are all things that people choose to do to themselves.

      Guns are something that enable others to kill you with when you don’t have a say. People don’t walk around in fear that someone else is going to
      Kill them by choosing to eat fast food.

      I eat healthy, don’t smoke, drink or do drugs…I’m not for any of those things, but your whataboutism, is misplaced and does nothing to change the fact that my mother, my brother or sister could be shot and killed by some random stranger for no reason but being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      Go home and cry? Nice one.

      Re your incoherent fears about government rewriting history…(?)…I don’t think any guns are going to help you with any sort of a situation that is purely fantasy. You’re far more likely to shoot yourself, in any case.

    2. @Garrett Weiner  Yes, go home and cry. Your post comes AFTER I defeated your post with numbers.
      And STILL you posted.
      Was it pride?
      (Rubber toy pride with backless chaps, or the other kind of pride?)
      Why did you post again?????

      To remind me that I stated MILLIONS die of whacky things they didn’t “want” every day. Or that I stated BILLIONS could die in WW3?

      Both fall flat as arguments.
      I am SURE the 42k that got in cars didn’t “want” to die that day, THIS year either.
      But they did Garrett.

      I am die-hard on gun ownership.
      If WE dont have guns, we become China, but under Israeli rule.
      I don’t trust people who clipped my child’s junk in THEIR religion. Print my money into DUST.
      AND TAX ME to build a place I care LITTLE about.

      You KNOW you have given Israel over 1 trillion bucks right?

      (I can hear it now….uhhhhh. No, I had no clue that its NOT a Catholic custom and no science backs clipping kids junk off.)

      Exactly. I am older than you. I looked around a bit more than you. Who signed my money.?
      Who benefitted from WW1, WW2, etc?
      Israel did

    1. @CAsPeR yAnG
      No one said they did doubt someone who is Asian can be a hero.
      Heros comes in all shapes,sizes races genders and colors
      It doesn’t matter what race he is.
      He is a hero, someone up stairs in heaven was looking out for him.
      The gun jammed and the gun was 2 meters away from him.
      The city, mayor or governor should acknowledge what he did
      More people would have died

  2. That’s what an American hero looks like. This is what a man does, with selfless action and authority. Didn’t need a gun a badge or a uniform with a star. His star was on the inside. We must protect and cherish this man. Thank you sir🙃❤

    1. That’s not what an American hero looks like, this is what a real, decent, brave human being looks like.

    2. @Vikram Rajput What does an American look like, given that America is composed of immigrants from every other country (and their commingled — i.e., blended — descendants)?

  3. This lovely man will need to have therapy for what happened. He seems a bit shellshocked but he is a true hero. Anderson is actually stunned by the courage of his actions.

    1. ​@david justice “Dude looks like he is ok”. 🤔
      Thank goodness for the profound wisdom of random people on the internet.

    2. He needs to have half year recovery to see world peacefully again, his nerve damaged, he must have medical treatment and psychology care before he can believe the terrorist would not show up, after this recovery he can get better faith, this is too much damage on the inexperienced guy. He is the hero of the world

    1. @godbyone andy godby cool story bro. No one cares. I don’t like Biden, but you’re obviously deranged to make every comment about him. No wonder you’re not allowed to see Chelsey

    2. @Gaetano what are you babbling about not allowed to see Chelsea. I see her every single day . You sound Creepy

  4. This young man made the instant, quickest decision in his life to lunge toward the gunman and to disarm him. The disadvantages for the gunman were he was much older and he was carrying a long gun instead of a handgun, which he would have to lift the long gun up to shoot and that gave the young man a very short window of opportunity. Good job, young man 🙂

    1. For once a “bad person with a gun” was stopped by a “good person”.

      Except the “good person” didn’t actually need a gun to stop the bad person. And the bad person already managed to kill 11 people by the time he was stopped.

      Maybe it’s time we accept that the solution to gun crime isn’t to hand out more guns. But instead to get rid of them altogether?

  5. What a nice guy, so brave, so composed, so modest, and so kind! He wants people to focus on the injured victims, not himself! He deserves a National Hero’s award! He saved many lives!

    1. @CNNOTHING BURGER LETS GO BRANDON!!! Chinese man named Brandon stops mass shooter on camera. Must just be a coincidence

  6. A young man with gutts! He deserves all praise in his life. My prayers 🙏 go out to him. I’m sure it really hasn’t sunk in yet. Hope he finds peace in his life. Bless you! Brandon.

  7. This kid is still shell-shocked. While I appreciate the drive of news organizations to get the story out, it seems almost cruel to keep asking him questions while he’s in an obvious state of shock.

    My congratulations to the young man for acting so bravely. I’m sure he saved many lives that night.

    1. Yes, there’s delayed in satellite but you can tell from his voice and gestures that he’s still in shock! They should make his interview short.

    2. I agree with you, the young man is visibly shaken yet Anderson continues to press for answers. It does appear cruel yet the young man did agree to the interview.

    3. @Corinne Hernandez still he is more articulate and sorted than this by the numbers, pressing reporter 🙏

  8. What an incredibly selfless & brave young man. But he shouldn’t have ever been in that position and to have had to make that kind of decision. When will this shi* stop!
    Bless him. I hope he has a lot of support & gets some therapy around this.

  9. Brandon I can only imagine how shocked you must be, please just take some time for yourself. You literally dodged a bullet. You are one brave soul and our hero!

  10. This dude is the definition of a brave hero. He just saw the gun and acted, putting his life on the line to save everyone else. True selfless bravery.

  11. This man is a hero who helped defend many innocent people from that monster. If he hadn’t disarmed him, he could’ve taken even more lives. He’s a hero with a good heart who should be commended by everyone.

  12. That’s what true Patriot and hero looks like. Being scared and still taken action to help. Bravo Brandon! Thank you for saving lives! ❤

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