Susan Rice: We Must Condemn 'Horrific' Antisemitic Attacks | MSNBC 1

Susan Rice: We Must Condemn ‘Horrific’ Antisemitic Attacks | MSNBC

Director of the Domestic Policy Council, Susan Rice, joins Morning Joe to discuss the White House's commitment to racial equity, the importance of passing police reform and the need for condemning recent anti-semitic attacks.

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Susan Rice: We Must Condemn 'Horrific' Antisemitic Attacks | MSNBC


  1. If MTG was a Democrat and said what she said, what would Fox News and the GOP? The fact that we know the answer is why the current batch of Republicans need to go.

  2. Friendly reminder that in Charlottesville, hundreds of maga supporters chanted anti-Semitic slurs and he called them “many fine people.”

    1. @Ro G Literally look up things they say. They all do it all of the time. Especially Tlaib, and Omar.

  3. Our public school system in my state has become a joke to me. They are teaching so every thing in history with a far right spin.

  4. But nothing on what’s happening to Muslim communities, because people apparently think they deserve them.

  5. First of all, you cannot negotiate in good faith if the other party refuses to. Secondly, when it comes to rural America, I live in a small town with less than 2000 people and one pharmacy and if I was waiting on that pharmacy for the covid shot, I wouldn’t have even gotten my first shot yet because although I am on their waiting list, they have not called me and I’m in my sixties. I thank God for my old pastor who came and picked me up and took me into the nearest VA to get that first shot. That is also the reason that I laugh whenever they say – – the numbers being reported in the state of Texas. I suspect that those numbers are a joke because I live in Texas. I see the funeral home that has been doing a booming business in the last year. I’ve seen the so-called mask mandate that was in place here for so long completely laughed at by law enforcement which loved to say that a mandate which is short for mandatory is not a law and therefore was not enforced because the least they could have done is fine the corporations that own the two main businesses in this town on a daily basis and at least brought in money from said corporations to help with this town’s own infrastructure but they did not do that.

    1. Late stage capitalism means, the need for more and more revenue streams plus oceans of cash plus legal/governmental/tax favoring of large investors = every small business with any value at all will be captured by a faraway “capital management fund” and reworked to extract the maximum cash and send it to the investors. The people who work for the small business are the first casualty They are fired and replaced with part time, unbenefitted, minimum wage labor. The community loses decent paying jobs. Quality of life declines.

    2. You Poor Poor Man…. thinking your Vax is your prevention for the lab grown illness. Haven’t checked the ingredients haven’t read the complete science written by scientists and following the herd mentality thinking these idiots on your box are telling you the truth.

  6. Last week, Senator Chuck Grassley introduced a Bill to amend the “Foreign Agent Registration Act” established in the 1930s.

    Grassley’s Bill to amend this act is entitled “The Foreign Agents Disclosure and Registration Enhancement Act.”

    Apparently, the 1930’s law does not have enforcement provision to enforce the intentions of the law and it’s requirements.

    This means mechanisms to enforce violations of the original act were never created.

    It also means that since the 1930’s [1829] foreigners have been lobbying Republican and Democtrates parties without transparancy and registration.

    Grassley’ new Bill makes Foreign Agents register with the Department of Justice. Thereby making Foreign Agent lobbying transparent and accountable.

    Senator Grassley has attempted this before but it never made it out of committee due to lack of support.

    Please help spread this news so Grassleys Bill makes it to LAW! Thank you.

  7. It is so great seeing you, Susan Rice. I love your approach in whatever position you serve. Stay strong!

    1. She is a Warmonger that has promoted Wars that have killed millions of innocent women and children …..

  8. When you consider the Party of Trump, I would like to know why any self-respecting woman, person of color, Jew, Catholic, working-class person, senior citizen, or any number of other groups would want to vote Republican?

  9. Did you contact attack on the Palestine people. Remember your people went through the same attack

  10. Why do peole feel the need to attack the WRONG people. Antisemetic attacks, don’t attack Jewish Americans here in AMERICA go to Israel and attack the country of Israel OVER THERE.

  11. As a black man I’m looking for something different from the Democrat party, an the Republican party was started by black people but I cant cast my vote for them until I see real people coming up with real ideas

    1. Democrats are the party who formed and perpetuated the KKK …Joe Biden’s mentors and besties were HIGH LEVEL KKK members …southern dems FOUGHT for slavery…the birth of the Republican party is in Wisconsin
      …look it up, know your history…WHICH party is pushing the racist rhetoric daily?…in EVERYTHING including roads/ highways …which party was MLK?

    2. @Alexa Jones You and your rant are seriously frightening. You and Kelly 1 need to stop hanging out in crazy town and wake up. You are so filled with hate .

  12. All this Democrat and Republican hate-fest has to end. Two party system has failed the average American. Democrats are just as bad as Republicans. They have got to go.

  13. Even peoples who get racists attacks, also attacks other minorities! School’s needs new history books that gives truthful history , with discussions ,so next generations respects the diversity of the world !

  14. How can we when you have a DA like George Gascon in Los Angeles! Unfortunately there’s several George Gascons !!!! This incompetent DA needs to be replaced immediately! Greetings from Australia

  15. We live in a generation where teasing and laughing at Americans is the norm.
    Covid deaths US 605,208 Mexico 221,960 UK 127,739 Canada 25,324 China 4,636 Australia 910 Taiwan 35 NZ 26.
    179 mass shootings in 143 days, 180 school shootings in 10 years, Pinky power, Asian bashing, Riots, MAGATs and QANON.
    Mass shootings in the US are a ‘National Embarrassment’ – J.Biden.

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