Sykes On Jim Jordan: He Serves No Role On Jan. 6 Committee But To Feed Red Meat To Base 1

Sykes On Jim Jordan: He Serves No Role On Jan. 6 Committee But To Feed Red Meat To Base


Rep. Jim Jordan being appointed to the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection committee probe by Kevin McCarthy is critiqued by Joy Reid and her guests in this special one year anniversary edition of The ReidOut on MSNBC.
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    1. out of curiosity, what purpose does Liz Cheney serve on it? are you ppl really acting THIS stupid and self-righteous? I couldn’t imagine what the whining would be like if Trump had made up some magical investigation against Queen Pelosi or someone while he was in office, and stacked it with 100% ppl that absolutely despise Pelosi. you all would be crying and whining and blubbering and rolling on the ground going berserk over the “corruption” of it…. while you all literally openly say it’s unacceptable to have any Representative whatsoever on this committee that won’t 100% blindly blame Trump for it. talk about some disgusting hypocrisy of the left. wow. amazing.

    2. Cant ignore how all these comments are from low IQ, low energy, low informed and closed minded folks. Do you really not want both sides to play a role to figure out why this Jan. 6 event happened? Doesnit have to do with yewrs of lies and smears about president Trump? Or maybe how Democratic ran cities and states failed in covid reaponse, shutting down small businesses, 40 percent ever to reopen, poorly handling non stop riots that have killed many of dozens of people, burned many of buildings, looting and destructing properies up to millions of dollars worth. Lets have a board dull.of people who think the way we think, lie like we lie, twist and distort the narrative andlook bad doing it. – Democrates.

    3. @Austin J. Stokes the worst part is they’re literally openly celebrating the corruption of this committee. it’s kinda hard to fathom how they can celebrate Cheney being voted onto it, well knowing she’s on it for one reason and one reason only, while calling Republicans dirty for doing the same exact thing with Jordan. it’s difficult to keep up with the hypocrisy. and the celebrating of it.

    1. @Rexroots Kitesurfing The maricopa election was the circus. The audit has been legit. Everything 100% recorded with forensic police cameras. All audits should be like this.

    1. I guess, NOT ANYMORE. Pelosi made the right decision. People do not care if this is bipartisan or not. People care that the truth comes out.

  1. No I don’t agree with Claire! Nobody that is denying that it was an insurrection should be allowed on the committee!

  2. Time will tell Jim Jordan was one of the organzers of the riot, now they want to put him on the Jan,6 Committee this is so stupid only in America.

  3. Pelosi needs to decline Jim Jordan & his ilk, to prevent this committee & investigation turning into a clown show

  4. Jim Jordan should be prosecuted for his role in the insurrection along with McCarthy and many others in the GOP!!!

  5. When I look at Jimmy Jordan, I see a contemptible mischief maker. He serves no porpoise other than to impair the porpoise of the youman race. You wanna know watt I think? Jimmy belongs in a Batman sequel. Jimmy plays the Joker. Call the movie Batman’s Conundrum. Jimmy raises dolphins on his farm outside Cincinnati.

  6. yeah if Jordan is on the panel then he cant be called to testify right, seems like since he was barking up the big lie leading up to the insurrection his role should be on the stand.

  7. Jimmy Jordan watches old VHS WF episodes dressed in leggings while Rand Paul spoon feeds him Fruity Pebbles.

  8. Having Republikkkan traitors on the Jan 6th investigation, would be like having Al-Qaeda on the 9/11 Commission.

    1. @Peoples Republic of Ninj He asked about who founded the KKK, you answered his mother, that means she MUST be a Democrat. Logic, try it sometime.

  9. He’s s clown. He has no business being party of a serious investigation, especially when he might be a conspirator (and continues to be with his support of the Big Lie). He would turn that committee into a circus!

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