Susan Rice: Never Presented Extreme Options To Obama Like Trump’s Team | The Last Word | MSNBC

Susan Rice tells Lawrence O’Donnell that, in presenting a menu of options to Trump that included the extreme choice of killing Soleimani, Trump’s team didn’t serve him well. She said that that kind of presentation would be detrimental to U.S. foreign policy. Aired on 01/06/20.
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Susan Rice: Never Presented Extreme Options To Obama Like Trump’s Team | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. *I don’t see any difference between the United states and ISIS, the only difference is, United states is a terrorist government while ISIS was a militia terrorist that itself was created by the United states*

  1. There is no way the Pentagon gave Trump a menu of options to punish Iran.
    We need an honest and straight talking administration.

    1. Like Iraq the pentagon at all times has satellite GPS ready identifiable targets of importance ready to attack at all times, these are the targets IMPEACHED imbecilic paedophile trump is referring too concerning Iran.

    2. Sounds like a setup. The deep state wants war like Democrats do, oh wait… they’re the same people. 🖕🏽 Democrats

  2. Trump: ” I was forced to take action because of the imminent threat of my impeachment trial. OOPS….I meant the imminent threat to the country.”

  3. As an advisor, you would have to be extremely careful with any options you presented to Trump. After all, this is the same madman who thought that nuking hurricanes was an actual viable idea.

  4. I suppose someone could have suggested to Tronald Dump “Or we can just light em’ up and make them glow for
    250 years”.Yeah that might have been worse.

    1. nope. no one is going to take that option anyway. just because you have a bad hollywood movie view of our nation’s military advisers doesnt make tactical nukes any less of a war crime

  5. Strategy? Never heard of (Drumpf)!. Sending more soldiers to War and death. Yeah sooo much winning. Send Don Jr. Eric and Jared to Irak to fight instead of bragging all kind of nonsense.

  6. It’s really hard to believe that they would try to play the president like that. But then, when was the president operating at the level of a sixth grader?

  7. At least they convinced him to not use the “nukes” to assassinate the guy…

    Trump still wants to make a giant “T” with a orange mushroom cloud while he’s president, though…

    1. Ryan, I remember Susan Rice lying about Benghazi and why our ambassador and 3 marines returned to the USA in 4 BODY BAGS.

  8. Susan Rice, I do remember you lying about Benghazi and why our ambassador and 3 marines returned to the USA in 4 BODY BAGS.

  9. Susan “Don’t call me Condeleeza” Rice is a very intelligent, wise, articulate woman… her very much….

  10. President Susan Rice! I hope she runs. All of Trumps teenage advisors need to be removed from the internet and a better flagging system set up for bots.

  11. If the Pentagon did include the option of assassination they badly misread Trump. He is the show business President and could never turn away from a big flashy showpiece staring himself.

  12. This is the lady who went on national television and said Benghazi was caused by a YOUTUBE video. She has no credibility what so ever!

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