Susan Rice On Biden's Plan For Racial Inequity: 'Investing In Equity Is Good For Economic Growth' 1

Susan Rice On Biden’s Plan For Racial Inequity: ‘Investing In Equity Is Good For Economic Growth’


Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice spoke about President Joe Biden's plan to address racial inequities, explaining that some economists believe it could add "$5 trillion to the U.S. economy over the next five years." Aired on 01/26/2021.
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Susan Rice On Biden's Plan For Racial Inequity: 'Investing In Equity Is Good For Economic Growth'


    1. This moment? He appointed Susan Rice. A woman that has lied to Americans on multiple occasions, who was part of the Flynn witch hunt, who was part of the Russian Collusion hoax. Has Susan Rice been right about anything? She is LOYAL, ill give her that.

  1. Some people, but not all, have been taught to dislike someone’s religion or they’re color. To make change it has to be done willingly.

    1. The number of TRUMP SUPPORTERS trying to perpetuate Pre-Civil War agenda is more than some. Too many at this late date. Everyone need to check their THINKING!!!! POOR WHITES AND ALL MINORITIES!! GETTING POORER and haven’t gained traction on the American Dream since it’s inseption. Who’s been in control of them. Especially in the SOUTH. It’s creeping all over the US. Everyone need FOOD STAMPS and sadly are eligible for them!! HOW EMBARRASSING THAT IS? Buuuuuuut sad to say: NO ONE IS EMBARRASSED OUR LEADERS THINK EVEN THAT’S TOO GOOD FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! WHILE THEY EARN OVERTIME AND U S GET LAID OFF!!!!

  2. Will someone do something about price gouging and take a look at real estate which is the biggest vehicle for inequality and segregation in America!!!

    1. The plan is for the elite to own everything and for us to own nothing, like in China.They are copying the Statist Corporatist China model where everyone will be a serf. This is what is behind the pretty front of globalism. I hope people are waking up.

    1. The fact millions of black people are teachers, doctors, lawyers, judges, police commissioners, mayors, governors, senators, professional athletes, pop stars, actors and even presidents proves there is no systemic racism in America.

    2. LOL. The lefts belief system is based on identity. They are a new Jim Crow north, a political ideology based on identity, just like the good old south.

    1. Equality is unrealistic because ppl aren’t starting from the same place. So you aim for equity to address the undue barriers stacked against some but not others.

    2. @Jaye Cann On paper that’s what it means, in reality it means the China model where the elite own everything, we are allowed to own nothing, and we are all their serfs. I hope people are paying attention to what they really mean when they say globalism.

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  4. Remember when lied and told the American people that a viral YouTube video was the reason for the Benghazi Embassy attack?

    1. Its code for a religious belief system. Jonathan Haidt’s research found that on the left, ideology and religion are the same thing.

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