Miller on unmarked burial sites: 'I don't think Canada is emotionally prepared for this' 1

Miller on unmarked burial sites: ‘I don’t think Canada is emotionally prepared for this’


Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller says unmarked burial sites being uncovered in B.C. and Sask. are 'just the tip of the iceberg.'

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  1. tip of what ice burg. what does he know? are their government records on the schools. the government approved and built these facilities.

  2. They say 150,000 children went through these schools and they estimate there’s probably 15,000 that died. That’s one in ten! Add on all the sexual, physical, psychological and emotional abuse suffered by the ones who made it through and it becomes clear how severe this was.

  3. Residential schools were administered by the federal government so why are they attempting to lay a guilt trip on Canadians for a program they were responsible for overseeing? Currently, Canadians are blowing the whistle on the Trudeau Liberals’ corruption and they are either ignoring the concerns or attacking opposition. It doesn’t serve Canadians to be so focused on distance past misdeeds while completely dismissing current ones.

    1. You answered your own question. They’re diverting attention away from themselves. let’s see pierre’s record on residential schools while we’re at it

    2. @J MI know I answered my own question in order to hopefully spur some serious thought and consideration. I am convinced that Justin will dance around anything that will implicate any wrongdoing for his “father”. He rammed C-10 as a start to control any negative facts that may educate Canadians about his government’s corruption.

    3. RS were administer by the church. But $$ Rent will be asked for by the Indigenous lawyers for their pocket lining.

  4. This is for all Politicians in Canada.”You don’t get to Discover your HUMANITY. During an ELECTION”. Justin Trudeau 2015.

    1. Or if you’re Justin Trudeau, you pretend to discover your humanity for an election, then immediately go back to your natural state of deeply corrupt incompetence with a lot of weepy virtue-signalling.

  5. The R.C.M.P Who ran the department and kept sending their officers to take the children back to the schools knowing what was happening at them schools they are just as responsible everybody government police priests at the top all knew what was happening in them schools

  6. this is what happens when you create a society whereby one side you have those few who make and break the laws (and hence are above the law) and on the other those who are subjugated and oppressed into following them.

  7. hm, seems like standing with them doesn’t really resolve anything. same as standing with those folks of a certain belief system. things just get worse and worse still. what an evil curse has been bestowed, upon the nation by the all mighty, that now plagues the once prosperous and free land.

  8. I’d be interested in those forensic reports, I think cause of death is a very important fact that needs to be determined. As for removing grave markers, well that’s on the Catholic Church.

  9. I thought everyone knew residential schools were just death camps also if you didn’t know about this before the discovery google what a starlight tour is

  10. not emotionally prepared as to why the government still stands…hm, that makes sense. but they already know this…so no worries.

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