Survivor of Marieval Residential School: 'You know your friends are missing' 1

Survivor of Marieval Residential School: ‘You know your friends are missing’


Residential school survivor Barry Kennedy says 'it's a heavy, heavy feeling' knowing his friends may be among unmarked burial sites.

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    1. @wade stanton typical airhead. So quick so accuse before you know the actual truth. Facts don’t care about your feelings. Do you really think they just stumbled upon these graves yesterday?

    2. You fools are what is wrong with this world. Facts don’t care about your feelings! Do you think they just stumbled upon these graves yesterday???? You’ve been played!!!!

    3. @Qron Smoke Let out your feelings bro. This is your chance to let it all out, We’re listening.

    1. These were normal graves at one point. “Headstones had been removed by members of the Catholic Church in the 1960s” – according to Wikipedia. Recycling space from graves (for new graves for example) is normal practice.

    2. Nothing to see here! These deaths were totally normal! Let’s not talk about the documented nutritional experiments performed on indigenous children throughout Canada though.

  1. This is for all Politicians in Canada.”You don’t get to Discover your HUMANITY. During an ELECTION”. Justin Trudeau 2015.

  2. Today, the Catholic Church of Canada insists that the crimes in residential schools were committed by individual members of the Church, but that the Church was not responsible.

    If you are sending your children to a Catholic school today, remember this, the Catholic Church of Canada considers that those are the individual teachers’ moral responsibilities alone to keep your children safe at school, that it is not the moral responsibility of the Catholic system.

    1. @Rob Perry The Catholic Church of Canada’s current understanding of moral responsibilities as seen in this situation

  3. Why dont you speak about Catholic schools presently who only recruit catholic students and teachers? We are doing this in the 21st century? Why do they get a special status? Please advocate for removal of these medieval tactics which still exists and make schools sacred again by removing all these discriminatory practices. I have studied in India in a catholic school in late 90’s and 2000 and most of the students and teachers there were non Catholics and in Canada we still have a system that is backward and regressive.

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