Sweden and Finland apply for NATO entry, applications backed by US | USA TODAY

Sweden and Finland apply for NATO entry, applications backed by US | USA TODAY 1


  1. The U.S. House approved more than $40 billion more aid for Ukraine, as Congress races to keep military aid.
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  2. Secretary Anthony Blinken should consider campaigning for the president of the United States in 2024.

  3. Human Have Become Lower than Animals…

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  4. For almost 50 years NATO stood as a deterrent to war. For the better part of the last 3 decades, since the mid 90’s NATO has been the key instrument of virtually every military action undertaken by the US and thier partners, from the former Yugoslavia twice, Iraq twice, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and others.
    NATO has become what it once sought to prevent.
    That’s my 2 cents

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