Wilson-Raybould: Bennett's text is part of 'pattern of behaviour' from Trudeau government 1

Wilson-Raybould: Bennett’s text is part of ‘pattern of behaviour’ from Trudeau government


Independent MP Jody Wilson-Raybould says there needs to be 'transformative change' in Canada's relationship with Indigenous peoples.

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  1. This is much like smug Trudeau mocking an Indigenous woman with “thanks for the donation”.

    1. That’s an episode I keep reminding. Of course it got zero traction. Snuffed under the rug like all his “missteps”. At least now, 6 years later, they’ve finally stopped calling his arrogant bloopers “growing pains “. Although now they simply don’t report them

  2. Dammed right,this minister needs to be gone, this terrible situation is only going to get worse, the liberals have really gone off the rails here…

  3. How many employees from residential schools are alive today? Why aren’t they being lined up for the public.

    1. During the truth and reconciliation commission, the victims, the students, started to talk about it but when they started naming names, the mic was it taken away from them and their voices were cut, the government does not want any prosecutions. This eventually will lead to the crown.

    1. He disrespects the whole nature of trying to convince Canadians its not unwholesome to continue this farce of a political system on such a large and complex country.

    1. Yea obviously because she had nothing to apologize about. The only thing sexist and racist about that text is Jody’s characterization of it. I would also like to add opportunistic to that list. Here she is yet again making a mountain of a molehill to project herself into center-stage.

    2. @Samuel Foisy it was a sneak diss, when a coward cant just come out and say what they wanna say. Its an evolution of racism, being outward and obvious can get backlash, so this yt witch tried it and failed anyway.

  4. Why don’t Canada appoint an Indigenous person to take care of Indigenous affairs like Wilson-Raybould instead of this Bennett who say stupid things which makes the Canadian Government look weak with constant apologies for wrongful unnecessary conduct.

    1. She’s obviously a loving human being Mike, that is how a “human” should experience news of thousands of children being found in unmarked graves?

    1. that guy who called her no matter who he was does not deserve to be a decades long civil servant at all.

  5. Politicians are in it for money, pretending they aren’t is part of the problem and doesn’t lend credibility to deny it.

    1. So bennett is also seeking a pension? And the nasty GG definitely wants her pension for doing nothing except abusing staff. Nobody can ever mention how greedy yt politicians are and how theyre the worst when it comes to entitlement, greed and corruption

  6. Not just the past but the present Genocide ongoing covered up and swept under the rug by this government. This text likely was authorized by no other than the lead racist PM Justan Trudeau.

  7. Trudeau and his gov picked the wrong woman to mess with. I have much respect for how transparent, forthright and outspoken she has been for years. If anyone can take down Trudeau, it will be her.

    1. She feared she was going to be Elliott Richardson for not being “nice” to the Clerk of the Privy Council. JT used that position in the worst way in my opinion based on my understanding of your law.

  8. Unacceptable!!!!! Zero tolerance! Enough is Enough ! WHY DO WE NEED TO BE BEGGING THE GOVERNMENT TO DO THE RIGHT THING???? OBVIOUSLY THEY ARE NOT !!!!!!

  9. I think we all know, what sort of person, Justin Trudeau is. His father was pm, during the hayday of residential schools, and, it was not until Steven Harper, in 2008, apologized on behalf of the government of Canada, that these crimes were acknowledged. Justin Trudeau shed crocodile tears, many years later, as well as chastising his own, Catholic Church.

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