Trump Confidante Indicted For Lobbying For A Foreign Government 1

Trump Confidante Indicted For Lobbying For A Foreign Government


Tom Barrack, the chair of Trump's 2017 inaugural committee, was arrested and charged with failing to register as a foreign lobbyist of the United Arab Emirates. MSNBC Legal Analyst Neal Katyal says the accusations in the indictment are scary: “Basically one of Trump’s best friends was trying to insert stuff into Trump’s speeches and other things without acknowledging at all that he was acting on behalf of a foreign government.”
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  1. It’s all about getting to the core, its a big circle maze, and the closer you get to the center the deeper into the Caligula’s court.

    1. Love how y’all keep trying to erase my posts . Everytime i refresh . I don’t love the way y’all tryin to grow your tongues out for when their boots on your throat. You lol freaks!!

    1. More criminal activity no doubt. It’s literally everywhere you look with Trump. Man never did an honest days work his entire life.

    1. He was just the coffee guy. We were friends once but I haven’t talked to him in years.

    1. He was just arguing for legalized slavery in front of SCOTUS though. He’s not the best. Or even good.

    1. Yeah! Use your own speakers!!
      Dang speaker thieves in these comment sections. With their facts and objectivity. We made our choice !! We want a zombie who may or may not be overly excited from the smell of hair. C’mon MmaaaAAAM

    2. Lol one like for a somewhat crafty comeback . But mister speaker got two thumbs. This clown earth never ceases with its special wonders

  2. That’s three people in the administration or close to trump that worked as a foreign agent. I don’t remember any foreign agents under Obama or even Bush W.

    1. @John Thomasson yeah I thought so. Go get red-pilled young buck. You’ll be happier for it

    2. @Google EdwardBernays You poor snowflake! Trump alternative facts are at an end so I imagine the walls are closing in around you. Nice job declaring yourselves as patriots while you fought for the guy who sold out our country.

    3. You so worried about native rights then why you pushin for immigrants crossing the border colonizing their land?

    1. Meanwhile, in non-imagined reality, theres a legitimate interview of your favorite “ incarceration-fetishist, segregationist, hair sniffing, primary speech plagiarizing , Libyan slave market creating, race-baiting, perpetually exhausted & currently unsure of his location, zombie corpse bragging on his ability to blackmail democratically elected Ukrainian officials because his precious Hunter unfairly got cut off from his “job” meddling in a foreign economy. The footage used to be readily available but because “he who shall not remember his name” got the most votes EVER they had to take the video down so Snopes could “fact check” “reality” . Also violent Russia-demons who didn’t feel orange-man was satan had to pay for their right to vote.

    2. @Google EdwardBernays
      Flat-earther says what? BTW, if you stop lying, your life will get better.

  3. The reason these people are wealthy is, they put money and influence above every other value in life. So they can never have enough of both.

  4. Proverbs 8:13 “The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, arrogance, the evil way, and the false mouth, do I hate.”

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